Megan Mullally and Debra Messing fondle breasts

wie_fondle.jpgAfter Camryn Manheim introduced Debra Messing and Megan Mullally as the new Lucy and Ethel at last Friday’s 2005 Women in Film Crystal/Lucy Awards, Megan Mullally playfully fondled Debra Messing’s breasts.

The act got a big laugh at the annual event, and the bawdy tone spread throughout the evening as honorees and presenters told naughty jokes.

I’m so glad that there’s somebody out there with the courage and integrity to stand up and do what I’ve always believed women should do: fondle each others’ breasts. Unfortunately, the sight of Camryn Manheim sort of ruins the whole experience, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want to see breast fondling action in public. And my God, is it a terrible and horrifying price.