Megan Fox might be replaced with this

May 25th, 2010 // 115 Comments

With Megan Fox either quitting, getting fired or enabling Obama’s plan to socialize your guns into free Jet-Skis for minorities – your call – an empty hole was left in the Transformers franchise where a hot chick running from robots once was. That hole, my friends, may have just been filled. The Sun reports:

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY will take over as the leading lady in upcoming blockbuster Transformers 3.
Rosie – who has notched up the bedpost with OLIVIER MARTINEZ and JASON STATHAM – has NO acting credentials to date.

Honestly, I’m surprised Michael Bay is even spending the money on a model. It’s not like Megan Fox’s contributions to the films couldn’t easily be replaced with an old issue of Maxim. “Okay, Shia, this magazine doesn’t want you to play poker with your buddies, but you really need that money to buy Optimus a new paint job. So you’re torn for no more than two seconds until the coffee table explodes while you go ‘No no no no nooooo.’ Ready? ACTION!”

EDIT: Here’s Rosie in Maxim because I’m so meta I sing songs about myself.

Photos: DT Magazine

  1. yammerskooner


  2. D. Smotherman

    Bay said he wanted someone who looked fuckable 24/7….this one definitely qualifies.

  3. Tor

    And she actually shows her tits.

  4. Kim

    Michael Bay is a smart man. Why hired a leading lady if you can’t bang her?

  5. I believe I called this, the other day.

    It wasn’t that tough. Basically I selected the hottest, most fertile looking human female in the list. The only tough part was, that she doesn’t have ludicrously pneumatic fake breasts. Michael Bay going for class, for once.

  6. Randal

    It doesn’t matter how attractive or jaw dropping this woman is, there is no way she’ll be able to step into the shoes that Megan has already worn. Megan Fox MADE Transformers the summer sensation it has become. Megan PUT Transformers on the big screen. To think someone can just skip right along and replace Megan Fox is fooling themselves.


  7. Sbo

    can’t wait to see her running in slow motion

  8. D. Sutherland

    Michael Bay, hiring with his dick again…and all red-blooded action movie lovers thank him.

  9. Jake

    Wait – can she act?

    Just kidding. Let’s see some beaver shots!

  10. jstuddle

    She’s hot but she’s no Megan Fox. Sorry. Next!

  11. snarkyscreenname

    Randal, I <3 you still

  12. Nero

    No,not this one.I would like to see a girl with stumpy legs running this time.

  13. megan who?

    yes please

  14. Darth

    Hmm,she might be too tall for Shia LaBeoef.She would be excellent for myself!

  15. Rick

    Good to see the return of “this”

  16. jumpin_j

    Nice face, meh body. Still wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crackers. Unless she spilled red wine on my sheets. Then I’d toss her on her ass. It’s justified.

  17. farles chew

    These pictures ain’t nothing: check out the camel toe on this one

  18. Sport

    Megan who?
    Wait – let me see this chicks thumbs first.

  19. Daisy

    Oh Randal, your steadfast trolling is admirable.

  20. She definitely has that causing-a-pants-explosion-next-door look.

  21. Taz

    I could find two hundred better looking girls in hollywood

  22. Hottie!

    All she has to do is stand around & look f*ckable; that’s it. Dumbass no-talent megan fox was so stupid & bigmouthed that she couldn’t even pull that one off…

  23. Denise Vasi. The end.

  24. Tr8cthis

    …and she has normal looking thumbs to boot!

  25. Taz

    I could find two hundred girls better looking than her in Hollywood walking the streets

  26. @ 2:05 Taz – I’m gonna totally agree with you. These girls are a dime a dozen, and you can walk down Sunset and find even better ones than her. Megan at least had her own uniqe look goin’.

  27. Deacon Jones

    They should save themselves a cool $150 million in special fX and just have the movie show cumshot compilations across her face.

  28. FrankNfrtr

    She’s cute. No hangups about showing the wonderful natural looking breasts too…that’s good!
    Good luck working w Hitler/Bay. Did he make you wash his car yet?
    Perhaps he just tickled your tonsils with his dipstick.
    Megan did not have her own unique look going…she is/was an Angie Jolie clone from the beginning, with less acting ability & worse tattoos.

  29. Photoshop Police

    I know it’s a movie based on a kids cartoon created entirely to SELL FREAKIN TOYS, but do you guys think maybe they could… um… I dunno…
    work a little harder on the friggin plot?!?!?

    Any 20-something hot piece of a$$ can play the female lead in this… because it is secondary to the MOTHER-EFFING SPACE ROBOTS!

    Having said that…. yeah… she’ll do. :-)

    autobots forever, y’all

  30. bimbamboing

    Yes,this is the one.

