Megan Fox might be going bald

September 18th, 2009 // 221 Comments

Several female readers have written in to say Megan Fox looks like she’s going bald in these pictures taken from the Hot Topic Q&A for Jennifer’s Body on Wednesday, and I’m inclined to believe them. But mostly because the only thing I know about women’s hair is that whenever somebody tried to take a picture of Eve in the Garden of Eden, it always got in the way of her lady parts. So I hate it.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WireImage

  1. andy7171


  2. Hecubus

    I have to admit, gilded butterflies are fucking hilarious.

  3. Crocoduck

    It’s obvious, her mighty brain leaves little room for hair follicles.


  5. B.A.G.

    its called rough sex and pulling hair

  6. anon

    I thought you were joking. “Hot Topic Q&A” is real?

  7. NYC

    Hi haters

  8. joe blow

    Here’s a thought: WHO FUCKING CARES?

    If the bitch is never going to get nekkid, I couldn’t possibly care any less about her.



  10. Kewpie

    Well slap my face and call me baldie.

  11. ADRIANA***

    even if she was bald she would still be hottttttt

  12. ADRIANA***

    even if she was bald she would still be hottttttt

  13. Photoshop Police

    She appeared to be slightly less of bitch on Conan last night compared to how the anonymous Transformers production crew has portrayed her.

    Don’t get me wrong. I still think she’s bat$#!* crazy.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    …oh right… the hair. I’m gonna chalk that up to poor use of ‘product’ and bad styling… and also JBS (jealous bitch syndrome).

  14. ADRIANA***

    megan fox will still be hot bald

  15. Matt

    WTF!? Below this story is an ADVERTISEMENT or Michael Moore’s latest turd of a “documentary.” It’s disguised as an ordinary post. The only difference is that readers can’t comment on how disgusting Michale Moore looks. Talk about irony, Michael Moore involved in deceptive marketing practices to hock his new film condemning capitalism! He makes me sick. Fish, you’re supposed to be better than this!

  16. dumb

    Really? So she parts her hair sideways and she’s all of a sudden going bald? I hate the bitch with a bloody hell raising passion, but come the fuck on……….

    If she IS going bald, it’s probably from that eating disorder she has that she neither declines or approves. But really, these pics show nothing and for the girls who “claim” she’s balding, your retarded. It’s the way she parted her hair, and she could possibly just have thin roots.

    Also, here’s another thought. Just like all the other comments said. Who the fuck cares?! There’s lots of bald celebrities and no one treated them any differently. (Except Britney spears but that’s cuz she went down crazy lane)

  17. M

    she is not going bald. it’s simply from the way her hair is parted. woooowww. people just wait to pick on megan every 2 seconds

  18. receding hairline – she really is a man!

  19. JADE

    I liked her much better when she didn’t talk so much. She is another pretty girl who complains about how insecure she is. STFU . And another thing enough with sticking your tounge out, not sexy just trashy. Get over yourself Megan.

  20. Dirk Stanley

    She has about 2 to 3 more years before her boobs and ass start to sag, the celulite starts to form on her thighs, and he totally mediocred acting talents peter out.

    There are new, young, hot starlets coming up every day.

    I hope she was at least smart enough to hire a good money manager early on. Otherwise, she will be a pudgy waitress at Denny’s in about 5 years…

  21. Captain Observant

    @15: Uh, Fish and other sites have been doing that for a while, Brainiac. And, wow, he sure did disguise it as a post by marking it ADVERTISEMENT. But thanks for opening your mouth and showing how fucking retarded Republicans are. Have a cookie.

  22. Matt

    Shes probably just got naturally thin hair and a part. Not going bald at all.

  23. SWF

    I don’t think that’s her natural hair color. Something tells me her normal color might be much lighter… and when her roots grow in it looks like there is less hair there…. just a thought.

  24. Molly

    i think Megan is gorgeous, but i HATE her eyebrows. I know that dark, full eyebrows are supposed to be sexy or whatever, but holy shit woman it looks like somebody drew them on with a big brown marker.

  25. SWF

    I think she’s really a blond. It looks like she’s going bald because her roots are so light.

