Meghan McCain wants to be played by Hilary Duff

July 1st, 2009 // 52 Comments

Meghan McCain is hard at work on a book about her life, complete with a chapter on Sarah Palin, and already knows who she wants to play her in the movie: Hilary Duff. I guess Megan wants to see more women with linebacker shoulders in film. Who knows? NY Daily News reports:

“I want Hilary Duff to play me. I think she’s really hot – hotter than me – but I’d still want her to play me,” Sen. John McCain’s daughter confided to us at the Trevor Project’s summer gala on Monday night at Capitale.
But the young Republican isn’t dead set on Duff. “Really, I’d take anyone who’s blond,” she joked, adding that one actor in particular would certainly be welcome to join the cast. “Bradley Cooper is so hot,” McCain swooned. “If he can be in it, he will. I’m obsessed with [his film] ‘The Hangover!’”

Why is Meghan McCain just standing around dream-casting Bradley Cooper in a pretend movie? I’m pretty sure she has enough money to buy him into white slavery at her mansion. Oh, sure, we can all act like it doesn’t happen in this country, but trust me, it does. And if it doesn’t, then how come I gave a guy in an alley a whole bunch of money for Leighton Meester? And, more importantly, why am I just now noticing the receipt he gave me is actually a tin can? I rest my case.

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  1. Que

    Que what?

  2. no way


  3. Wait, a book about her life? Are you kidding me? Who gives a rat’s ass?

  4. “hotter than me” implies some hotness… methinks shell shock may be genetic.

  5. Onyx Blackman


  6. Alf

    Hillary Duff? How about Duff McKagan?

  7. Dinosaur

    Meghan would get the penis …sure, she’s put on a good few pounds and whatever, but it’s more cushion for the pushing. There’s fuglier skinny girls around, and it’s not often I’d say I’d do a fat chick

  8. Nah! ill be waiting for Dr Oz’s daughter movie thx very much.

    Why cant NBC bump Conan and hire Colbert?

  9. you're all monkeys

    i’m also interested in a book from the great-grandcousin of dan quayle.

    hopefully the same editor will also have him write a book and then i can’t wait to hear what said cousin will say about the casting of the movie based on that fabulous and irresistible book he will have written.

    my heart can’t hold the excitement.

  10. misty

    I saw her on the Colbert Report? If there was an actual image to accomany the phrase “dumb blonde”, it would be hers. She was a bumbling idiot.

  11. misty

    Colbert for President!

  12. blindkangaroo

    yea I’d tap that for sure!

  13. Sage


  14. Racer X


    /I’d hit it like a single up the middle

  15. boom

    any fat blonde can play her actually

  16. veggi

    Last night I thought that a fire hydrant was a midget…I gave it a hug and asked for a lollipop.

    Just that would make a better story than this book/movie fail..

  17. marcus

    Unless she’s the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s children, or done anything remotely interesting or significant, this is completely irrelevant.

  18. FACE

    How many dumb ass white republican bitches are we to endure?

  19. gotmilk?

    what makes her think anyone cares about her book, never mind a movie? get over yourself and lose a few pounds while you’re at it.

  20. Unless she absolutely dishes on Sarah Palin, and makes it worth my time, I’ll pass.

  21. jdsv

    who the fuck wants to watch a movie about this nobody’s life?
    oh right- meghan mccain (who?) wants to.

  22. pappy smeary

    What a coincidence,

    I want to play with Hillary’s muff

  23. Aunt Jemima

    Megan McCain should be played by an angry, lesbian, orca whale.

  24. costamar

    I’d wish someone would offer her big bucks to unveil those huge hoohahs. Being a Republican I’d bet she’d accept.

  25. costamar

    I’d wish someone would offer her big bucks to unveil those huge hoohahs. Being a Republican I’d bet she’d accept.

  26. costamar

    I’d wish someone would offer her big bucks to unveil those huge hoohahs. Being a Republican I’d bet she’d accept.

