Megan Fox will never do nudity

September 9th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Apparently these pics are the most we’ll see of Megan Fox as she’s currently vowing never to go nude on camera or make a sex tape. Which means no one will ever believe Brian Austin Green stuck his penis in her. But he held her hand once! Honest. MTV News reports:

“Ugh, never!” said the actress. “That’s the last thing I want to see — what I look like having sex. It would take one shot of me not looking good and I would not be able to have sex ever again, because I would always just see myself looking like a hippo having sex.”
Just as there will be no nudity on camera in the comfort of her own home, there will be no nudity for Fox on set either. “I can’t ever imagine myself doing nudity in a film,” she said. “It lives forever, especially now, with the Internet. I just can’t. I just can’t.”

And Megan Fox’s mouth has done it again. First, she shits on Michael Bay, and now she basically cannonballed the entire marketing campaign for Jennifer’s Body that makes it look like she gets naked. I’m no box office analyst, but I’m pretty sure she just cut ticket sales by 800 MILLION PERCENT. Back me up, Steve Mason.

Megan Fox “Nude” on the set of Jennifer’s Body


  1. Jim

    The irony is I’m doing nudity right now as I stare at her pic wioth my pants down!

  2. ROUGH daddy

    Since when bedroom sluts have creative input in sex tapes? This reminds me of a young Sharon Stone who couldn’t put a lid on it right after basic instinct….

  3. Beejoo

    Is anyone else sick of this bitch?

  4. Workin?!?!

    Whats up with her nip on pic 2. Is it suppost to be growing out of the sided of her boob like that

  5. Hash

    Is this a nitemare? What’s the point of life if megan fox doesn’t show us her boobs? Madness!

  6. Jones

    NEVER=4 years from now when people have forgotten she exists.

  7. WhoCares

    Who gives a shite? She kinda sucks anyway…

  8. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    I agree with #7 to #30…

    Unless Fish cleans up these comments. Then everything’s fucked.

  9. Hash

    I give a shit, if she sucks. Me.

  10. KIKI

    If this girl thinks she has the beauty and talent to mouth off about every movie she gets cast in, she is sadly mistaken. Buh-bye beioch.

  11. SynchG

    who the hell is Steve Mason?

  12. fearsarewishes

    @ 7 through 30

    Oh, ho ho ho! Ha ha ha!! Incredible genius.

    That is really some funny stuff you did there.

    Hee hee!

  13. Megan's one brain cell

    Ew, I look silly when I have sex. A silly hippo.

  14. fearsarewishes

    Oh my, 7 through 30.

    The Fish took that bullshit down. You must be very disappointed. I know that I am.

  15. jlylec

    what a prude

  16. fleity

    “but I’m pretty sure she just cut ticket sales by 800 MILLION PERCENT” indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…..

    6 and 7 indeed²

  17. Yes Man

    She is the dumbest dumbo working today. I am shocked she can even walk and talk at the same time. Do you know how many roles she will be excluded from by her no nudity stance? Idiot. Who is doing this bag’s PR?

  18. Dread not

    Well, I guess the ball is in Brian Austin Green’s court, now. How much of a, Rob Lowe alter ego does he have? And will it allow him to secretly tape he and Megan bumpin’ uglies? Then, inevitably it must be asked; will he conveniently leave said video in a “wall safe”, where workers renovating his house can “steal it?” ‘Cause BAGman would never leak such a tape on purpose. Who would do something like that? Any thoughts about what kind of person would do such a thing, Tommy Lee?

  19. Pilatunes

    “Is anyone else sick of this bitch?”

    Just about everyone, I think.

    Better rethink the nude thing Megan, because you’ve for f’all else going for you. Unless you count ‘sounding like a moron’ as ‘something going for you’. Most people don’t.

  20. hectorv1979

    what a bunch of morons complaing about some chick not being nude. what you never seen a naked chick before…….

    just kidding i just cried when i read this i was so looking forward to a sex tape :)

  21. andy7171

    So when is one of you going to call her fat because of her muffin top in the last pic?

