Megan Fox quit because Michael Bay is ‘abusive’

May 21st, 2010 // 62 Comments

Sharon Waxman’s TheWrap is reporting Megan Fox really did quit Transformers 3 because Michael Bay was “verbally abusive toward her” and wants his leading actress to look “unquestionably fuckable 24/7.” (Last quote implied.):

Bay has a history of demeaning his leading ladies, including “Pearl Harbor” star Kate Beckinsale; an individual close to the actress recalled that the director “wasn’t very nice” to her on the set, either.
Apparently, Fox wasn’t the only “Transformers” cast member affected by Bay’s rude behavior. TheWrap also learned that “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” star Isabel Lucas chose not to join her co-stars on a publicity tour for the film because she didn’t get along with the director, who was described as being “too powerful” and “not well-liked” by the female talent community.
It’s no secret that Bay has a reputation for being an extremely controlling filmmaker who can be difficult to work with at times …. Another individual close to the sequel’s production told TheWrap that Bay “wants his actresses to look a certain way, and if they can’t meet his absurd standards of beauty, he gets rid of them.”

Of course, it’s impossible to know what really happened because there’s a laundry list of excuses Megan Fox could’ve easily used that are entirely plausible:

“Michael Bay eats Viagra for breakfast.”
“Michael Bay tried to pay Will Smith in fried chicken.”
“Michael Bay said the script was in his penis and only my ‘boob-tongs’ could get it out.”

Just to put things in perspective, I’d bet my first-born child all three of those happened and within 10 seconds of getting in his Ferrari. If not less.

Megan Fox goes braless in Germany – 6.15.2009

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    will eventually realize how stupid to mark her nice body with
    stupid messages. BTW, according to the Insider, it is a reference to Shakespeare’s King Lear:

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  2. lulu

    HAHAHAH @ #23 (Cash). “12 bucks an hour”, LOL

  3. blank

    whats funny is she actually thinks shes famous for something other than being attractive. does she think she can act? the sole reason she was cast on transformers is cause shes hot.

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  6. Eroy

    They slept together some kind of agreement between the two. who knew?

  7. “It’s no secret that Bay has a reputation for being an extremely controlling filmmaker who can be difficult to work with at times”

    Bay want’s it to suck his way or no way.

    I like Megan’s hair better with some waves, or something lively.

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