  31. Just Some Guy


  32. Not to jack this comment thread, but Obama is now unpopular with the minorities who voted for him because he didn’t turn our guns into jet-skis for them.

  33. PostmortemG

    “All she has to do is stand around & look f*ckable; that’s it. Dumbass no-talent megan fox was so stupid & bigmouthed that she couldn’t even pull that one off…”

    Wow, I´m afraid i must agree. I for one have never been a Megan Fox fan – regardless of whether she´s a worthwhile person or not, her image is anything but intriguing. I know several ladies who summon erections merely with their presences, and i really doubt Megan Fox would have that effect on me, if i were to meet her personally. That aside, how the balls are they going to work the new girl into Transformers 3? Maybe they´ll actually think about it a little and make the shift interesting. Whatever – *FUCK* the Transformers franchise, and *FUCK* your ´80s childhood, you goddamned cock-sucking cock-suckers. Excuse me, whilst i chase Paraguayan ass…

  34. Well, she’s hot – I wouldn’t mind :D

  35. This chick is way hotter than Megan Fox and hasn’t fucked up her body with a bunch of lame tattoos like Megan Fox. I could almost jerk off to this bitch provided she put on a Bob Bechel mask and Janet Napolitano gloves.

    Speaking of jerking off, it’s almost time for lunch.



  36. Alex, not to work your comment back into the subject, but that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since the dialog in Transformers 2.

  37. Nik

    This girl is insanely hot. Fantastically beautiful, wife type, but extremely bangable at the same time.

    10/10. Nice choice bay.

  38. Nik

    This girl is insanely hot. Fantastically beautiful, wife type, but extremely bangable at the same time.

    10/10. Nice choice bay.

  39. Nik Markwell

    “Not to jack this comment thread, but Obama is now unpopular with the minorities who voted for him because he didn’t turn our guns into jet-skis for them.”

    Yea, the government got the jet-skis and now their pissed.

  40. AnonymousError

    She trumps Megan Fox. Im glad they found someone who will put that trashy snob to shame. Hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes.

  41. Fruit Loop

    Maybe they can just drop the false pretenses and make it like bond movies with a hot new chick in each one. Or explain that it’s some kind of space robot radiation that Shia’s been exposed too that lets him reel in these hot chicks without being all that great looking himself….oh wait right, they love him for who he is on the inside.

    Or perhaps the plot can be like Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Casablanca all rolled into one, as bumble-bee has to search around frantically for a cleaning agent that’s tough enough to remove all the human DNA and fluids from his back seat and windows.

    HOT BITCH: “not so soon”

    SAM: “no no no nononono”

    - Cut to the next morning -

    BUMBLE BEE: “Beep boop beep!”

    SAM: “Sorry bee, I went all freaky triple changer style on her last night. I tried aiming for her face, but you know how it is”

    BUMBLEBEE: “Beedle-e Beep Zoop” nodding in approval

  42. You know, I really want to hate Megan Fox in the Megan v. Michael battle, but if he really is considering this chick simply because she’s good looking — overlooking that she has NO acting experience — then I have to call it a draw. They’re both assholes.

    Seriously, no matter how much a bunch of airbrushed nudie pics make you spooge your jeans, do all of you care so little about film, AND THE TRANSFORMERS, to think that this a good idea?

    Can we send Fox and Bay to Afghanistan and let them walk around some minefields now? Please?

  43. Not Megan Fox Fan!

    She’s got the Body!
    What is up with her Nose? Looks like the nose from Sesame Street “Honkers”.

    Megan Fox has a better face than this ugly chick!

  44. John

    Michael Bay doesn’t like his women that skinny. I bet he’ll fatten her up by 15 pounds before letting her on screen.

  45. temp

    i loooooove rosie! she’s so sweet, i’m sure she won’t have a bad case of word vomit like megan fox.

    yay rosie. :)

  46. Badger Bob

    Michael Bay has a talent for taking unknown actors and making them into huge success celebs. I’m happy to see he picked someone unknown. I hope she is a big success.

  47. Tek

    Not much of a difference from where I sit. A skinny white girl who can’t act replacing another. No big deal.

  48. Parker

    Megan who? I want this girl to spread her cheeks over my boner right now. Her ass looks like two soft pillows heaven-made to gently envelop a penis and guide it into her tight behind.

  49. Anonymous

    Hot chicks are only props in Michael Bay’s movies anyway. And they aren’t even the top prop compared to fast cars and guns.

    If Lucasfilm could figure out a what to CGI realistic chicks they way they do Clonetroopers and aliens, MB wouldn’t even have leading actresses in his movies.

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