  26. Anna

    I was going to type something about her being a common, pretty, trashy girl and then read #19′s post. Thanks!

  27. Fuck You

    @21 That’s odd, Captain Fucktard, I thought it sounded like a dumb fuck Democrat.

  28. Captain Observant

    @27: Because Democrats bitch about Michael Moore’s “latest turd of a documentary.” Thanks for proving my point with your incredible mind powers. Did Baby Jesus help you with that one?

  29. The Gorgeous One

    Are we really going here, fish? I mean, I rather you post nothing than this shit! WTF?!?!?!?

  30. frank



    Great. Then, you’d have a bald Hollywood Skank.

  31. I don’t care for Megan Fox, but she isn’t going bald. She may not have the thickest hair, BUT…she has such a deep part to one side…on the thinnest part of anyone’s hair line…she’s not going bald lol. I’d be more worried about her horse mouth. Most people you think, “MAN, I WISH THEY WOULD SMILE MORE”. But no, not with Megan. Her mouth is only sexy when she has that come hither look. Once it’s a full smile, DAMN…that’s a lot of toofers and gum!

  32. We will all laugh at you when you’re old with a stupid ‘ We will all laugh..’ tattoo on your back.

  33. lala

    nope…not going bald but needs a fresh lip injection instead.

  34. ym

    classic, of course the girls are looking to pick apart anything they can find. Does it really look like shes going bald? very silly.

    #28- the douche above me: you know how someones dumb? they HAVE to crowbar their gay political opinion in when it’s not relevant. and they just cant let some lame comment go by- they HAVE to comment. no more from you for the rest of the day. thanks

  35. joe blow

    #29: SHHHH!!!!! Don’t complain, or they’re liable to put something up about Heidi Montag and her wife Spencer Pratt…. or even worse, something about those Goddamned Gosselins.

  36. Jrz

    We will all laugh at Angelina Jolie wannabes

  37. chupcabra

    she looks like such a cheese dick all the time, i can’t stand it. what’s with that stupid assed grin and the dumb “sultry” look that bitch always tries to pull off? I mean really? She reminds me of someone trying WAY too hard to be sexy, like, she’s probably not all that in bed at the end of the day. Or she turns on the “screams” but could really care less. She is much more concerned with her eyebrow shaping than penis.

  38. Jill

    She’s not going bald. Her hair is extremely parted to one side, thats why it looks thin.

  39. Randal

    Megan is the pure definition of what a Hollywood star is. Just look at how another celebrity, Angelia Jolie attempts to look like Megan Fox. People in the industry really need to find their own original image and not attempt to copy them.


  40. Aja

    It’s a part, duh. She is alarmingly beautiful, scary!

  41. Ricardo

    She’s not going bald, you fucking idiot. That’s just a photo taken from an angle directly focusing on the part in her hair.

    Also, cocks.

  42. @4 – Amen. Bald or not, she’s hot. I’d say if so it’s because she’s not eating enough meat or protein but we all know someone is going to comment about her eating someone’s meat…

    @30 – get off your pc, leave the basement, kiss your mom goodbye, and leave the fucking house you 40-year-old-virgin-jiffy-lube-jerkoff-who-thinks-everyone-hot-must-be-a-skank…jackass.

    can you say “parted hair”????? probably not because you’re bald yourself.

  43. hide your beagle, Vicks an Eagle

    I prefer a hotter chick….she is trashy to me

  44. Bluecalypso

    At least that tattoo implies that she’s familiar with literature. Shakespeare is not easy reading.

  45. Delgo

    flooded the market

  46. stephanie

    That tends to happen when you are anorexic.

  47. Captain Obvious

    @34: “they HAVE to crowbar their gay political opinion in when it’s not relevant. and they just cant let some lame comment go by- they HAVE to comment.”

    Pot calling the kettle black much? Now why don’t you STFU for the rest of the day until you come up with a response that doesn’t make you look like a flaming idiot-pile.

  48. duhhhhhhh


  49. mel

    Oh. So a girl can’t part her hair anymore.

  50. Maggie

    hair loss is a common side-effect of anorexia, and just generally starving yourself.

    it would probably fix itself if she stopped.

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