Megan Fox quit because Michael Bay is ‘abusive’

May 21st, 2010 // 62 Comments

Sharon Waxman’s TheWrap is reporting Megan Fox really did quit Transformers 3 because Michael Bay was “verbally abusive toward her” and wants his leading actress to look “unquestionably fuckable 24/7.” (Last quote implied.):

Bay has a history of demeaning his leading ladies, including “Pearl Harbor” star Kate Beckinsale; an individual close to the actress recalled that the director “wasn’t very nice” to her on the set, either.
Apparently, Fox wasn’t the only “Transformers” cast member affected by Bay’s rude behavior. TheWrap also learned that “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” star Isabel Lucas chose not to join her co-stars on a publicity tour for the film because she didn’t get along with the director, who was described as being “too powerful” and “not well-liked” by the female talent community.
It’s no secret that Bay has a reputation for being an extremely controlling filmmaker who can be difficult to work with at times …. Another individual close to the sequel’s production told TheWrap that Bay “wants his actresses to look a certain way, and if they can’t meet his absurd standards of beauty, he gets rid of them.”

Of course, it’s impossible to know what really happened because there’s a laundry list of excuses Megan Fox could’ve easily used that are entirely plausible:

“Michael Bay eats Viagra for breakfast.”
“Michael Bay tried to pay Will Smith in fried chicken.”
“Michael Bay said the script was in his penis and only my ‘boob-tongs’ could get it out.”

Just to put things in perspective, I’d bet my first-born child all three of those happened and within 10 seconds of getting in his Ferrari. If not less.

Megan Fox goes braless in Germany – 6.15.2009

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  1. Randal

    Good for sticking up for yourself there Mega. Michael is a dolt who has made two very bad movies based on a very cool cartoon and ruined the franchise. If it wasn’t for you, Transformers would not be the summers hits they turned out to be. Move on, you deserve better and you’ll find it too.


  2. Bobert

    How the hell does she deserve better? Have you seen her in any other movies? She is TERRIBLE in everything. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    There are far prettier, less fake and stuck up, and better actresses that could play any of her parts. But the fact that she is the bombshell for all the frat boys of the movie market share she keeps getting casted.

  3. Rick

    Bay “wants his actresses to look a certain way, and if they can’t meet his absurd standards of beauty, he gets rid of them.”

    In other words, he’s living the dream.

  4. g

    He’s made a lot more than 2 bad movies.

  5. IceBlue

    This coming from an bimbo who loves showing off her body everywhere she goes? Besides her body what other selling point does Megan Fox have? All her other roles have been virtually the same: Jennifer’s Body? Jonah Hex? How are her roles in these movies any different from Transformers?

    This sounds more like Megan’s PR trying to do some damage control by saying she quit when in fact she was fired. Even if Micheal Bay is the biggest douche bag in the universe, you never bite the hand that fed you. Enjoy your 15 while you can Megan because youth only lasts so long and you’re easily replaceable.

  6. snarkyscreenname

    NOTE TO EVERYONE (including #3 noob, Bobert): Randal is being facetious. He is using reverse sarcasm. You people can be fairly obtuse sometimes!

  7. tony

    A report once tried to test Bay by asking him if he preferred his women “normal, healthy, with curves.” Bay ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  8. Tek

    They both suck (Megan Fox and Michael Bay.) He’s abusive, and she’s a diva… match made in hell.

  9. gen

    Aw who honestly gives a shit

  10. pokituy

    Where is the right side of his hair? He’s probably making up for low self-confidence due to his obscene baldness.

  11. underpaid shlub

    since the average person in this country makes around 30k a year and deals with tons of crap from middle management dbags it is funny how Megan can’t be told to look pretty for her millions. I hope she can get over the emotional trauma…

  12. See Alice

    Megan is a Goddess ( except the tattoos are for mental cases tattoos )

  13. randylove

    I love Randall. Please never go away. You make it worth it to come to this site, regardless of whether or not you are serious.

  14. clarkehead

    Bay will even admit he can be a dick on the set. But this is a secret how? Don’t sign on to work on any of his movies if you have a problem with him. Move on. There are plenty of other directors making movies. It could be worse – you could be working for David O. Russell. Ask Clooney how easy he was to work with.

    For what it’s worth, she looks hot as hell in the Jonah Hex trailer.

  15. Sport

    She pretty much described HOLLYWOOD, not Michael Bay.
    Someday soon, when she is working a stripper pole for singles she will look back and realize how stupid she was. Not a bright person by any stretch and honestly NOT that great looking. We could all pull some hot chick from our hometown thats better looking and even though never been to Hollywood, can act better.

    Good riddance, toe thumbs.

  16. l

    OMG!! I absolutely fucking LOVE Megan Fox from now on! (Move on, Angelina. <<— no, just joking of course, but I *am* starting to dig Megan at this point.)

