Megan Fox still with Brian Austin Green – and his kid

February 3rd, 2009 // 93 Comments

Somehow I missed these shots of Megan Fox shopping at Office Depot with Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius over the weekend. Which has to be all kinds of awkward.

KASSIUS: Aren’t you that hot chick from Transformers?
KASSIUS: Then why are you with my dad?
MEGAN: Huh. I never saw it like that before. Thanks, kid! *dives out window*
BRIAN: Hey, everybody, look who’s got pizza. *sees empty chair* WHAT DID YOU DO?!
KASSIUS: I asked if she was in Transformers.
BRIAN: Dude, NO! We went over this. Man, I hope that homing beacon still works. Get in the car.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Drago The Perv

    Unbelievably Hot ! So yummi. That ass would be the recepticle for my one-eyed snake. Oh and them two adults look fine too !

  2. daleile555

    Not really sure I’m ok with that!! better ask my friends met on ==== ==== know what? I do think people I met there are hot and sincere! Desipte the actual so-called Age Gap, we get along together splendidly!! and I’m even thinking about romance there!! lol

  3. Alex

    Why is she grabbing the kid like that? Like “ewww, walk u little rat” hahahaha bad bad step mommy!
    She’s hot. He’s a has been. Who did he manage to impregnate?

  4. Great

    I hope when I’m thirty five I’m tagging a 22 year old. It seems like in Hollywood things are a lot different. Like 18yo Hayden Panettiere dating 30yo costar Milo Ventimiglia. In real life people would say you are a pedophile but in Hollywood I guess that is ok.

  5. Not really

    I’m 23 and won’t date chicks who are 22 or 18. They tend to be self-absorbed, boring in bed, and insecure. I can only imagine that guys older than me date these vapid twats because they won’t ever notice they’re just as dull.

  6. Ein

    I bet she molests the kid while nobody’s looking.

  7. Meagain

    Wait, why is Angelina treating Maddox like that?!

  8. Prostitutes are a bit too expensive every day, folks!!

  9. lucy

    I viewed this article on b l a c k w h i t e friends . c o m which is a dating service for whites and blacks to find their interracial love. maybe you will like it.

  10. diana tart

    typical way for americans to hold kids…in a cold manner. you would think he was an enemy!

  11. Now wait a minute what is this? Megan Fox is smoking hot yet she’s dating some random old dude who has a screaming brat in tow? Since only ugly or desperate chicks date sloppy seconds I call foul! Da Man has no ex wife or breeding baggage and is available this week only so holla.

    PS: Megan Fox it’s time to step up to this!

  12. You people calling her ass flat are used to fat hags. Megan’s body is MFing straight. And she’s dragging that kid by the arm because he’s a screaming brat who needs to STFU and get in the car. She doesn’t wanna deal with kids anyhow, which is why she shouldn’t date a dude who already has such baggage.

    PS: Megan is hot dump the baggage and holla!

  13. moron

    Pic 3 says she’s totally into taking care of that kid ::rolling eyes::

    I’m sure when he’s not around, she’s a total bitch to that kid. Seems like the type.

  14. genius


    Genius conclusion. So all 18 OR 22 years old are self-absorbed and boring in bed right? That must mean they magically transform overnight once they hit 23, ’cause obviously, you being so mature at the ripe age of 23 are not “vapid” and insecure.

    Try this: making overarching generalizations makes you insecure, vapid, and above all, STUPID.

  15. Warmestmostloveliestever

    Dear all,

    Hello how do you do?

    In pic’ No.8, can anyone else see a hair extension track? Just wondering.

  16. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Jolie wannabee – trashy.

  17. Bill Victus

    Wow, exactly the kind of crotch and ass a pair of tight jeans is designed for! Phew!

  18. Deacon Jones


    Well, they DO suck in bed.

    Unless they were molested and got started early.

  19. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Not a fan of either of ‘em but just wanna say something about the “look at the way they are holding him” comments. They are walking through a parking lot. It is a major pain in the ass to get a kid to walk through a parking lot. They dont realize cars are not just pulling in, but also pulling out. They also dont understand since they are short most people in cars might not see them.
    I used to have a friend who made fun of the way I walked through parking lots with my daughter. he said I was “treating her like a baby” by grabbing her and pulling her next to me. I no longer hang out with that clueless douchebag!

  20. scooby

    yeah she’s f-ing hot.

  21. Jrz

    tool f0cker

  22. Alec Baldwin

    That kid is about 15 years younger than her. I’m sure he’ll be fapping to the sounds coming from the bedroom.

  23. dee

    Brian is a very masculine good looking guy and a good actor. I’ll take him over Brad Pitt any day. I think Megan loves being with him.

  24. RichPort's Vagina

    I always thought Brian Austin Green was awesome. I love 90210.

  25. oneelusivegal

    make nasty comments about adults, they can handle it, they’re in the public eye and it comes with the territory, but never, never EVER say bad things about little kids. Only effing aholes would do that!

  26. Megan Fox is HOT!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! In picture 11, she looks exactly like Angelina Jolie!

  27. Megan Fox is HOT!!!!!!!!!

    If I looked like her, I would not waste my looks on Brian Austin Green. Hopefully, she’ll realize that soon and move on to someone MUCH better.

  28. Jo

    I think Brian Austin Green is cute!

  29. jenna materson

    who hold a kid like that? That’s so sad : (

  30. stephanie

    Brian Austin Green… hotter with age.

  31. Just_As_it_Is

    I would lick her butt nonstop until I erased it completely

  32. fake everything

    Plastic is new hot!

  33. Pilatunes

    >>>In real life people would say you are a pedophile but in Hollywood I guess that is ok.<<<

    I never understood that either.

    My new approach: I am in my early 40s…time to start looking for someone fresh out of college!

  34. AmandaTheBitch

    wow since when did uggs come back in style?

  35. Dandan

    Average pretty girl — average even after all that work done. nothing special, tons of hotter chicks around. next>
    two classless losers that belong together. boring

  36. genius


    That’s ’cause they don’t have to try hard yet. Their bodies are still rockin’. Btw, I’ve heard from several guys that girls who are good in bed are good because they are enthusiastic about sex and show that they’re having a good time. So in order for this to happen, the guy has to be decent in bed as well. I mean if he sucked, then the girl would be bored out of her mind, right? Just sayin.

  37. the big kahuna

    lol @ number 19

  38. Megan Fox is HOT!!!!!!!!!


    Where do you live that Megan Fox would be considered average looking?

  39. robot girl

    fake lips, fake nose, fake tits, fake haircolor… I bet she fakes her orgasms too

  40. pink elephant

    the red “do not enter” would serve a much better purpose on her crotch…

  41. faux fox

    robot girl @89: she sure does. but because she is a shitty actress he knows she’s faking it.

  42. uno

    @21 and 87, Yeah I figured girls liked that, but I didn’t really know how much, you know what I mean? But, like, look at pic 8, I would kiss up those thighs, kiss her buttcheeks and slide my warm tongue on her asshole and…I think you get the point.

  43. rear in need of silicone too!

    look at that ass… suddenly I want some pancakes!

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