Megan Fox should do things to or near me

August 14th, 2009 // 130 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox walking into the Hotel Casa del Mar last night wearing a form-fitting dress, and she kind of reminds me of a young Jennifer Connelly who probably just cried after reading those words. Crying’s not going to reverse the effects of time. Unless you take your shirt off. Hey, I didn’t invent the rules of science. I just enforce them.


  1. The 'A' Man

    First :)

    I wanna fuck Megan Fox!!!

  2. miau

    hmmmm her face looks different than usual…


  3. She looks great here. For a change.


  4. anon

    I fucked her back in high school. I figured she fucked like a mad bitch but alas no. BORING LAY ALERT! BORING LAY ALERT!

  5. circumcized jew boy

    this stupid cunt is completely useless and boring with her clothes on. what is the point of looking her if you cant see her meat curtains? what a waste of a bitch.

  6. Jennifer is hotter

    Jennifer Connelly is much hotter, even being much older. 20 years from now people are going to be saying: Samantha who? Oh, you mean that old tattooed tramp who couldn’t act? Whatever happened to her?

    And Jennifer will still be making movies, and probably looking great in them.

  7. april

    she wishes she were jennifer connelly

  8. Its a shame, a stunning woman like Jennifer Connelly can just be replaced in Hollywood…

  9. Shamus O'Hara

    Most beautiful women on the planet .
    Will never understand ruining beauty with tattoos


    @1 – you’d fuck a pot roast if there was a hole in it.

  11. deddog


  12. sizzle

    I really don’t find her all that attractive. She looks like if I touched her she’d be sticky….that’s a turn off.

  13. Hydro74

    Quick – name two movies besides Transformers 1 and 2 that feature Megan Fox!

    Fuck her … I’m officially tired of her. No nudity in movies = no interest. Because … why?

  14. GM

    Yeah shes hot but im kinda getting sick of her. Always talking bout some stupid shit its like…
    “Shut Up Or Get Naked”
    U know??
    And her tits are kinda gross
    and so r her hideous thumbs
    and those lame tattz

  15. anon

    I fucked pot roast with a hole in it back in high school. I figured it fucked like megan fox, but alas no. GREAT LAY ALERT! GREAT LAY ALERT!

  16. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    I really wish Fish would get over his mad crush on her. I think it’s starting to affect his journalistic objectivity.

  17. farles chew

    Notice that the distance between her nips and hips is LONGER than the distance from her hips to knees. She has a bizarre physique, and a pointy ass. But if you go in for that, power to you, whatever parks your limo.

  18. Taz

    those lips would look so good around my cock

  19. TickledAnalanous

    Getting very tired of this tatted tramp. Obviously these pictures were taken by a surveillance doe (no shadoes). Very dullanous.

  20. Amy

    She is so beautiful. That is all.

  21. laura

    damn, she’s gorgeous! LOVE her shoes <3

  22. Danklin

    She’s so fucking hot!

    Jesus christ can they put one more fucking ad on this website that makes scrolling down the page any fucking slower? im going to stop coming here if it doesnt get better.

  23. megan fox has aids

    Nose job. Lip injections. Boob job. Can’t act. PPPLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE can we turn our attention to someone more worthy?

  24. Randal

    Megan is gorgeous and she is one of my favorite women to watch out for. Her appearance at the Hotel Casa del Mar delivered some of that fantastic trademark Megan Fox style, which makes for a deadly combination! I love this Grecian inspired Herve L. Leroux dress and no one pulls off Grecian goddess style like Megan.


  25. Nick

    She’s hot but she reminds me of Sasha Grey

  26. dude

    dammit where’s the ass shots!!!!!

  27. Nameless

    Wow…she must not know she was being photographed. She’s doesn’t have her mouth open, tongue sticking out and flashing her “nut on me” gaze.

  28. Harold^Sick

    This recent media obsession with Megan Fox is beyond strange. Must be a viral marketing thing, or something. She’s very plain looking, no flavor at all. I’ve seen better looking girls at the bus stop, with no personal stylist or make up on.

  29. cali

    She looks beautiful here. Her stylist has done wonders for her…making her look classier. Her skin’s still gross though, full of moles and patchy but when she’s made up like this, she looks like a doll: a boring but pretty doll. Now let’s just hope she doesn’t open her mouth. please.

  30. Erica

    Agreed with whoever said Fish’s obsessive fanboyism over Megan Fox is taking its toll on the journalistic objectivity of this site.

  31. Galtacticus

    What do we think folks? I think she’s a very charismatic beauty.This one is going to stay in power.

  32. straight man

    Once again, very boring. Yet she tries so hard to be exciting, so what gives?

  33. She’s really a beautiful actress.
    This seems that she bad comments really doesn’t fit for her.

  34. Maximus Erectus

    Goddamn. This chick is hot as all fuck. That’s all there is to it.

  35. Wait, What?

    Too Bad Megan Fox is really a man…

  36. KG

    Is there an actual woman behind that frozen painted china face? Hard to tell.

  37. toe thumbs

    the tattoos on her arms really class up the look of her outfit, i must say.

  38. toe thumbs

    the tattoos on her arms really class up the look of her outfit, i must say.

  39. Rudy

    Most women get the fake tee-otts for the clothes…

  40. Parker

    I’d like to stir her hot fudgepot with my stick.

  41. girl

    She is so gorgeous, and I know a lot of girls don’t like her,
    but I do. I think she’s honest and beautiful. I have a lot
    of the same opinions as her, and I’m glad that she does
    what she thinks is right/best and doesn’t apologise for
    what she feels. I’m glad she has opinions and isn’t
    afraid to share them – in a non-threataning way.

    I don’t know how anybody can find her anything but

  42. plastic is new hot

    fake bitch needs more plastic surgery to look even more plastic.

  43. lori

    Looks like a cheap mannequin. And trashy. I’m offended that someone used her name and Jennifer Connolly’s in the same sentence.

  44. Dweezel

    Jennifer Connolly is still much better looking than, and much more talented than, whoever in the fuck this bitch is.

  45. toomerailia

    Dita, FTW!!

  46. Meh

    This bitch has nothing on Jennifer Connelly.

  47. Dread not

    Megan Fox should do things ON me. Is that TMI?

  48. vito

    Excuse me, #6…Who the fuck is Samantha?

  49. meme

    such a shame she has those ugly tattoos on her arms. She’s such a pretty girl.

  50. aliknievel

    She’s hot but she still looks like a robot. Only now she looks like a Jennifer Connelly model and not an Angelina Jolie one. Nice upgrade.

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