Megan Fox might be replaced with this

May 25th, 2010 // 115 Comments

With Megan Fox either quitting, getting fired or enabling Obama’s plan to socialize your guns into free Jet-Skis for minorities – your call – an empty hole was left in the Transformers franchise where a hot chick running from robots once was. That hole, my friends, may have just been filled. The Sun reports:

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY will take over as the leading lady in upcoming blockbuster Transformers 3.
Rosie – who has notched up the bedpost with OLIVIER MARTINEZ and JASON STATHAM – has NO acting credentials to date.

Honestly, I’m surprised Michael Bay is even spending the money on a model. It’s not like Megan Fox’s contributions to the films couldn’t easily be replaced with an old issue of Maxim. “Okay, Shia, this magazine doesn’t want you to play poker with your buddies, but you really need that money to buy Optimus a new paint job. So you’re torn for no more than two seconds until the coffee table explodes while you go ‘No no no no nooooo.’ Ready? ACTION!”

EDIT: Here’s Rosie in Maxim because I’m so meta I sing songs about myself.

Photos: DT Magazine

  1. turd da third

    yummm, a full ass and some tiny titties, now that is what a real and natural woman should look like.

  2. Bert

    Homma Momma!

  3. scooby

    Nice ass. Nice everything. Yes.

  4. stinky mcpoop

    She looks great and all, but she’s got that shady upper lip thing, which now totally makes the rest of her hotness subjective. I bet she’s got weird looking toes too.

  5. Trickster

    Megan looked better in the face even if she got a nose job LOL this girl has a great body shape but her face is just ok :D

  6. Apostate

    Quite a scrumptious filet mignon…Hopefully with a little less mouth-unless,ya know,she’s ‘working’ on a machine part.

  7. Gorgeous! Looks more interesting than MF to me.

  8. Reese

    No acting credits? It’s not like she’s in the movie for her acting skills, is it? You could say she won’t have any after this either.

  9. asdf

    she needs a nose job.

  10. CaliGirl

    “Obama’s plan to socialize your guns into free Jet-Skis for minorities” — okay, the Superficial has become bookmark-worthy.

  11. JimBob

    Sorry fellas – she’s hot, but she ain’t no Megan Fox. That girl is just sumthin’ else. Her face, her eyes… daaamn. Her body just tops off her one-of-a-kind beauty.

  12. Donk Donkerson

    Well, she’s definitely hotter, that’s for sure. Which means as long as she can act at least as good as a brick the Transformers franchise should benefit from this.

  13. meknow

    HAHAHAHAAHA loved your comment about Obama. Right on man, right on…

  14. PooPants

    Leave it to Michael Bay to cast talent-less actresses for his movies. Megan Fox is gorgeous but has a whiny fucking annoying voice and couldn’t act herself out of a paper bag.

    This new chick is a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel. Beautiful, obviously, but let’s back it up with some talent. please

  15. blackout

    fuck this slut! miranda kurr is sooo much hotter. there are at least 50 i can name that are hotter. EYUCK!!

  16. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    Beautiful young woman with an excruciatingly marvelous ass! Shows skin. Hopefully hasn’t developed into cunt-hood yet. Sounds perfect.

    Megan, I love you madly. But I think they might have a winner here. This gal can entice me to see Transformers 3.

  17. Matrim

    “Michael Bay, hiring with his dick again…and all red-blooded action movie lovers thank him.”

    No, no we don’t. If I want to see this chick looking hot, all I have to do is scroll up this page…

    …yep, there’s her tits. There, easy. I don’t have to go see some piece of shit action flub worse than watching a little kid smash his transformers together and make explosiony noises.

    Fuck Michael Bay, fuck him square in the neck.

  18. ROUGH appeal

    Feel Free to invest in a plot, back story, and staying true to the cartoon everyone came to know and love Micheal Bay. I would like this part of my childhood memory to stay pure, I couldn’t care less about another cock-tease with an attitude running around with some high school kid. Quite frankly, I would be content with a Nicky Blonsky for that role. I’m serious!

  19. Nemo

    Wait, I’m confused? Where are the pictures of the girl everybody else is talking about? All I’m seeing is a half-naked 12-year old with a butterface. Are my cache settings screwed up? What’s going on, Superficial? I want to see the hot girl too!

  20. minx

    Now that is one gorgeous woman.

  21. the pictures are so beautiful , i like this

  22. Kathleen

    At least she doesn’t have bolt-ons and thunder thighs like Miss Fox

  23. Michael Bay is taking unknown actors and a talent for making huge success in celebs. I’m glad to see he chose an unknown. I hope it is a huge success.

  24. Brian

    She’s alright i still think megan fox is wayyyy hotter than this girl,
    she got … weird ass face.
    megan fox > her
    megan fox = kim kardashian

  25. TC

    She has the most bummable bum I’ve ever wanted to bum.

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  28. ClassyDirtyChick

    I find her face extremely squat nosed. Without the dark eye makeup she will look like a pug when you wake up with her the next morning.


  29. ClassyDirtyChick

    nice breasts though..

  30. Jeff

    jesus fuckin christ, just when you thought it was ipossible for transformers movies to get any worse, look at this bitches nose! oh well lets just hope shes a better actor than megan fox, which i doubt, but not like thats a hard thing to do

  31. gozo

    Rosie and Candice are pure hotness.
    Moronda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio look like putrid bags of shit compared to them, LOL!!!!

  32. she looking so gorgeous without dress, and i am speech-less to say about her beauty.

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  34. ClassyDirtyChick

    Beauty!!! It’s All airbrushed.

    cindy crawford is beautiful!! …this girl is Average at best. with a flat nose.

    Transfomers Smansformers…

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  36. Paul

    Bah, the next one will still be edited in a way that will be nothing more than blurry closeups of the robots when they are fighting and live action scenes so poorly directed you’d wish they were blurry closeups of the robots.

  37. Ray

    I was tired of Megan Fox anyway. Good substitute

  38. SO RIGHT

    TOTALLY hot body, because NO FAKE BREASTS and a great butt! She’s also very pretty.

  39. rachel

    Who cares really? Megan fox can’t act and is a total bitch, literally she insulted the maker of transformers.. how stupid is that? No wonder she got her scrawny little ass kicked out.

    Think this chick looks even hotter and i’m pretty sure that even with no acting experience she is STILL a greater talent than megan fox will ever be. That fake bimbo is as overrated as your mom ;)

    Think transformers SUCKED and so will this one, the director is more interested in drawing a crowd of horny men by placing ‘hot’ women than actually making a hit by using women who have talent.

  40. r0berto

    Randal’s thinking with the wrong head… Besides, Transformers has never been about acting talent and subplots. It’s about hot chicks and explosions. Everything a fertile 13 year old male needs to blow all his wads of uhh cash on.

  41. mike

    No toe-thumbs on this girl <3 <3 <3

    Fox’s thumb was a distraction GTFO

  42. it’s so beautiful

  43. beautiful ! Please click my name !

  44. Hadial

    The nose…yes the nose….she looks a bit like a waxed and done up Liam Neeson in drag — she is hot though Perhaps a fan of the art of boxing.

  45. Mary

    In person this girl is stunning unlike some of the other models who are soooooo airbrushed. However, this a rumor. Bay is not an idiot. People want to see an actress with SOME experience regardless of how much substance the film has.

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