Megan Fox must make Brian Austin Green feel awesome

June 19th, 2009 // 49 Comments

Considering she just told the entire world she’s single this week, Megan Fox obviously didn’t want to be photographed going to dinner with Brian Austin Green last night. You’d think he’d be offended, but then again he gets to have sex with Megan Fox and probably wouldn’t give a shit if she wore a beekeeper’s outfit and yelled “Brian Austin Green touches kids” the entire meal. Or is that just me?

Photos: Flynet

  1. c’mon! Megan! make us a Vid p0rn!!! lol…. 1st

  2. That’s the EXACT angle I want to see that hat on her head… (unzips)

  3. frank the dolphin

    Is B.A.G wearing a grill?

  4. blah

    what’s lamer than lame – this story, blah!

  5. Zanna

    @2 – don’t forget to hold her nose.

  6. nbabomb

    California Vehicle Code – 23123. (a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone unless that telephone is specifically designed and
    configured to allow hands-free listening and talking, and is used in
    that manner while driving.

  7. Christina

    Oh wow the superfish wants to bang a celebrity. Now if this was a male celebrity it would be different. Or Kim K. That girl has no real purpose but to be hot. Megan Fox? Eat a dimebar. Yeah she’s ok but she don’t have that wow factor like Kim. Kims like OMG hot.

  8. thumper

    Does he have a metal marble in his mouth?

  9. #5 – I dunno… she might call for the time honored choke fuck…

  10. Zack

    dunno, in the first picture it looks like maybe she was listening to Pantera.

  11. me

    Brian Austin Green is pretty hot.

  12. pffff… i would expect more from here. oh wait. i take that back…

  13. Zanna

    @9 – Reminds me of the good old days….

  14. dirk

    People go out to dinner dressed like that? I wish Frank Sinatra would rise from the dead and put a foot in that scumbag’s disrespectful ass. I swear to God, if that punk sat down at a table next to mine, I’d make him move. It’d make me sick.

  15. ltestington

    He is pretty dang hot on that crappy Terminator show

    She is pretty but has this plastic look about her face that kinda buggs me, also she’s pretty annoying. I think Jessica Lawdness from 90210 looks very similar but is a better actress and seems classier

  16. Kathleen

    She’s wearing sweat pants in the last pic?

    And what a dumb bitch. Clearly just did it as a publicity stunt.

  17. deviousjinx

    #12 – Mmmmm yes he is…not so much back in his 90210 days, he looked like a bitch but these days I’d take it like a bitch from him.

  18. gotmilk?

    it looks like he’s been crying a little.

    14, seriously? the guy has a t-shirt on, big fucking deal. you obviously need to stop trying so hard.

  19. Zed

    With her, I’d go for the “I thought you were into it??!!!” choke-anal (as always, my parole officer completely disagrees).

  20. Dr Truth

    Just a reminder that this stupid slag has Brian Austin Green’s name tattooed by her vag.

  21. #13 – What the fuck happened to Jrz???


    Megan Fox

    There once was a beauty named Megan
    Who’s boyfriend was gay like Clay Aiken
    She yanked and she yanked
    Trying to plump up his frank
    But, alas, it just hung there like bacon

  23. Zanna

    @21 – she said the last time she was here, a virus was installed on her computer and then IT had to do something to her computer so now she’s afraid to come back.

  24. Angelica

    Is he talking on a pink phone?

  25. Doppler

    @21 & @23 take your personal relationship else where no one gives a shit…

  26. groan

    She must have clicked on a picture of Paris Hilton. Happens all the time.

  27. Suzy

    Is he chewing on a bullet!?

  28. britneysucks

    She obviously just said that they broke up to get more men to come see the “super hot single girl” in Transformers 2. Obvious and pathetic.

  29. DeviousJinx

    #28 – Not so sure about that, if you pay attention to the boys on this site, you can see that they don’t care if these girls are married, gay, fugly, fat as long as they have a hole to dip it in so there’s no need for Megan to pretend.

  30. she looks like weekend at bernie’s in the second pic

  31. so, so, ROUGH

    Why does he stay in an abusive relationship like this, every minute she’s single.

  32. Tom K

    Liar! Megan you broke my heart you lying skank!! Now I’m not going to want to see Transformers because your with Brian……………..

    LOL c’mon #28 nobody gives a shit about her relationship enough to see or not see her movie. However I guess it’s best to keep your relationship a secret and obviously she see’s something in this balding has-been. So congrats to him for keeping a hot girl like her interested in his old ass.

  33. Hamper_Lint

    I am not diggin him …. he looks glazed.

  34. I want to know how BAGreen can get away without a bluetooth in his ear. Against the law! He must be stopped!
    The Rake

  35. Where is she gonna go, and whos going to babysit B.A.G. jr…

  36. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    If she can stay interested in a douchebag like Brian Austin Green, then maybe some of you losers may still have a minuscule chance at her.

  37. Airmail56

    ‘Pretty Women walking with Gorillas down my street….

  38. dennis

    She is a shitty beast. Why do you keep posting stories about this loser???

    Please post photos of HOT girls and not dudes like MegMan Fox

  39. Darth

    What’s up with Megan Fox? Maybe it’s a body double?

  40. Nero

    Blow-up doll?

  41. captain america


  42. Jim Lahey

    You cant see in any of these pictures but next tme take a look at her deformed stubby thumbs.

  43. banquo

    No matter how many tats you get, no matter how big a truck you drive, You’ll always be the little dork from 90210

  44. Jason44

    She is my sweetheart…..She is the sunshine in my heart…..She is my best match…..I knew I would not love any other woman since I met her…Thanks for ************Cougar Circle . com*********** which brought us happiness. Wish you are as lucky as me……

  45. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck.

  46. Daffy Duck

    So I guess it appears that there’s only two real outcomes for former child-stars who happened to be the faggy-little wussy queef-boy on a TV show 15+ years ago.

    1) Embrace your inner homo, and go full “Flame ON” (Danny Pintauro, you GO girlfriend!)

    2) Tat yourself up like a convict from a Texas Prison, and act all “hard” in a sad attempt to deny your past. *cough* Brian Austin Greene *cough*

  47. DANNY




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  49. I swear to God, if this punk sat at a table next to mine, I send him. It make me sick.It is really a very nice and cool.

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