Megan Fox & Zac Efron COLLIDE!

January 12th, 2009 // 84 Comments

Remember when Megan Fox said Zac Efron was like the brother she’d have sex with? Well, Zac Efron did and displayed some brass balls by saying “Hi” to Megan at last night’s Golden Globes. Seriously, how awesome must it have been to be Vanessa Hudgens at that exact moment? I’m guessing somewhere between “she stopped taking her birth control pills because that’ll show him” awesome and “crying after sex for the next month” awesome. But, God willing, both.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Alex

    I used to be attracted to her, until I heard her speak in an interview that is. She sounds like a 10-year-old airhead.

  2. bleh

    She’s a poor man’s Angelina Jolie!

  3. CaptainUnderpants

    She’s hot, stupid and needs to lose the ink. However, I’d still take her ‘temperature’

  4. stupid ass copycat

    She is nowhere as beautiful, sensual and mysterious as Angelina Jolie. That’s not even her natural hair color, gawd! She’s pathetic and a desperate loser.

  5. Stannie

    amy – January 12, 2009 12:30 PM
    Aaaaand Vanessa Hudgens just became the next Jennifer Aniston. Get ready to get dumped, girl!
    LOL Amy, that is funny!

  6. LMAO

    She is blessed with very good plastic surgeons. If you look at photos of her from a few years ago, her entire face is different and she got fake tits.

  7. superficial guy

    My Ken & Barbie set have less plastic than Megan Fox

  8. hootie

    Why is she trying so desperate to be like Angelina Jolie? Maybe she should get a tatoo of Jolie on her breasts.

  9. SyriX

    Megan Fox is one of those rare girls that you would kill people for.

  10. Laffy

    Megan: GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY YOU SKANK. (And lose some weight too)

  11. justshoes

    @60 . . . . jealous much??

    Megan is sooo gorgeous!
    She’s just perfect.
    ugh. . . but Zac is soo nastyy
    here, he’s got a giant zit and
    weiird shaggy hair.

    I know that everybody posting bad
    things about her just wants to look like
    her and are jealous.

  12. justshoes

    @60 . . . . jealous much??

    Megan is sooo gorgeous!
    She’s just perfect.
    ugh. . . but Zac is soo nastyy
    here, he’s got a giant zit and
    weiird shaggy hair.

    I know that everybody posting bad
    things about her just wants to look like
    her and are jealous.

  13. Angry Beaver

    Zac Effron? You’re fucking kidding. He couldn’t handle it…he’d break like the year old condom in your wallet.

  14. joe shmoe

    this lil fag better hit that

  15. She's a Robot

    Wow. in pic #12 she totally looks like a robot or like somebody brought the Angelina dummy from Madam Tussaudes to the Globes for mooks to take pictures with.

    How clever of Angelina to have her own custom built robot double. She really can retire from acting now and just rake in all that sweet Transformers money.

    And best of all she can send the Joliebot 5000 to kill Jennifer Aniston and have the perfect alibi since no one can be in two places at once. Everyone should have their own robot double. Sign me up!

  16. lola richie

    Megan Fox is barbie doll pretty with a boyish face, but boring. Zack Efron is probably gay, but either way he is very unattractive. I can see how teenage girls could like him though. I think Vanessa Hudgens is adorable! She has nothing to worry about except finding another MAN.

  17. mark

    Vanessa who???

  18. Jane

    HAHAHA @ the concept that only Angelina Jolie is allowed to sport dark hair, tats, and be candid and sexy. How freaking pathetic. You Angie fans serious think she is the only woman capable of pulling off that look, or for that matter, the only woman who thinks dark hair and tats is sexy? MEGAN’S TATS ARE 1 MILLION TIMES BETTER TO LOOK AT THAN ANGIE’S. Angie’s tats look like drunken mistakes, Megan’s have some art form to them. Megan and Angie look nothing alike, both are beautiful, but look nothing alike. It is so gay, truly. Again, in order for a woman to enjoy tats and dye her hair black and talk openly about sex she MUST be trying to copy Angie? Man oh man. All this is are crazed Angie fans mad that she gave up acting to raise a small country and you don’t want Megan stealing her thunder. Oh and about the surgery thing, ya’ll might want to see this picture of her from her teenage years. hmmmmmm. all fake huh? losers.


  19. For a former PROSTITUTE it was indeed a “BUSY” day, folks!!

  20. WOW

    Absolutely beautiful! I hope she keeps this new glamorous look up! It suits her and it’s refreshing to see a woman actually try to look beautiful instead of skanky.

  21. Laffy

    61. justshoes – January 12, 2009 6:30 PM

    @60 . . . . jealous much??
    “…. about her just wants to look like
    her and are jealous.”

    Ahaha. Nope. For many reasons I’m not, and I’ve got a perfect small nose, naturally.
    IF I were to be jealous, I’d be jealous of Mrs Jolie, not of this copycat TRAILER TRASH skank.

  22. jane

    Poor man’s angelina?
    Yea right

    Time to step aside grandma…you know how You pushed poor Jen aside to be the new it girl well now there are new it girls to take your place ones that don’t need botox.

    This girl is gorgeous! Although she DID have nose surgery for sure oh well

  23. Angelina wishes she looked like Fox because Angelina has a HUGE FRANKENSTEIN HEAD and GINORMOUS face. Fox just has fine bone structure and isn’t masculine like Jolie. Sorry, once a woman has a big face and head she is out of the running.

  24. Oh and yeah, Angelina cannot wear her hair slicked back off of her face like Fox. Angelina, like Jennifer Aniston needs her hair as a prop to look good.

  25. Paul

    Now there are some golden globes!!!!!! (nice eyes to)

  26. yuki

    super sexy lady my favorite actress of all . love her she’s so beautiful

  27. yuki

    72 73 agree
    she’s so gorgeous. Her everything is perfect except her fat arm.

  28. Alex

    hahahahha good for her, what does she care what hudgens think, she doesn’t owe her anything… go for that boy girl! That Hudgens is fugly and somewhat moronic, she thinks she is cute but she’s just what we call here a “chirucita” hahahaha. Megan is super sexy and super hot, I’m not sure if a kid like Effron might be able to handle her but he should definitely give it a try.

  29. Megan Fox is UNBELIEVABLE.

  30. Troll 4 Angelina who stalks Megan

    I work for Angelina……… one day she will be glorified as a statue kissing her girly brother…hmmmm

    Megan’s a whore, Megan’s a poorman’s Angelina. She’s trying too hard…..

  31. Antiok

    Wow checked out the link the guy gave us i post 68

    here nose looks totally diferent

    and can someone tell me why her eye changed color in this pic:

    Is it the flash?

  32. courteney

    i like zac vanessa just looks rough

  33. andy

    i think zac efron and megan are perfect for each other, they should be together….. what are you thinking zac??? broke up with vanessa please

  34. The funny thing about all the “Who, who” broke up with crap that Joe slept with Hollywood and all sorts of quasi-Hollywood (yes, I’m talking to you, Madonna) Eligibility I, a sense of seriously doubt any of them about “a second thought oh, God …. My ex is weird!” I believe they just think it’s part of being who they are. He / herself long enough to find love to hate or love and hatred in their heart can not stop. I think this group had no problems at all greeting each other.

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