Megan Fox transforms into topless-ness!

May 12th, 2008 // 226 Comments

These are some shots of Megan Fox topless while filming Jennifer’s Body. Although is there any point to even putting stuff here? I’m just going to stop typing because, seriously, who’s looking at the words when HOLY CRAP, IT’S MEGAN FOX’S BOOBS! Obviously, these pics are NSFW and if you couldn’t figure that out, please e-mail me where you’ll be operating a motor vehicle. Mostly so I can take such necessary precautions as, I dunno, running for my fucking life.

NOTE: Yeah, either she’s wearing pasties or her nipples are made out of plastic. Either way, it looks close enough to naked that maybe censoring the pics will still keep you from getting fired.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Mohammed

    She looks like a MAN! FFS. I think she probably was a man – the best thing you can say about this thiing is that for an 18 year old post op heterosexual it looks almost like a woman.

    She is nothing compared to the goddess like looks of Amy Winehouse. More naked Amy Winehouse pics please superficial. And less of this she-male.

  2. So #101 Mohammed.(SP?) Inside job ?
    Having any problems with free collapse speed ?
    Osama, from a cave, defeating multi- Billion dollar NORAD – and no one even being fired or demoted …that type of thing ?

  3. Huh?

    When did she get a boob job? On just very recent photos her breasts were flat as pancakes! These, however, are obvious implants.

  4. Mohammed

    102 Knee ya

    So you like the she-male is that what you say?

  5. Great analysis #103
    So you Charlie Chan or what ?
    If so #103 – Inside job ?
    (Same questions as #102 …etc…)

  6. No not exactly #104.
    Inside job ?

  7. Burb.
    Didn’t we see this gal in Transformers ‘Frank’ ?

  8. #107 ‘Frank’ – you screw up cookies or what ever.
    Me – Knee . You – Frank.
    But maybe get out more ‘Frank’.
    Check out maybe 15th floor , or, maybe even on holiday – 14th floor.

  9. Cici

    totally beautiful. but y does someone so skinny have a little back fat???

  10. Deva

    I knew God had a purpose for me waking up this morning!

  11. ToeTime

    I’d much rather have one of her feet resting in my crotch while I lick and suck the other! They’re beautiful adormed with that tat!

  12. I have more wood than a lumberjack overdosing on Cialis. Thank goodness they covered the nips or there would have been more than a few cumplaints of sexual misconduct to the ol’ HR department…

  13. Stayzy

    Frankly I’d take Bai Ling’s over these any day. I could spend hours feasting on those firm rasberries!

  14. Luis Fabiano


  15. I am afraid they are all hot. Though Megan is superior!

  16. m

    Where’s her NIPPLES?

  17. Bobby Ewing

    Dang…does she (Megan Fox) have a great rack or what. But wait – it is even better. Wait till you see the UHQ – Ultra High Resolution Originals
    Now thats what I am talking about!!!

  18. Ted Mosby

    My robo-cock is transforming as we speak.

  19. Mmmmm… android nipples. Just like my anime dolls.
    Gotta go!

  20. Joco

    She needs to lose some weight.

  21. Grunion

    She is the reason Analignus was invented.

  22. Grunion

    #102 NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command . Doubt they were looking for Bin Laden unless he can fly now. probably why no one got fired or demoted you stupid fuck.

  23. nose job:

    She’s gorgeous, but she needs to work out and tone a little she’s on her way to being skinny fat, a little color wouldn’t hurt her skin either, she has too many tats and she’s had a lot of work done for a young woman who isn’t a porn star. Hey this is the superficial not

  24. Click my name for Megan’s old thin lips.

  25. Lets try this again her are megan’s old thin lips, click my name.

  26. Here are Megan’s new lips, click my name. Plumped lips and lots of tats on a pasty brunette who loves to talk about sex? Is someone trying a little too hard to be an Angelina clone?

  27. kitty_kat

    @88- Seriously? I think Alba’s overrated too, but she’s a million times hotter than Megan Fox.

  28. Kimberly

    Well, that was informative! Now I know how actresses cover up during supposed “nude” scenes. She wears pasties and nude-colored panties and strapless bra!

  29. speed

    is just me or can you see her beaver in pic 7?

  30. lieinveigleobfuscate

    What is up with her super-long torso? She’s built funny.

  31. Rose

    Megan Fox bought boobies! I think they look good especially for breast rock girlie. She gorgeous.

  32. Insside Job

    My dick in your mouth

  33. ANNIE

    Doesn’t Megan Fox have a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on the inside of her right forearm? Unless it has been covered up for this shoot, I’d say this isn’t even the real her

  34. pat

    #52. pistola said:
    “point of my story- the right wardrobe, personal trainer, and plastic surgeon can turn any number of decently pretty girls into perfect 10s (if there is such a thing).”

    I agree. And to think of the billions of dollars we’ve wasted in Iraq when we could be fixing up a bunch of American girls into perfect 10s. That would be a good use of my tax money.

  35. Perfectionist

    She’s muffin topping out of her swimsuit in those pictures.

  36. O_O

    come on guys…. MY boobs look better then those, AND I have no muffin top-ness going on.

  37. wack0

    is it just me or is her muff showing in the 8th pitcure?




  39. godhatesf@gmail

    Super long torso is one of my biggest turnons.
    I just wish these women would take a lesson from tara reid and stop with all the surgery.

  40. bob

    HAhahahahahahahhahahahah, this picture looks like the dude’s eating her asshole out, and SHES enjoying it TOO


  41. my comment

    UGLY tattoos. Dumb girl.

  42. Mindy

    Has anyone noticed the size of her FEET? Jeez, almost as big as that skeez Paris Hilton.

  43. Guy

    I was about to masterbate to topless pictures of her, but I can’t she put pasties on to stop me from doing so. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

  44. VERY HOT!!! ……. anyone notice the landing strip?? lmao…. her shorts/underwear are see through.

  45. VERY HOT!!! ……. anyone notice the landing strip?? lmao…. her shorts/underwear are see through.

  46. Pinbacker

    She looks lovely! Like a sexy evil snow white, very pretty face and hot body.

    I know what was going through the mind of that guy behind her on the ladder!
    For only a split second he asked himself: “What if I were to just grab her and bury my face between her asscheeks and go motorboatin’

    He snapped out of it, but held on to the thought for the rest of the day.

    It was a good day.

  47. ee

    a respond to jake #59.. ur a retard.. the color differnce is the shadow of the person giving her the towel

  48. ee

    a respond to jake #59.. ur a retard.. the color differnce is the shadow of the person giving her the towel

  49. yes she’s hot, but all the morons on here that say ” i’d hit it” are ridiculous. I am sure she would even talk to you, muchless have sex with you. you are probably wearing a scareface t shirt.

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