Megan Fox transforms into topless-ness!

May 12th, 2008 // 226 Comments

These are some shots of Megan Fox topless while filming Jennifer’s Body. Although is there any point to even putting stuff here? I’m just going to stop typing because, seriously, who’s looking at the words when HOLY CRAP, IT’S MEGAN FOX’S BOOBS! Obviously, these pics are NSFW and if you couldn’t figure that out, please e-mail me where you’ll be operating a motor vehicle. Mostly so I can take such necessary precautions as, I dunno, running for my fucking life.

NOTE: Yeah, either she’s wearing pasties or her nipples are made out of plastic. Either way, it looks close enough to naked that maybe censoring the pics will still keep you from getting fired.

Photos: Flynet

  1. @41, 42, & 45 How did I get the moron troll today? Dip Shit, you only click the Post Your Comment button once..

  2. pistola

    i my (expert) opinion, megan fox is one of the most beautiful girls in hollywood. but to be straight- the girl has had a nose job, her lips done, and a boob job (though slight, it is noticeable, if u search for photos taken earlier in her career). she is STUNNING now, but before the procedures, she was just “pretty”.

    point of my story- the right wardrobe, personal trainer, and plastic surgeon can turn any number of decently pretty girls into perfect 10s (if there is such a thing).

  3. restingonlaurels

    she looks constipated, she’s so cold!

  4. scaulen

    Nice view of the manicured playing field if you zoom in on picture 6.

  5. Mike

    When a dude has big feet they say he’s got a big dick. This chick has monster feet, so what does that mean?

  6. Raven

    Iwatchstuff said this was filmed in Vancouver. If so, I do not envy her, the water is still cold as hell right now.

  7. ???

    jj, in the #1 spot, is a fucking retard for the following reasons:

    1) He can’t come up with anything better than “First”
    2) As if calling “First” wasn’t bad enough, he needs to call our attention to it after the fact
    3) He refers to himself in the 3rd person
    4) The gratuitous use of the word “bitch” and it’s variations

    Nice effort you douche bag…

    Fucking idiot

  8. quack quack

    she looks like a freakin’ duck coming out of the lake!

  9. Jake

    There is definitely some photo-choppin’ going on here… look at photo 14… how her front side and backside are two totally different levels of brightness. So, why did they Photoshop out her nipples?

    All bizarre…

  10. Sarah

    I have to agree with Jimbo there.
    I could break her over my fucking knee.
    Hot, but small tits.

  11. Lana

    She looks really pretty. And au natural. No fake tan or boobs.

    If you look closely at one of the pix you can see her landing strip.

  12. god she is hot. why cant she love nerds?

  13. Mr V

    I don’t get the Megan Fox thing. She seems pretty generic college fraternity magazine pull-out wallpaper material to me.

    Perhaps she’s one of these girls that are attractive when you are near them and they have this sort of weird aura that turns men to jelly but I doubt it. In flat 2D in a gossip mag or internet site…nothing special.

  14. Oh Yeah

    I think I see a landing strip in pic 8!

  15. Oh Yeah

    I think I see a landing strip in pic 8!

  16. not that hot at all

    hmmmm… you say it’s Megan Fox like if it was some sort of incredibly hot chick, but I don’t see any excess of hotness in this chick. Sure, she’s cute on the face, but that’s about it. Look at that body, those titties are very average, and that booty is as flat as a pancake. That body looks very average to me, nothing hot. It’s a body millions of normal women you see walking down the street have. That face, cute, sure, but it’s not like she is near as pretty as I have recently hear some people and media claim she is at all. I saw her in Transformers before I knew who she was and even though they tried to make her appear as the hot chick in the movie, she looked normal to me, not too hot at all, attractive like millions of normal girls out there walking down the street are attractive, something completely forgettable. I think she’s a very photogenic girl and looks better in pictures than she actually looks in movement or in reality, by far. Overall I think she’s INCREDIBLY, INSANELY overrated. Lots of girls out there are cute just like she is, a lot are way cuter, a lot have way nicer bodies, and a lot are WAY hotter. To me, she looks like a normal, average cute girl, nothing else. Stop the overrating or find hotter chicks like Pamela was back in the day and Britney was back in the day to praise, because to me it looks like the looks of these famous mainstream movistars has gone down the hill in the last few years, and if this is the best you have to offer, it’s sad.

  17. very overrated

    To me she looks like a normal cute girl, nothing impressive and nothing too hot at all, very average body. Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s going topless for a movie. You can tell this is the kinda chick that will do anything for some attention, even if it is baring her wide open crotch. I bet she’ll be posing nude very, very soon.

