Megan Fox replacing Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy?

June 11th, 2009 // 90 Comments

Megan Fox is allegedly stealing another franchise role. IGN reports that she’s being considered for the reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Fox is being eyed to play the title role of Buffy Summers in the recently announced big-screen relaunch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The new movie will not involve Joss Whedon or be tied in anyway to either the 1992 film or the TV series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar that followed.

Smart move. This will silence any male Buffy fans who are concerned about the movie by giving them nerd boners. As for the female fans, simply cast Robert Pattinson and make sure he never wears a shirt. In fact, the end credits should consist of nothing but his airbrushed abs. Or mine, if he’s busy that day. Hopefully no one will notice the jarring transition from pale to golden awesome.

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  1. Que

    Que upgrade.

  2. Blue

    Buffy without SMG or Joss Whedon? What’s the point?

  3. Are you kidding me? Buffy wasn’t a skank so why let Megan Fox play the part?

  4. Danielle

    UGH. I am not a fan of Fox.
    She’s hot, but she knows it and acts like she knows it and that’s just ugly.

    SMG and JW…that’s the way to go.

    eff this.

  5. I got it! shes getting career advice from Brian Austin Green during cigarette break after sex….She turn Wonder Woman down for this?

  6. the assman prefers smg. im the assman.

  7. dirk

    How did Megan get a mold of my weener? Dirty little whore trash.

  8. Funeral Guy

    Wow!!! Megan Fox!!! Again!!!………..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……….

  9. NO

    Aren’t most Buffy fans fat girls(like Twilight fans, but older and more bitter)? It’s a known fact that fat girls hate Megan Fox so this Buffy shit will flop with Fox in it. Sarah Michelle Gellar was cute in an ugly way with her weird nose and eyes, actually her whole face is odd looking and her body was meh, so fat girls accepted her and she could act some so that worked out.

    The only thing Fox can be in is Transformer type movies since she can’t act worth a shit. Vampire movies are too quirky so people want someone more unique (ie nerdy hot or ugly hot) in them who can actually act because vampire stuff is so deep and meaningful (vomit). Fox just needs to stand next to exploding cars and pour water on herself, now that’s a movie that will do well.

    • YES

      To NO: How about taking your superficial bitchery elsewhere love? SMG may have a weird nose and funny eyes and buffy may have been watched by fat girls, but I wouldn’t take a look in the mirror in case it cracks and (with a bit of luck) pierces your inadequate face.

  10. V

    I will burn down the fucking studio if they cast Robert Pattinson in this.

  11. NotGoingToHappen

    Its pointless to do a buffy movie without JW and SMG…..and I highly doubt Megan Fox would take the role anyways.

  12. havoc

    She’s smokin hot for sure. But is she in the news every fucking day or what?


  13. nun

    I love her.

    - NUN.

  14. I’ve already photoshopped my penis in that picture…

  15. rampage14 says this is 100% untrue,

  16. Lady Lost

    Sarah would never do Buffy again anyway. Buffy without Joss is bull!
    and Miss ‘I’m all that and a bag of chips’ Fox needs to realize that just cause your hot doesn’t mean you can act… and she can’t!
    This movie would be a spit in the eye to any true Buffy fan. And if any original cast member signed on to this movies not only would I be surprised I would be disgusted!
    If they wanted they could do Fray or something else… not Buffy!
    $$ is all that matters to people and they don’t care about much else… sad really that’s why we have a dozen shit remakes a year and nothing new coming out to inspire the next generation.

    BUFFY 4EVER!!!

  17. ltestington

    Oh Hell No! Worst decision ever! There is no other Buffy but if there must be it had better not be a talentless fake tittied nosejob skank

    I say Annalynn McCord or Emma Roberts

  18. No Joss Whedon!? Are they mentally deficient?

    And I’ll also pass on the Megan Fox. She is no buffy.

  19. Cash907

    Unless they want to completely alienate Buffy fans even more then they already have, there is no way they’d cast this turbo skank as the slayer. I could see this tatooed troll as Faith maybe, but Buffy? Hell no.

  20. Megan Fox is one incredibly beautiful woman. She will be a successful movie star for many years to come.

  21. biteme

    with those thumbs??? forget about it.

  22. It’ll never happen. No way. No Joss? No SMG? And if I find out that David Boreanaz has anything to do with this trainwreck, I’ll personally hunt him down and force-feed him donuts to make him fat, again. I’ll flush his damn career.

    That goes for Eliza Dushku, too.

  23. AW75

    #21: Knock it off, lovely. We heard you the first time.
    Megan Foxxxxxxxxxx..

  24. AW75

    #21: Knock it off, lovely. We heard you the first time.
    Megan Foxxxxxxxxxx..

  25. ATL

    Why can’t Hollywood think of new concepts instead of recycling old material continually? Want to make a vampire movie – why name it the same thing but not have any tie-in. Stupid

  26. Alex

    Smidge IS Buffy. Joss Whedon IS Buffy. Megan Fox is a perfect for a charlies angel movie or a Love Boat remake. Don’t fuck with perfection.

    As others have said, no Joss = no buffy.

  27. Nora

    No no no no no. SMG is Buffy, Megan Fox is a no talent cock sucking master, she’ll be fine in porn where acting isnt as important.

  28. dirk

    She has a case of the disappearing tits, no?

