Megan Fox might be going bald

September 18th, 2009 // 221 Comments

Several female readers have written in to say Megan Fox looks like she’s going bald in these pictures taken from the Hot Topic Q&A for Jennifer’s Body on Wednesday, and I’m inclined to believe them. But mostly because the only thing I know about women’s hair is that whenever somebody tried to take a picture of Eve in the Garden of Eden, it always got in the way of her lady parts. So I hate it.

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  1. #49 Has A Small Dick

    #49 has a small dick and thinks a giant post will distract anyone from noticing.

  2. There comes a point when stupidity outweighs hot.

    That point has arrived.

    Balding will not help.

  3. who cares

    it could just be thinning because of the use of extensions.

  4. radio_babylon

    karma’s a bitch.

  5. DA

    Perhaps she should stop with the testosterone injections.

  6. Bree

    Despite how much I would love to say she’s balding, I think it’s just the dye. Her natural haircolor is much lighter (see pictures of her from 4-5 years ago) and whether her hair is extensions or not, its going to grow out just a bit, which, like black roots on fake blondes, looks strange. I am a natural dark blonde and had my hair black for quite a while. In just a few days, this weired bald-looking root thing would happen. Fortunately enough, it’s just an illusion. She’s still perfect. :(

  7. Chris

    Women are such haters. That’s not balding.

    You don’t see guys standing around saying “Pfft…Brad Pitt is so fake. And he has wrinkles.”

    Not the straight ones, anyway.

  8. Barry

    She spelled gilded wrong on her tatoo, it is spelled guilded…..stupid!!!

  9. dan

    Yawn, so tired of this dumb cunt.

  10. anon

    2 words: more sunscreen

  11. Lisa

    Have you seen in 2004 before plastic surgery, it is a completely different person, even Angelina Jolie did not have such drastic plastic surgery on her nose.
    She’s not going bald, but has a thin hair texture which has been overprocessed to hell.

  12. Lisa

    Have you seen in 2004 before plastic surgery, it is a completely different person, even Angelina Jolie did not have such drastic plastic surgery on her nose.
    She’s not going bald, but has a thin hair texture which has been overprocessed to hell.

  13. Jenna Brink

    Two words: eating disorder.

    If you aren’t getting enough nutrients, specifically protein (insert perverted joke here if you want) the nutrients that you DO intake are tossed to silly things like your ORGANS and your hair falls out.

    It’s common amongst eating disorder peeps and really overweight people that get bariatric surgery.

  14. pepsiarne

    She’s hot but bat-shit crazy, I say it’s Trichotillomania.

  15. KIKI

    Chris, you are such the asshole. Every single thread you feel the need to bash other women on this site. Go fuck yourself.

  16. Slice

    Wow, some girls are so sad and transparent. I can’t stand Megan Fox. She’s the epitome of an “it” girl not realizing how easily she can be replaced, and acting like an entitled bitch any chance she gets. HOWEVER, it’s so annoying when people have to point out the teeniest little “flaw” she has. I’m sorry, but she’s clearly a beautiful girl, I don’t think that magnifying her picture a trillion times to show that she has barely visible acne scars or making a huge deal about a picture taken from a bad angle is going to magically make your boyfriends repulsed by her. Any girl can easily tell that this is nothing more than an unfortunately placed part.

  17. Thanks for the advertisement of Michael Moore’s new movie! I’ll be ready with popcorn and soda in hand October 2nd!

  18. Pat

    I would still band her

  19. Jessica

    It’s normal. When you reach your mid 20′s, women’s hair tends to thin at the baseline. It happened to me and it’ll happens to most women when they hit their 20′s unless you’re naturally bless with really thick hair. It’ll happen again when you get pregnant too. It sucks but what can you do?

  20. I have dark hair – I part it like hers – the difference is that I have THICK CURLY HAIR! Which means her hair – although long – is probably thin…not falling out…

    Then again – since she is always playing with her tongue – like in Pic 3 – or talking some crazy stupid shit – she probably doesn’t ever get a chance to stuff some food down her throat and help out her impossibly thin frame…aka – not getting enough vitamins perhaps?

    And Randal – she is trying to copy Angelina Jolie – not the other way around – Love ya – but Jolie is an original… she did the bat-shit, blood vial trading, I-cut-myself-sometimes-because-I-hurt thing long before this talentless chick did.

    exclamation point on the “talentless” part – Jolie and her acting chops blow Fox out of the water…

  21. Hugh Gentry

    bald pussy maybe…more like definitely. she is so damn sexy.

  22. Rachell

    It’s hard to say…her hair definitely looks thin on the sites. It might be from over styling or she might just be predisposed to female hairloss. Parting on the side has nothing to do with thin hair. I can part my hair any which way and it never looks like that with the scalp showing. She definitely has thin hair there.

