Megan Fox Twitters about her hair at Movie Awards

June 2nd, 2009 // 66 Comments

Even though Eminem basically had a scrotum placed in his mouth, the most controversial topic of the MTV Movie Awards was Megan Fox’s hair which, let’s be frank, looked like she stepped right out of the shower. This is exactly why I should’ve been in that shower because I would’ve made her look awesome. True story. Anyway, here’s what she tweeted about the backlash:

“The awards were great. Sorry if you didn’t like my hair. Opinions are opinions.”

Even though her hair wasn’t perfect, I just want Megan Fox to know that I’m not somebody’s who overly concerned with appearances and would still make ridiculous love to her. (But wear something sexy.)

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  1. Jeezy


  2. Ouch

    “look at those sharp knees…”

  3. This is only interesting if she’s talking about her crotch hair…

  4. yep.

    normally she blows my mind…..

    for some reason she didn’t look as good at the mtv awards…..

    maybe the hair makes her head look too big?

    but she’s still sexy.

  5. mikeock

    The only people worried about her hair were also worried about how to tuck their ballsack up into their buttcrack so they would look good in a thong. I could give a shit about her hair. Know what I care about? Her pouty mouth on my crank.

  6. Jen

    Women will find any excuse to hate this woman and that’s a fact. bitter jolie fans that are angry she rather be a baby factory than an actress.. it’s a pity this bitch can’t go back in time and do it all over again because it’s not her looks in reality people have a problem with, it’s her “media persona” and you’re all masking it in her looks, duh! look at that freaky looking red lipped wearing gewn stefani for example, imagine what women would say about her if she was only known for transformers and posing in mens mags.

  7. KG

    She’s OK, but A) the tats are a total turnoff; B) she tries to hard; C) too many after market alterations; D) dumber than a box of rocks.

    Yeah, I’d take her for a night. But I’d make sure she was out by morning.

  8. havoc

    Pile driving this chick in the ass is all I would care about. Her hair and Twitter aren’t even on the list…..


  9. jethro

    Megan Fox has hair??? Son of a bitch. Guess I never looked that high.

  10. Lisaaaa

    The more negative stuff i read about her tattoos the more i am pumped up to get my own. I have a full sleeve in the works and a full back piece been designing both for years and never have i been more excited to get it seeing as how the average person can’t even handle her marilyn monroe forearm art or a saying on a back shoulder. all you boring bland people who are turned off by body art make me want to puke!

  11. i would love to tap that like a keg!

  12. meee

    why does everyone criticize her tattoos so much? you know how many people in the world have them? who the fuck cares. just as many people love them.

    on that note…something that is practically universally dislike is a greasy mullet. which is what her hair looks like here.

  13. JPRichardson

    Dressed like that she sure looks like a whore. Not a cheap one, though…

  14. Max Planck

    Tattoos still suck.

  15. Jenna

    #10 – I hear ya !!!! ;)

    Her Tatts are beautiful. I think they make her even sexier. All you lame fagets who hate artwork are boring prudish losers who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives but sit on this site and criticize a gorgeous women with some oomph and style.. unlike you people!

  16. What ever your opinion on this chic is! she does exude sex! and here’s another opinion there’s a lot of Russian escorts that looks just like if not hotter!

  17. Why

    Why would cohen have more fun sticking his scrotum in Eminem’s face instead of Megan’s? That is so un-American

  18. chupacabra

    Does anyone know if she even HAS a stylist, and I think she was trying to look like shit on purpose… purhaps?

    Either way, if she just shut her goddamned mouth and bent over, that’d be just fine with me.

  19. Valerie

    20 I agree, it seems like she does her own hair and makeup. She’s beautiful but has awful taste and could use a good stylist. It’ll come later I’m sure.

  20. mullet

    She was already rocking the carnie tattoos, and now this. She can’t resist the pull of her trailer park roots, it’s like a black hole of genetic malfunctions.

  21. jay

    She has CLUBBED thumbs… is there ANYTHING in the world more disgusting than that? It’s so hard to even look at her because no matter how beautiful, pretty or good looking she might look in any picture… the moment you see those thumbs you want to vomit!

    If she got her hands replaced with some Freddy Krueger hands, or some hooks… then maybe I could look at her differently.

  22. The Bisexual

    To #6…I am a Jolie fan and yes, I do dislike Ms. Fox. It’s not because of what Jolie decided to do with her life…her activism and choice to raise a large family hasn’t really effected anyone’s opinion of her…she still makes movies and she is still gorgeous. I think people who dislike Fox dislike her more because she declares herself the next Angelina Jolie but doesn’t have half the acting ability or one tenth of the intelligence. Both women are beautiful…it’s just that one has more substance.

    Also the fact that every up-and-coming actress with pouty lips and long brown hair declairs themselves the next Jolie. Can’t they be known by their own name for their own accomplishments rather than trying to duplicate someone else?

    It’s just sad. People need to make their own name in the business…not get jobs off of someone else’s.

    In the end, Fox is just trashy. Some people like it, some people don’t.

  23. MissPants

    That isn’t megan fox’s real twitter. she doesn’t have one.

  24. Dweezel

    Look, she doesn’t like Wonder Woman…why are we still talking about this person?

    She’s dead to me.

  25. YOMAMA.!

    shes pretty, not her hair tho. she needs to stop being so LLLLLLAAAAAZZZZYY, and do something with it. JEEZE, like, if your ganna be a star, atleast try to look good for us watchers. i mean, C’mon?

  26. YOMAMA.!

    shes pretty, not her hair tho. she needs to stop being so LLLLLLAAAAAZZZZYY, and do something with it. JEEZE, like, if your ganna be a star, atleast try to look good for us watchers. i mean, C’mon?