  29. EuroNeckPain

    Is that Demi Moore ? Damn, they all look the same.

  30. Ferget it… who the hell wants to watch Buffy without Joss or SMG.

  31. Io

    I see Hollywood is being their typical unimaginative self when it comes to casting…’we want megan fox, she’s hot, who cares if she can act blah blah blah’ instead of actually getting someone who could do the job well and look good doing it.

  32. Kathleen

    Ugh, enough of this over-rated broad

  33. Jen

    Just, no. Buffy needs to be played by a smart woman, and whilst she is definitely wicked hot, Megan Fox is not exactly a candidate for MENSA. Not to mention, a BtVS remake without Joss Whedon would be ridiculously bad.

    All around, a terrible idea.

  34. The Listener

    This movie is likely going to suck if you’re a fan of the series, but if you’ve never seen it, you’ll probably like it.

    How many stories can you tell involving vampires. C’mon now. Can’t someone come up with original story lines with intricate plots and high action adventure?

    Guess not. Hollywood just keeps going back to the same old well.

  35. kilngoddess

    please. god. no.

  36. Megan can slay vamps by simply showing them her ever-so-nasty ToeThumbs(tm).

  37. nooooooooooooooo. Why do we even hear so much about her in magazines etc she hasn’t even been in that many movies.

  38. Corina

    What the fuck.
    What the fuck.
    Serious, WHAT THE FUCK?

    Why on EARTH would you remake that movie? It was fuckin’ terrible.
    Why would you even attempt to make a Buffy related movie without Joss Whedon? Do people not realize that he has such a cult following that cutting him out of the film will result in shit sales (and of course, a shit movie)?

    Fuck this.

  39. Jamie

    Megan fox is gross! Her face looks plastic, and she definately looks like she tattooed her eyebrows on her forhead. Buffy is such a bad idea without JW, what the hell were they thinking?! Apparantly nothing good if they’re even going to consider the bitch from hell.

  40. Jamie

    Megan fox is gross! Her face looks plastic, and she definately looks like she tattooed her eyebrows on her forhead. Buffy is such a bad idea without JW, what the hell were they thinking?! Apparantly nothing good if they’re even going to consider the bitch from hell.

  41. Dan

    Megas is an absolute babe. She’s got to be one of the sexiest women on earth. Here’s a nice article on her.

  42. Yeah

    Please God, no. Megan Fox is shit. She’d make an awful Buffy. I would pay to see her in a porno. But just once, for novelty’s sake.

  43. Greg

    Forget Megan Fox… Over rated. Buffy movie relauch is the stupidest idea of 2009. I could see her being Faith as one person said. But Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy. Josh Whedon is the only man who had the vision to make it a success. Leave well enough alone.


    hahahaha!!! old wrinkled neck. fat upper arms! hahahahaha!!! fake plastic cunt. she’s aging fast. hahahahahahaha!!!

  45. She’s soooooooooooo hot. Sarah was an amazing Buffy though, Megan is going to have to take on a whole new angle with this to separate herself from Gellar.

  46. datroof

    A reboot? Are you kidding?

    This character is maybe 10 years old, but somehow it needs a reboot already?

    That says all that needs to be said about how shallow the whole concept really is. It was a cheap, unimaginative attempt at a camp film that became a 2nd rate tv series. Even the title screams “I’m a one-note indy comic from 1992.”

    Batman needed a reboot. Superman needed a reboot. Spiderman needed a reboot. Xmen needed a reboot.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer can apply for her legit reboot in about 50 years.

  47. datroof

    Oh yeah: Wonder Woman needs a reboot.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer needs to grow up.

    And the fact that Megan Fox things Wonder Woman is a lame hero, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is worth doing speaks volumes about how shallow Megan Fox is.

    Megan Fox is beautiful, physically. But she’s got all the depth of a rain puddle in July. And she’s got shitty tats.


    I won’t be watching the movie, Megan Fox is not a good fit for Buffy because 1. Buffy has always been a blonde 2. I can’t stand Megan Fox. Why didn’t they just get SMG to reprise the role? Probably cuz she is too old now? I’m guessing! However, Buffy started off as Kristy Swanson, then she was played by SMG. Both of them are blondes or bottle blondes, but who cares. Unless Megan is willing to go blonde, which I don’t think will suit her then I see no way that she can pull this off. WTF were they even thinking considering her? There are a gazillion blonde actresses that more closely resemble KS or SMG that could play the part.

  49. Brooke

    I’d rather see a Full House remake or even a Saved by the Bell remake since we’ve already got a redone 90210 and are about to get a Melrose Place, I say stick with that era. Buffy (the franchise) is not old enough for a remake. Without Joss it will likely be a huge disaster. Sometimes, I wonder why can’t Hollywood come up with original concepts? I’m kind of sick of remakes. If they want to bring back the show and just revamp it, then fine meaning bring it back with the same exact cast, directors, writers, ect. but don’t redo it completley. I hate that! I love vampire shows/movies, but we have True Blood for the adults, Twilight for the Teens and are fixing to have another series soon based on L.J. Smith books so…..leave it alone already. I will stick with my True Blood, which I love.

  50. nicky

    Basically anything Buffy without Joss or the original cast will be trash in my opinion and not even worth seeing, but to cast someone like Fox as Buffy? pffttt bullshit. The movie will flop and I believe true buffy fans will protest.

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