Megan Fox might be replaced with this

With Megan Fox either quitting, getting fired or enabling Obama’s plan to socialize your guns into free Jet-Skis for minorities – your call – an empty hole was left in the Transformers franchise where a hot chick running from robots once was. That hole, my friends, may have just been filled. The Sun reports:

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY will take over as the leading lady in upcoming blockbuster Transformers 3.
Rosie – who has notched up the bedpost with OLIVIER MARTINEZ and JASON STATHAM – has NO acting credentials to date.

Honestly, I’m surprised Michael Bay is even spending the money on a model. It’s not like Megan Fox’s contributions to the films couldn’t easily be replaced with an old issue of Maxim. “Okay, Shia, this magazine doesn’t want you to play poker with your buddies, but you really need that money to buy Optimus a new paint job. So you’re torn for no more than two seconds until the coffee table explodes while you go ‘No no no no nooooo.’ Ready? ACTION!”

EDIT: Here’s Rosie in Maxim because I’m so meta I sing songs about myself.

Photos: DT Magazine