  18. Well – if I could just get in a word here edgewise between all the budding actresses like #66 & 67 I’d just like to repeat that -
    I’m still not watching ‘Transformers’ Hollywood.
    So there.
    Especially after having ‘IronMan’ recommended. These cartoon movies are only somewhat fulfilling.
    (Oh, by the way – Like, say, IronMan. You were blown up in Afghanistan – and 9/11 was an inside job….
    – I guess it’s time to work on the iron suit between rehabs back home…that type of thing…etc)

  19. Quinn

    She is incerdibly HOT I don’t care what work she’s had done.
    I love how the staff is wearing winter parkas, she must have been damn cold.

  20. bill

    these photos are fake. look around boobs look at her side tat clearly see its blurred out due to photoshop gay

  21. Sara

    She’s very pretty i dont know what your saying about average and she has a very nice body you must not go out much because most women are way fat Megan looks great

  22. pow

    it’s really sad how retarded half the commenters here are.

  23. #72 – That exactwee what I say recently to ‘Frank’ from 16th floor.
    Glad we all here in agreement.
    So, #72, by way, Inside job pow ? Having any problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel reinforced structure ? The ‘Dancing Israelis’ ? That type of thing ?

  24. Jumper

    Idiot…You missed the landing strip and vag see thru in pic 8!!!

  25. Joe

    She is wearing pasties but her vagina is pretty much on display in her most modest photo.

  26. Niks

    Fake nose, fake lips, fake boobs, flat ass. Pretty, decent to look at but overall fake and relatively boring too. Give me some flavor.

  27. GG1000

    The reason her nipples look odd is that they are stretched out because of the implants.

  28. c45j

    niks, Shut the fuck up.

    anyways, it is pretty stupid for her to wear those plastic things over her nipples.

  29. georgia

    This chick has a prety face but some serious muffin top. Lookit that chunk. holy shit

  30. Ted from LA

    If I were a Ken Doll I’d grab her plastic tits and try to stuff my plastic weiner in her. Inside job?

  31. Batman

    @80: It is the best part of the muffin! (to quote Tracy Morgan/Jordan)

    So her tattoos on her left side ribs are covered in make up, what about that X on her belly? Is it a tattoo as well, or scarification? Ornamental or “secret cutting”?

    This all makes up for how bad I felt about Amy Winehouse.

  32. Batman

    @79 georgia WHAT THE FUCK.
    It’s called skin. Tight chonies. Shaddap.

  33. Alpargator

    i’d like to know the job of the guy that’s sticking his face in megan’s ass in pic #9.
    i have to apply for it.

  34. sam-bagao

    @66.. boring.. havnt u ever heard of the word paragraphs? sick bastard..

    @5..yeah ur right.. now where is my fleshlight..

  35. Well, that you mention it, Ted from LA. – yes I think it was.

  36. Hey, wait a sec here – I just remembered ‘Frank’ was the name of the rabbit thing in Donnie Darko.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Nothing to see here. Please move on. Step away from the computer . Nothing to see here. Move to next comment. ‘Nice tits’.

  37. It's Only Fair

    I can see now why Megan took over Alba’s title as the FHM’s hottest women list. Both have pretty faces, but Megan also has:
    1. Hypnotizing eyes, not the void ones like Alba’s
    2. A defined waist
    3. Round butt
    4. Bigger boobs
    5. A shapely figure, both looking from the front and the side. Alba is practically a board from the side.

  38. May God bless you for this.

  39. Puddin' Taine

    There is a god…

  40. Yum. I like girls with dark hair and light eyes.

  41. Good points all #88- #91…
    Inside job ?

  42. herbiefrog

    let’s do this in two parts…

    part one…

    we knew that we would have to pay…

    who said that ?

    very funny… thanks so much : )

    could we close the blinds ?

  43. Shes so hot

    Top 5 Drunk Celebrities Caught on Video

  44. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Very pretty girl its great that she is not all fake tanned up too. The nipples are covered by some silicone strips that stick on the skin, I cant believe all the dumbfucks on here who actually think they are her nipples – clearly those assholes have never seen a nipple beyond their own, which the probably fondle while masturbating to pics like this.

  45. herbiefrog

    part two…

    did we ever mention that we’re
    : )

    with a nice [no ther way]


    …to remember you by

    cant say too much, higher ups around

    bye : )

  46. sf

    YES!!!!!! She has a tiny bit of a tummy and fat about her hips. SHE IS HUMAN!!!! Albeit a very lovely one :D

  47. herbiefrog

    part 2a


    oh hang on no we meant net

    it’s a way to tell

    when you’re being overwhelmed

    [what's a whelm?]


  48. Mr. Herb. Have new message from Mr. Binkwad :
    ‘ I’d say gr8 to see you back Herb- but I’m not here much any more either…
    But I agree someone’s going to pay’
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Not sure what Mr. Binkwad getting to here Mr. Herb – but me guessing some sort of ‘inside job.’

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