  17. l

    Bobert, you’re for one are full of shit. Megan is as real as they come, breathtakingly beautiful and not a fake/mean bone in her body. Idiot.

  18. salsa

    It figures. I’d abuse her too.

  19. M

    I love Megan, I don’t think she’ll die out from Hollywood as easily as you guys think. Transformers 3 will do well, but not as well as it would have if Megan was in the movie.

    She’s gorgeous and she doesn’t give a fuck..I love that..

  20. Gweb

    OK, my penis is awake now.

  21. Jim Jones

    Maybe he’s abusive because it takes a lot of work to get a vapid moron to look like they’re even moderately good at acting, even in a Michael Bay film.

  22. Cash

    Wait, so now this bitch is saying she quit because her boss was a controlling dick? Well boo fucking hoo honey, join the fucking club. The difference is, in the real world, the rest of us get paid 12 bucks an hour to put up with that kind of bullshit, not several million.

    The sooner this whiny whore is nothing more then an E! True Story, the better for everyone.

  23. l

    Megan is fucking AWESOME. *** AWESOME ***. Love the girl to death.

  24. l

    The Marylin Monroe tat is beyond retarded, though. I wish she got rid of it.


  25. josh

    She is soooooo boring. Her career is now officially over.

  26. AnnaDraconida

    Michael Bay is an asshole and his movies suck. Megan can’t act. Both of them can fall off the face of the Earth for all I care.

  27. I have to actual side with bay on this. Fox is just a bitch princess with a huge unwarranted sense of self importance and entitlement she probably mistakes abuse for typical boss behavior, like..

    “Ms Fox…how many times did I tell you shoot starts at 7am not when you feel like waking up.”

  28. Jack Mehoff

    Clearly Michael Bay is gay. Does anyone know who he is banging…..Richard Simmons??

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  30. marco

    she is so ugly human kind are really stupid and jolie is ugly too enfin stupidity at this best

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  32. Poor lil’ Megan…wel at least she’ll have the future Jennifer’s Body trilogy to fall back on….right?

  33. captain america

    it’s pretty sad to see:
    ……………..pretty desperate, folks!!

  34. Kuro

    Love Megan Fox, she is really hot. However, she cant act at all and it will be really tough to find a movie role for her. She kinda like Sharon Stone. Except, Sharon’s movie does not need special effect robots. She would be good on TV may be. She would be good in Melrose Place new version or stuff like that.

  35. lili

    youtube’s 17 year old Juicystar07 got a nose job!!!

  36. Oh suck it up princess and make us a movie. All you have to do is put up with his crap for a few months, collect a bajillion dollars (yes… bajillion) and give us some damn entertainment. I don’t really care what he’s like, you’re paid more than we are so stop your bitching and do some acting. I’d put up with his verbal abuse, as well as a daily whipping, for half her salary!

  37. starmaker

    Since her artistic freedom isn’t anymore at stake.She can fully focus her career on her artistry.

  38. Darth

    Some of you may not like her but she doesn’t lick asses of people she doesn’t like.No matter how powerful they might be.Wait,she really,really doesn’t?

  39. cellphone

    How many bacteria does an ass have?

  40. Rhialto

    I’ll guess the Chlorox wipes are next on her bedside cabinet.

  41. Iwantmegan

    I want her on my cock now.

  42. america!@#$% yeah


  43. cowbulls

    What a hypocrite. Megan got her job because of her body and her casting coach abilities. Now she thinks she is a star. Next hot body, please enter the casting coach and spread your legs, checks and mouth please.

  44. CB

    I’m not buying that she quit because Michael Bay is abusive, if that was the case she likely would have revealed that when she was called him Hitler. I almost feel sorry for Megan, I don’t think she realizes that she only gets roles because of her looks and that her career is history when she’s no longer young and gorgeous.

  45. DW

    Wait, isn’t Bay gay? It’s not surprising that he’s the queen bitch to all the ladies.

  46. Isabella

    I read that Katie Cassidy was chosen as her replacement. I hope it’s true. With a bit of a tan, the right make-up and attire, she would look perfect for the part.

  47. She looks smoking fuckin hot!

  48. Rick

    Is that a real tatoo? Too bad she’s stupid enough to tatoo a stupid message
    on her beautiful body for the rest of her life. After some years she
    will eventually realize how stupid to mark her nice body with
    stupid messages. BTW, according to the Insider, it is a reference to Shakespeare’s King Lear:

    “Come, let’s away to prison:
    We too alone will sing like birds I’ the cage;
    When thou dost ask me blessing I’ll kneel down
    And ask of thee forgiveness; so we’ll live,
    And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
    At gilded butterflies…

    – King Lear to daughter Cordelia

    Cordelia was the good daughter by the way. Maybe Megan Fox has daddy issues.”

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