  27. justifiable

    A book on her life? What the fuck has she done that makes that even a remote possibility?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot – she’s supposed to be the “new voice” of the GOP, a female input proving it’s not just a party of old white men. She was on Real Time With Bill Maher two weeks ago to give her in-depth view on Republican politics and the party – and when someone challenged her about repub performance during the Carter/Reagan years her response was “I don’t know about that because I wasn’t alive then”. Yeah, excellent reasoning, Meghan, because it always helps to have no context or knowledge at all about the subject you’re there to discuss. Then she fell back onto, “you’re attacking me because I’m blonde” – shit, not even Heidi Montag thought to pull that one. The party must be so proud to have its image in such capable hands! *sniff*

    As a cautionary tale about unearned entitlement that episode’s worth about a page. Page and a half, tops.

  28. gigi

    eww… wonder if anybody diddled her when she was young. Such a high profile family & she’s so zaftig? hmmm…

  29. Funeral Guy

    I have a feeling that her whole life she’s been hearing…(sigh)…”Such a pretty face.”

  30. Solaera

    God. That moron Meghan is an embarrassment. She has a book? About her life? Please. I’ve seen her on television and she is completely ignorant on basically every topic. She is so vague and clueless that she reminds me of Paris Hilton. If this idiot is the “new voice” of the GOP then the GOP is doomed beyond redemption.

  31. clareargent

    #9,#10,#16,#17,#18,#19,#21,#27, that’s exactly what i was going to say!

  32. She has a pretty face. She’s be hotter if she changed her diet and hit the gym a couple times a week.

  33. djfred

    I saw her on Bill Maher last week and she is a giant fucking idiot. Maybe not as dumb as Bush, but even that’s not certain. Everybody was having a hard time not openly making fun of her even before she replied “I don’t remember. I wasn’t even born then.” to Paul Begala’s point about how Reagan blamed Carter for everything all 8 years of his term. Begalgirl isa’s response was “I wasn’t alive during the French Revolution but I know it happened.” She got in a huff and said I guess you know everything about everything and I’m just some dumb blonde.
    After that it was open season but most of the cracks just sailed right over her head.
    She was clearly in over her head. If her dad didn’t sort of almost become president twice, nobody would know who she was. This girl has been way too pampered

  34. CManSB

    This could be Hillary Duffs break through role that wins here an Oscar.
    She could be another De Niro in Raging Bull, gaining 100 lbs to play Cindy McCain…

  35. GoGo VicMorrow

    Hillary Duff?! More like Hillary Buff!

  36. Tanzarian

    I’d invade her fast and hard, wreck her infrastructure, shoot some biological projectiles into her valley, and then deny her compensatory health coverage.

  37. Initial_G

    Meghan looks good in these pics. Most of the time she look rough. She should have chosen Jessica Simpson. The tits would already match and Jessica could remain fat for a reason.

    Better yet, just wait for another Rock of Love season and choose from one of the skanks.

  38. California Red

    Meghan thinks she is the voice of a new generation of republicans. She is tired of the party that excludes homosexual fat chicks and wants the tent to get bigger.

    Trust me Meghan, you make nobody’s tent bigger.

  39. Yeah

    Meghan McCain makes any tent she’s in bigger.

  40. Will

    Whatever – you know if Meghan McCain walked up to ya and said take me to bed – you would jump…..

  41. lol

    @40, continued:

    …off a bridge into an impending death.

  42. Will

    whatever 41. big boobs and nice smile – you would do her…. LOL

  43. Will

    oh, and she has money tooo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  44. DrTabana

    I want the two of them in the same movie together!!

  45. No GayTards

    I wanna motorboat her tits!

  46. captain america

    “NUTURE” can be a punishment to american bodies, folkss!!

  47. Don

    Awesome rack on the McCain spawn. I’d switch parties for that. McCain 2012!

  48. Don

    Awesome rack on the McCain spawn. I’d switch parties for that. McCain 2012!

  49. Nero

    Another untalented attention whore folks.Who cares?

  50. Darth

    Maybe mc donald’s is a potential sponsor for this movie?

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