  22. Shananea

    Flavor of the month, over exposed narcissistic twat.

  23. KIKI

    @18, ha-ha, you know it is going to happen. She is almost begging for it. What the hell does Brian Austin Green have going on besides being her escort?

  24. lizzy

    that is actually THE BEST CELEB NEWS i have heard in a very long time. i hope she means it and sticks to it.

  25. Freddo

    Awwwww, that’s not fair

  26. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I hope BAG has good lighting when he is using his cameraphone to record the nasty. I find poor lighting affects my homemade porn.

  27. Yeah, give it a few years, after the “Wonder Woman” offers stop coming in. She’ll pull that desperate vanity move at the last second.

  28. It’s okay, dude.

    Three years from now, when she has a career in soft core porn, we’ll all have a good laugh about her while masturbating furiously as she gets turned upside down by Eric Roberts… or Spicolli or something.

  29. EricLR

    No one is watching for your acting talent, Megan.

  30. Nameless

    Guarantee you she’ll be show it all really soon. After a couple box office bombs, she’ll change her tune really quick.

  31. Nameless

    Guarantee you she’ll be show it all really soon. After a couple box office bombs, she’ll change her tune really quick.

  32. Roger

    I just realized that Megan Fox thinks she’s something more than Tits and Ass. Could it be? Naw. Wait, could it? Does Megan Fox think she has, um, talent?


  33. lolol

    she will do it. just give her a couple of years, when some other hot newbie comes along and shes just about forgotten.

  34. Skeelo

    I was gonna watch this movie just hoping that I got to see some boobage or an butt shot but apparently that’s never gonna happen. Screw her. She makes herself look like a nasty whore and then she’s like tee hee I can’t pose nude I’m a hippo. Shut up! Every female actress should be naked ALL THE TIME! lol. Well not ever female actress. There are some nasty ones out there. but you get what I’m saying. Bitches be crazy. It’s true. Oh so true.

  35. Delgo

    Megan Hound

  36. The Edit

    The liar is going to do Playboy by the end of next year, probably the 2010 Xmas issue … the only pub she’ll be able to get after she talks herself out of a career. The “Following the Fox” reality show might come first however …

  37. Rogue

    I’d take Amanda Seyfried over her – any day.

  38. devilsrain

    She’ll fall out of a favor in a few years, then do Playboy and NOT show her full breasts. Thats what Playboy does now right?

  39. Joe Blow

    I wonder if she realizes that by vowing no nudity that she has just dropped a fucking nuclear bomb on her “career”?

    No nudity? Then why the fuck should I care about you, skank?

  40. Roguer

    There is pictures of her doing this scene last year with bare breasts but just covers up the nipples. This movie she has been shooting for a while but yeah you can find those pics here [LINK DELETED] It was on this website too, what the hell, just provide a link to it.

    Uh, you mean the link provided directly underneath the text? Next time try reading the post, champ.

    - The Superficial

  41. FACE

    More dumb white chick crap

  42. FAT!! What a chunky skank. (Thank you @21!) She got more muffin than Sara Lee.
    But for real, what a dumb ho. Since she has become a classic thespian (Transformers 2) she frowns on showing her ass? Um, is she good for anything else? Touche’! She can show her tits too.
    But she is still a fatty fat fat hippo-fuck.

  43. me

    She really think she is some great actress, doesnt she?? Doesnt she realize the only ppl that like her are horny sex-starved men? Her popularity rate just went down like 100 points.

  44. Over Megan Fox

    Because extremely talented women and nudity on film never go together (*cough*Kate Winslet*cough*).

    Oh that’s right. There’s no talent here. Oops. My mistake.

  45. !

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up.

  46. dogface

    She won’t go nude because of all the scars for her many surgeries……

  47. no worries

    Don’t worry people, in a few years she will slip and show the goods once people start loosing interest in her and she cannot find work anymore. I do not see her being hot in Hollywood in a few years at the rate she is going with opening her mouth and dissing people.

  48. Karri

    weren’t there already nude pictures of Megan Fox on this site?

  49. Mai-Tai

    Ewww – saggy boobs!



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