Megan Fox transforms into topless-ness!

May 12th, 2008 // 226 Comments

These are some shots of Megan Fox topless while filming Jennifer’s Body. Although is there any point to even putting stuff here? I’m just going to stop typing because, seriously, who’s looking at the words when HOLY CRAP, IT’S MEGAN FOX’S BOOBS! Obviously, these pics are NSFW and if you couldn’t figure that out, please e-mail me where you’ll be operating a motor vehicle. Mostly so I can take such necessary precautions as, I dunno, running for my fucking life.

NOTE: Yeah, either she’s wearing pasties or her nipples are made out of plastic. Either way, it looks close enough to naked that maybe censoring the pics will still keep you from getting fired.

Photos: Flynet

  1. jim

    i’d hit that

  2. JoeWWWW


  3. jordan catalano

    There is a God and s/he LOVES me!!!!


    Now where did I put my Fleshlight?

  4. not FRIST!!!

    No, it’s really me..

  5. WTC!! What is up with all the boobs today? And I mean that in a good way!!

  6. MFS

    Oh man. SHe’s got pasties! Weak.

  7. jj

    needs colors

  8. boring

    Really? this is HOT? I see girls like this every day!

  9. Pierre

    so why would you put stars over the nipples when you can clearly see in the nsfw pics that her nipples are all taped up anyway. stars over tape over nipples? penis frowns.

  10. mrs.t

    The pasties are disturbing…molded plastic Barbie/android.

  11. Those were certainly boring….I wonder what movie she’s fiming?

  12. Those were certainly boring….I wonder what movie she’s filming?

  13. S

    bet the guy behind her, with his face in her ass – is L.O.V.E-ing it!

  14. shmoke

    why do her boobies look lumpy?

  15. jj


  16. Bai Ling

    White girr has tiny nippir! Mine bettir!

  17. Dave

    Oh sweet mercyful Jesus what a girl… Would’ve loved to see the nipples though.

  18. evianobaby

    lol first she’s covering them, then she’s letting them show, then she’s trying to cover them again?! I would have had more respect for her if she had kept herself covererd.

  19. TetterkeT

    I love you Superficial man.

  20. deacon jones

    This is how we should decide to hire our secretaries in our office – cold water dip tryouts – this would obviously exclude the two we already have that suck married guys cocks here

  21. jesus, I’m really suprised that such a GREAT actress would do suggested nudity. Really, this is probably the last role she gets where she doesn’t have to suck cock on screen.
    Btw, you can see landing strip in one of them.

  22. Cash

    Nice. Ask and Ye shall receive.

  23. jesse

    Who says dreams don’t come true?

  24. veggi

    “lol first she’s covering them, then she’s letting them show, then she’s trying to cover them again?! I would have had more respect for her if she had kept herself covererd.”

    They’re filming a scene for a movie, she’s doing what the director says. Learn to read, retard.

  25. Xenu

    Is it just me or do I see stretch marks on her sides? She’s looking a little flabby in her tummy as well. =o

  26. Bree

    Is this a joke? How do people find this hot? Her nipples are fleshy and alien-like. I betcha a million bucks they computer edit em to make them darker for the movie.

  27. Delicious Alcohol

    I wish I would have been at a sperm bank when I first saw this. I’d have made a lot of money.

  28. Trover

    Pasty white, The girl needs to see the sun for a while. Hawt, though.

  29. sharpeidude

    Definitely silver dollar-size nips going on there. I like that.

  30. Joco

    Ugly. I’ve had much better. Much, much better.

  31. elise

    uh, clearly her nipples are covered up with some kind of patch, that’s why they look like “pasties” dumb fucks. LOOK CLOSER

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  33. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but she looks better with her clothes on. Yeah. Gay.

  34. My Penis

    Chunkeeeezie fer sheeezie, hit the gym.

  35. peterpan

    look at her lovehandles above where her bathing suit is like digging into her skin.

  36. WTF

    What’s that long list tattooed under her arm – A list of guys she fucked by 15, perhaps?

  37. Brian Austin Green is a bloody bastard!

  38. She’s hot but really annoying. I’d have to break a few bones while fucking her.

  39. She’s hot but really annoying. I’d have to break a few bones while fucking her.

  40. godhatesf@gmail

    So who’s up for photoshopping some nipples on her?

  41. Racer X

    Those are NICE.

    /i’d give her a pearl necklace to go w/ her ta-ta’s

  42. She’s hot but really annoying. I’d have to break a few bones while fucking her.

  43. Tom

    Awesome! Something to do tonight! Thanks Superficial!

  44. I nailed her in the pooper.

  45. Erica

    Weird ass nips man.

  46. Kimberly

    She’s wearing pasties. What the hell?

  47. boring

    she’s pretty average in those pictures. Nice to see standards are lowering.

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