Megan Hauserman probably banged a murderer

August 18th, 2009 // 120 Comments

Rock of Love reject Megan Hauserman may have just gold dug her way into a murderer’s pants. Turns out Ryan Alexander Jenkins, one of the contestants on her currently running reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire, is a person of interest in the death of a Vegas stripper whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase. TMZ reports:

Jasmine Fiore was found in a trash bin in Buena Park last Saturday morning. She was first reported missing by Jenkins on Saturday night. We’re told the Buena Park PD has been trying unsuccessfully to contact him and fear he may be on the run. A police official told us they fear the 32-year-old Jenkins, a resident of Calgary, may be fleeing to Canada. As the official put it, “It’s suspicious.”
Jenkins was a contestant on “Megan Wants a Millionaire.” The star, Megan Hauserman, told TMZ Jenkins met Fiore at a strip club in Las Vegas where she worked as a dancer. Megan says Jenkins married Fiore two days later.
We’re told Jenkins — who was a finalist on the show — went right to Vegas after getting booted from the show and met Fiore.
We spoke with Megan by phone, who told us Jenkins was smart, nice and she is shocked by the turn of events.

Wow. You know what the most fucked up part of this story is? There’s a reality show where millionaires compete for the love of a self-proclaimed gold-digger with fake breasts. That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard all day.

Photos: Splash News, TMZ

  1. Superbiggerevil

    Weird abs.

  2. Duh

    I’m not saying she’s fat, but her belly looks like the average college student’s. She’s definitely not hot enough to warrant some shitty reality TV series.

    And I don’t care about the potential murderer bang session, although I suppose I should.

  3. shes alright…. i think im wayyyy hotter but im too skiinny, i love her boobs though!!! i wish i had boobs!

  4. Amy

    I think it’s just sad that some people never really ‘know’ their significant others. I mean, she had two whole days to get to know him.

  5. HAHHAHHAHA!!!! omgggggggg that is TOOOOOO funny!!!!!!

  6. clpierced

    i would do exactly what she is doing if i were a Z lister. i would go on a reality show and look for no love, but an old fuck that is rich. i would make sure the lights are off when he tried to fuck me. just let the old rich bastard fuck my lubed up butt cheeks. then hopefully he croaks and im rich. yes i am a nice person.






  8. @6

    TOTALLY awesome, would do that too if i knew he would die sooner rather than later <3

  9. dk

    This story is obviously a hoax. I’m from Calgary, and nobody here can afford a trip to Vegas these days (let alone a suitcase)

  10. Lola

    Her friend’s skin is real pretty colour.

  11. Nameless

    Most famous, auction-offed piece of ass in the world. All you need is a million dollars to get in on the bidding. You get to watch those idiots pull out their ATMs every week just to be in the running to bang her.

    The funny thing is that no matter who won her show, she not with the winner; she with some random broke ass douchebag.

    Yay…TV…it’s reality.

  12. boffensive

    Holy crapshoot. Just yesterday I was reading the LOCAL NEWS about a woman being found in a suitcase. How the fucking shit.

  13. whatev

    lola no way, her friend is oompa loompa orange

  14. more britney spears naked vagina please

    This Megan Hauserman bimbo is the ugliest fucking slutty whore i’ve ever seen on tv. Her face looks worse and much more ugly than the fucking elephant man’s face! hahahahahaha

  15. hs

    now that is the definition of a butterface

  16. Vanquish

    You look amazing, #3. Just a little skinny, as you said.

    But a friendly word of advice.. Even though it’s a pleasure to look at you, you should never ever put info like that on a site like TSF. :p

  17. @#16

    thank you! i try, and thanx for the word of advice, i just started looking at this site, apparenty there are many creepers as you suggest lol

  18. Vanquish

    Well there are creepos everywhere. Loads of them here, just read some of the comments. People posting stuff just to be mean.

    And if you really are in DC, go to bed already. :p

  19. Ryan the Canadian

    It wasn’t me.

  20. this scarry me like hell going out with a bad man.

  21. lol, i dont sleep much. :-P

  22. What a beautiful girl, what a incredible story.

  23. Oh no! this fool probably married a stripper and she was still applying the no touching rule!

  24. FromOutOfNoWhere

    She looks good, I like it that she doesn’t like to wear clothes, But if one of these nuts do marry her, they and their millions will soon be departed. Today the easy way to get rich is to marry and divorce, and let the judge give you his life earnings even though you don’t deserve it. Isn’t that right Heather Mills,

  25. robert


  26. Samuel Chase

    Does this mean Ryan didn’t win?

    Couldn’t we have gotten a spoiler alert?

  27. gross

    Holy butterface!
    Her friend has the worst fake tan ever.
    Classy ladies.

  28. Vanquish

    Well that blows that “beauty sleep” theory right out of the water, #21! We’re making history here! :P I’m so corny. ^^

  29. Another rule from stripper school (no money, no honey) pretty simple actually!

  30. You You Late

    #3 – if I promise to die real soon can we hook up?

  31. yuki

    you know whats even more fucked up?
    -this gold dick lapping nobody has a reality show that real live human beings actually watch.

  32. Hite

    I Want to Bang A Killer.

    Dumb bitch.

    Biggest ButterFace on the planet.

  33. Deacon Jones


    I concur. There are a lot of creeps on here. (snorts line of Clorox , puts on sadist leather mask)

  34. dk

    I met this vapid whore and fucked after a night of drinking at a club on Clematis, Palm Beach. I have made nothing of myself in life and I still totally regret it and cant believe my cock was in it…

  35. Uhgggg. When did it become attractive for girls to either have patchy fake tan (a la Meagan) or crazy, ompa lompa tans? I gotta say, I’m a relatively pale skinned girl, and I’d rather be pale than either of those colours!

  36. dk

    I met this vapid whore and fucked after a night of drinking at a club on Clematis, Palm Beach. I have made nothing of myself in life and I still totally regret it and cant believe my cock was in it…

  37. No

    Isnt this the bitch from the ‘Beauty and the Geek’ show? Why the fuck does she have her own show? She’s about one brain cell short of drooling.

  38. Whatever you say about her being a gold digger…..she has an awesome body. I am v.jealous!

  39. you're transparent

    #3: Quit fishing for compliments, skank.

    This Megan broad may be a useless, gold-digging whore, but at least she’s not seeking approval on a celebrity gossip blog by posting the link to her Facebook page.

    Stop posting and go make me a sammich. Make one for yourself while you’re at it.

  40. dandi

    I walk around last night thinking, why would girl with the sun covered skin sleep in suitcase? Is it tricks like magic person? Foldy foldy all the limbs? Then I slap me self in face and yell “FACEPALM!!!!” I laugh and say “I don’t know!! I just don’t know!!”

  41. #3 is a fucking retard

    Hey #3, can you count to potato?

  42. AmericanWhiteTrash

    A bunch of narcissistic douche bags fighting over a gold digging skank hooker with no soul. Television at it’s best…

  43. frankinSloth

    wow… that is the definition of a BUTTERFACE

  44. mikeD

    Her grill is all fucked up. She looks like a 3 dollar hooker. Gangly freak

  45. #9, DK…I LIVE in Las Vegas. Plenty of people visit here. In fact, I hate tourists.

  46. mesi

    hahaha i agree #3 you look wayyy better then her. We should do a show around you instead of this fake blonde. Man is this what TV has come to?

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