  27. YOMAMA.!

    shes pretty, not her hair tho. she needs to stop being so LLLLLLAAAAAZZZZYY, and do something with it. JEEZE, like, if your ganna be a star, atleast try to look good for us watchers. i mean, C’mon?

  28. YOMAMA.!

    shes pretty, not her hair tho. she needs to stop being so LLLLLLAAAAAZZZZYY, and do something with it. JEEZE, like, if your ganna be a star, atleast try to look good for us watchers. i mean, C’mon?

  29. Johnny Awesome

    Tattoos are fine, but who in the name of Baby Jesus puts a retared Marilyn Monroe tat on their forearm? Just terrible.

  30. DeviousJinx

    Yes, tattoos are hot on men and women…unfortuntely her choice of tats is retarded…and YES, I”m a Megan Fox fan for the most part, she’s obviously extremely hot other than in Transformers with her busted acne face and here with her greasy roots…but yes, she’s typically HOT as hell! And she’s actually not as dumb as she sounds sometimes, she’s a B* and doesn’t have her head shoved up everyone’s ass like a lot of the other pop tarts out there.

  31. Lisaaaa

    #22 you made some very valid points, EXCEPT the fact megan never said she was the next Angelina Jolie, ever! That is the media’s doing! You show me 1 article where Megan claims she is the next Jolie, in fact Megan has always been humble in regards to both her looks and talent, often poking fun of her own self. The Jolie comparisons were thrown on Megan, not the other way around, in all fairness Megan shouldn’t be blamed. I love Jolie too, been a fan for years but Jolie isn’t the only woman who likes long dark locks, tats and is bisexual so for Megan to rock all those things does not make her a copy cat.

    But i do think Megan went about this whole thing the wrong way, posing for too many shoots and becoming a sex symbol BEFORE focusing on landing good roles and getting an acting coach and being a better actress. basically she let her “rep” get ahead of her abilities and now it will be tough to go back, where as Jolie’s talent shined before her crazy antics. Jolie was a mess for a long time, doing all kinds of strange shit but nobody cared because by that time she was already respected as a great actress.

  32. Conan

    Younger looking jennifer connelly type with that special Dollar store look…

  33. gumbo soup1

    hey num 30,

    so what kind of ink don’t suck to you then? colorful stars? what about the countless flower, butterfly, or fairy? hmmm what else. oh tribal, that is one i haven’t seen before. how many girls do you know with some lame tramp stamp of some lame design with some lame moon or sun or flower on it? point is, the marilyn monroe idea is at least different, especially the placement. i’ve never seen what is written on her ribs or shoulder on anybody before, unlike a million and one playboy bunny, or some gay heart or bear claws on some chick’s tits… so again i ask, what would you prefer to have seen on fox? go on…

  34. cranched

    Forget Wonder Woman, she’s dressed to audition for the remake of Isis.

  35. stucco

    Why does she always have a layer of oil on her face at all times? Makes her look like she was just basted in the oven.

  36. LS

    My god, its like Angelina Jolie’s skankier little sister…if thats even possible

  37. KG

    #32: Excellent, LOL.
    #35: Good question. But you are correct. Someone should teach her how to use makeup.
    #36: Agree.

  38. soundwave superior

    Most of you making negative comments are some pretty big dumb asses. Screw her hair…she’s hot as hell. I would totally oil that sweet body up and pound her vagina until her mom called to ask me to stop cause it hurts too much.

  39. MaryJane

    She is pretty, her hair looks bad becuz there is product/oil on the top half and not the bottom so it looks stupid. Her shoes are too small it looks SO ghetto when ur toes stick out the bottom. But besides that she is GORGEous.
    AAnd never said she is the next Jolie like they said, that is the media fucking it up for her.

  40. Harry

    #36 megan looks nothing like angelina jolie, completely DIFFERENT features. who she looks like is jennifer conelly, a hotter sexier version of jennifer. without the body ink and her bisexual rep nobody would have EVER compared her and angelina jolie, ever!

  41. DeviousJinx

    Let’s see, #33 I have 6 tattoos, none of which are tramp stamps, butterflies, tribals, stars, etc. or any sort of flash art whatsoever…so yes, I think Marilyn Monroe is actually a great choice, but the placement could have been better and when I say bad tattoo choice, I’m referring to that crap on her shoulder… meaning is ok, but the presentation and work sucks. So I actually don’t disagree with your assessment of lame ass tattoos that most people feel compelled to display and will eventually regret, I however am not an ink idiot. Oh, and Angelina is a skank who doesn’t compare to Megan, but she much better taste in art.

  42. Harry

    Oh and her waist is amazing in that dress, cute little figure on her…great shoulders.

  43. Vanessa

    I honestly do think that megan fox is an attractive chic. but i didn’t know she had such a big for head. it doesn’t really matter though cause no body really pays attention to her forehead anyway. lol

  44. michael

    she is gross

  45. toby

    well she didnt look as good as normal but its ok

  46. Darth

    How about pigtails the next time?

  47. Initial_G

    Forget her hair, it was just a bad hair day.

    But WTH is going on with her skin!?! Her forehead wrinkles, her neck wrinkles and her shoulders look like the belong on a 40+ year-old.

    If she’s not lying about her age and really is 23, by the time she hits 30, Megan’s going to look rough.

  48. HEY HEY

    I don’t see forehead wrinkes, but i do see blonde fuzz on her face. she does look older than 23, but that is her real age as tmz ran a story on her highschool yearbook. pretty girl, bad styling.

  49. I don’t like that slicked back look on her. The rest of it needs work too.

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