  23. puhleez

    She’s a cvnt but this is the dumbest story ever.

  24. Reason

    “Several female readers have written in to say Megan Fox looks like she’s going bald”

    most likely these female readers you speak of are fat…jealously isn’t a good look biggins.

  25. Facts is facts

    I doubt we will be laughing at butterflies. But I will laugh when they put the butterfly net over the crazy fuckin bitch and take her away. She is the female Terrel Owens. She can’t function without chaos. Hollywood is already growing tired of her act. Just look to linsanity for the book-end.

  26. SOS

    OK, first things first– GIRLS told you she’s balding. They are clearly jealous because this woman is not balding. That is not balding. That is not even 1% balding.

    jealous jealous jealous

  27. SOS

    Oh yeah, and I’m a girl. And not a jealous one.

    Again, NOT BALDING.

  28. Nella

    Chances are, that’s not hair loss. Having fair skin + dark hair can cause it to look thin at the roots because of the contrast in color. (it’s more noticeable) Also, her hair is most likely color treated – so if a lighter color even barely begans to show at the roots, the roots look more distant, which looks like the hair is thinning. (I dyed my hair black once, I would know) Last, she’s probably stressed, and stress can cause hair to temporarily thin. It’s easily reversible – if that’s the case at all.

  29. Alanna

    Wow. I didn’t think there was anything wrong until I looked at picture 19. She is clearly losing some hair. Gorgeous lady, but that’s def. not the result of a bad side part. Probably the results of eating issues. Man I’d hate to have people taking photos of me and scrutinizing the shit out of them. Anyways, although she appears to have no acting ability whatsoever, I must admit that she is a startling gorgeous creature.

  30. Aja

    Why are people saying she has an eating disorder? She is a totally healthy weight. Should she be obese to please all the jealous females out there?

    This woman is the most gorgeous and compelling in hollywood right now.

  31. notinterested

    This is what hair looks like when you part it like that. Stop being dumb.

  32. Rhialto

    It looks a bit thin there.Mayb it’s the way it’s combed?!

  33. Nero

    Could this dollface be a hot bang?!

  34. See Alice

    Megan Fox would still be hot if she was bald and wearing a potato sack . Unlike that bogus bald bitch who tore up the picture of the Pope on tv .

  35. Megans non existant bald spot

    First off, folks are way skewed on what is impossibly thin. In my opinion she is a normal weight, in no way impossible to achieve. In fact her size looks healthy despite the palor.

    I agree with the posts that stated that her features look as if she should have a much lighter hair color and this, along with the part being very deep, goes a long way in explaining the appearance of thinnner hair at the root. Still a very lovely lady.

  36. Gando

    What could cause hair loss? Stress? why would she be stressed?

  37. lola

    has anyone considered trichtillomania? She admitted to cutting and it is similar- where you pull out your hair and get a dopamine release

  38. Darth

    I think this hairdo is a flop.I’ve seen her having better hairdos before!

  39. Its just thinning from having hair extensions. They pull on her natural hair making it fall out from the tension. Old pics have her real fine hair which is still pretty on her.

    She’s beautiful and I really like the satin fashions she has been wearing lately

  40. Alina

    This is pathetic. Jealous girls want her to be bald.

    Some people have naturally thinner hair on one side of their head. I know this because my father is a trichologist. It could also be tension alopecia but this is unlikely given the position of the thinning on her head, unless she wears a weave.

  41. Jenn

    UGH! PIC #3…

    What a Skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Rupert

    Hot… Topic?

  43. It’s the stress of being famous. Poor her.

  44. terri

    shes not going bald why would you say that shes beautiful face wise shes too thin as for talent i remember watching her in hope and faith i didnt reallt think she stood out but jessica alba doesnt get roles based on talent its her looks so megan will do well and is doing well take a leaf out of jessicas book dont open your mouth

  45. asdf

    bitch but hot



  47. titsonsnack

    I don’t care if she’s a completely bald conehead, she needs to stop sticking her tongue out in every other picture like a fucking gaylord. It’s not “hot” it’s fucking gay and retaded and she is a gay retard for doing it all the fucking time. Remember back when Silverchair was a big deal and the singer made that face with his teeth in every single picture? Yeah ok maybe I’m the only one who remembers that.

  48. Lindsey Lohan

    Even bald she’s better looking than 99% of the skanks in my town. Completely hairless – that’s how all women should be…

  49. Jack Brown

    Ha ha – only the “female readers” are looking at her hair. The guys dont ever get above chest height….

  50. Oprah

    When her lips aren’t plumped up she actually looks really good!

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