Megan Hauserman on Jasmine Fiore

October 14th, 2009 // 34 Comments

Megan Hauserman commented last night on the murder of Jasmine Fiore at the hands of her husband Ryan Alexander Jenkins who was a contestant on the now-canceled Megan Wants a Millionaire. RadarOnline reports:

Hauserman did not pick Jenkins, 32, as her millionaire on the show, but she spoke exclusively to at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards in Hollywood Tuesday night and described the nightmare she lived through. “It was a horrible horrific situation,” Megan admitted. “Every single person is completely traumatized,” she said about the grisly murder.
“I think every girl can be tricked by guys, just when you think you know, you don’t know,” Megan said about Jenkins.

“Just when you think you know, you don’t know.” Megan Hauserman, ladies and gentleman, our nation’s deepest thinker. And stuff.

Megan Hauserman in a Bikini

Photos: INFdaily

  1. From the neck down she is hot.

  2. gotmilk?

    from the neck up and the waist down, she’s a sloppy mess.

    she was just traumatized because her show got canceled. what a bitch!

  3. Miaoudeminou

    When she smiles she always looks so smug. It’s annoying as fuck. Then there’s the fact that it’s just annoying when she talks too.

    Maybe put a paper bag on it and pretend it’s Megan Fox? It might work except for the wonderful STDs you get from it.

  4. Such a complete a DNA receptacle, but wow, she is smoking hot in these pics.
    Her being that dumb totally ruins it for me, though.
    HAHAHAHA, that was funny. I would eat her ass like a KFC chicken-bowl and lick the herpes-pus like sweet, sweet icing.

  5. Anexio

    I hope she’s losing a little bit of weight in the coffin because she’s looking a little chunky here.


  6. bi chick

    well…when you’re a whore you never know who your clients turn out to be. she should just thank her lucky stars she didn’t choose him

  7. Chacka

    sup with the lack of comments the past couple weeks!?!? are people gossip’ed out?!?!

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  9. Carolyn

    Butt-ugly body.

  10. Richard McBeef

    I saw an episode of Futurama last week about the lost city of Atlanta, which had become populated by mer-people. The mermaid that Fry was romancinglooks exactly like that dead hooker.

  11. fearsarewishes

    Oy gevalt!

    Heeb broad with tattoos? Bad JAP, bad!

  12. le fag


  13. Oy Vey

    Why is she wearing a cookie cutter as a necklace? Hmmm….

  14. cc


  15. Id

    Face like a foot.

  16. cc

    It would be kind of nice to be rich though. I mean you could persuade some gold-digging tool like this that she’d be her ideal wife if only she’d give you thrice daily blowjobs. After six months of non-stop head, kick her to the curb and move on to the next money-grubbing nitwit.

  17. AmberDextrose

    @13: sweetie, my thoughts entirely. Scroll-down-fug. Poor girl.

    And that nail polish? Girlfriend, don’t go there unless you’re NY pale and so edgy it hurts. And even then, you’re 2 seasons late.

  18. Butterface has CANKLES! Bad genes no amount of makeup, cosmetic surgery or hair bleach can correct.

  19. arealcad

    Jasmine Fiore did a HC photo/video shoot for Denys Defrancesco before she she met her untimely demise. The photos and videos of her being pummeled by the business end of an ICBM are just now being released. In the photo shoot, she has dark hair, but you can tell by the wide spaced eyes it’s her.

  20. Travis Bickle

    Jesus christ look at her ankles. She must have had serious work done on her body – she has the ankles of a sumo wrestler.

  21. JMS

    Cankles… ugh.

    Don’t care how skinny / hot you are, I have to know you could climb a flight of stairs without falling over.

    Otherwise youre just a fat girl living in some skinny chick’s body on borrowed time.

  22. JMS

    Cankles… ugh.

    Don’t care how skinny / hot you are, I have to know you could climb a flight of stairs without falling over.

    Otherwise youre just a fat girl living in some skinny chick’s body on borrowed time.

  23. Mr. Irresistable

    Whoever she is, I’d give my left nut (which is smaller than my right nut) to bone her sily! Shauna Sand is 50% plastic, 100% safe from ever drowning with her fun-bags, etc… This what’s-her-name has won my heart/boner. That little bikini I’d eat off of her for appetizers, then go for broke.

  24. Dread not

    Repost of the pics, but who cares, Megan’s hot. VH1 is scheming to use Megan in some sort of future show, you just know it. Only audition tapes where the guys have prior criminal records will be accepted. The next VH1 show starring Megan is going to be a bloodsport. Start popping the corn!

  25. She is really look like a bomb, she has got a perfect figure.. She is really looks so sexy in this bikini..

  26. Huh?

    Why is her belly button so far up on her stomach? Did somebody draw it on?

  27. Darth

    I guess it’s most likely to meet the most correct persons on a fake show.

  28. Galtacticus

    Ever heard about a real life millionaire trying to get a skank on a show?! That’s quite a serious indication that something is wrong.

  29. SurroundedByFools

    Does this B-I-T-C-H ever wear anything besides an ill-fitting bikini and a stupid ass smirk on her butt ugly face? Good grief, get over her – another talentless nobody who needs to disappear.

  30. cc

    I am not trying to trick you Megan. I want you to indulge me in some bukakke, and allow me to watch while it drips off your chin onto that Star of David (is that sacreligious?). That’s the honest truth…no trickery!

  31. b

    how about REST IN PEACE JASMINE! and may the Fiore family be able to find some peace as well.

  32. SHGNA


    Just… floppy cellulite pouches hanging towards the boards – which, in turn, bend away from the sheer horror of the sight of the floppy cellulite pouches!

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