Megan Fox still with Brian Austin Green – and his kid

February 3rd, 2009 // 93 Comments

Somehow I missed these shots of Megan Fox shopping at Office Depot with Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius over the weekend. Which has to be all kinds of awkward.

KASSIUS: Aren’t you that hot chick from Transformers?
KASSIUS: Then why are you with my dad?
MEGAN: Huh. I never saw it like that before. Thanks, kid! *dives out window*
BRIAN: Hey, everybody, look who’s got pizza. *sees empty chair* WHAT DID YOU DO?!
KASSIUS: I asked if she was in Transformers.
BRIAN: Dude, NO! We went over this. Man, I hope that homing beacon still works. Get in the car.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jupiter Girl


  2. steph

    she looks like angelina jolie

  3. Jupiter Girl

    BTW, Meagan Fox is super good looking! :)

    Being w/his son isnt awkward, she’s a grown woman!

  4. First Time

    damn, look at that ass!

  5. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  6. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  7. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  8. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  9. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  10. dos putos

    dos bitches! she has no ass.

  11. Si

    The poor mans Angelina J.

  12. Jupiter Girl


    Calling her “the poor mans angelina”…is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Meagan and Angie are both absolutely breathtaking!

  13. Lizz!

    Aww, they belong together; tattoos=trash.

  14. Mexican Master Race

    It must be cold in LA to be wearing those moccasins

  15. nah #15

    She simply doesn’t have any grace nor elegance (nor enough beauty) that Angelina J holds. Angie would never be caught in uggs and cheapo pants like this one.

  16. uno

    I would lick her butthole and her buttcrack! Girls like that right?

  17. Camel

    Boing goes my dink! He’s so attractive… I mean SHE! Ha. Yes, I was referring to her.

  18. Valerie

    @19 Yes, yes we do.

  19. Deacon Jones

    I can’t believe they moved Terminator to Fridays next season….

    Low self esteem = blow jobs at will.

    Hold on to her pal!

  20. Blah

    All that time watching 90210, I totally thought BAG was gay. I guess if he’s got a kid and a girlfriend it can’t true??? Maybe he’s just bi? Anyways, maybe she was a big nobody for a long time until he helped her break into the biz and she’s not ditching him now that she’s famous.

  21. Valerie

    Actually, he looks WAY hot nowadays. WTF happened?

  22. Jennifer

    Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt. Megan Fox has Brian Austin Green. Case closed.

  23. sid

    shes fugly and her tattoo is a joke!….as a matter of fact shes a joke! DONE/ ohhhhhhh good one ya’ll

  24. asdf

    Does the kid have a Transformers shirt on?

  25. Fernando Narcos

    Tryas I might,I just can’t find all that much to get all excited about.

  26. Joana

    Wow, she seems really great with kids, look at the way she’s grabbing the poor kid’s arm… I’m surprised she isn’t wearing rubber gloves, for fear of contamination…

  27. maeby

    wtf? why are they both grabbing him like that? poor kid

  28. dan

    i’d destroy her

  29. dan

    i’d destroy her

  30. Mungbean

    No way, that kid is wearing a fucking Voltron shirt. That show was the shit.

  31. CaptainMorgan

    I fucking HATE those boots. RUIN EVERYTHING!

  32. nah #18

    Sooo right, when I think classy I think past blood vial-wearing faux-lesbo who broke up a marriage.

  33. hairball

    the kid is gay because hes wearing crocs but wait…. are those flowers on the crocs? yep totally faggot.

  34. Ummm... Soccer Mom??... Ya, I don't think so.

    So, this kid is old enough to read *and* understand the trash this chic brags about to the media… awesome :(

  35. TomCruise

    @20 – Camel if you saw your typo before pushing enter you could have rewritten. We both know you would rather date me than her. So get on yer knees and polish my knob.

  36. Rachel

    I would never get involved with a man with a kid because then you have to help raise it every other weekend. When I was in my 20s; if a guy showed me pics of his kids, then I would never go out with him again. Now I am happily married and have a child, but I never had to raise somebody elses kid.

  37. Ali Knievel

    Nice. She’s got the patented Lindsay Lohan “I don’t want the paps to follow me so I’ll wear these big stupid 70′s raybans that just draw more attention to me” shades on. She’s a robot but she’s got a nice body.

  38. anthonyOA

    Megan Fox does too have an ass. SHE DOES TOO!

  39. rachel

    what!? take your damn tranny hand off that kid!

  40. I remember watching Sarah Conner Chronicles, and realizing that he was the nerd from 90210, and wondering how he became bad ass

  41. NoSheDoesNotHaveAnAss

    People saying she has no ass are CORRECT. Just because it looks muscularly “tight” doesnt mean she has an ass. 12 year olds have a better ass than this tranny.

  42. NoSheDoesNotHaveAnAss

    People saying she has no ass are CORRECT. Just because it looks muscularly “tight” doesnt mean she has an ass. 12 year olds have a better ass than this tranny.

  43. Barry O

    I wouldn’t mind ramming my cock up her ass and cumming on her face. I’d even wash it off with my urine before throwing her out

  44. Pauley

    Her ass? I wouldn’t mind ramming my cock up his ass. He’s looking damn fucking hot!

  45. my comment


  46. isitin

    Hey, he got a good deal on the printer, it was on sale for $209.99. $90 off today. Megan said “Lets buy it, I can use the $90 on some botox instead”.

  47. Max

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