Megan Fox makes with the bisexual talk

May 13th, 2009 // 118 Comments

Okay, folks, it’s time to just start calling Megan Fox “Angelina 2.” Granted, that might cause her to get stabbed with a broken baby bottle by Octomom, but after the following comment to Esquire, it’s pretty obvious she’s reading directly from the Jolie playbook:

“I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl. Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands.”

Anyone know how to make a human penis look like a mountain ox? No reason.

Photos: Esquire

  1. The T Man

    Dear Megan,

    Its time to stop putting the act of a bad girl.

    Its time to stop trying to be the next Angelina Jolie.

    And you’re right about yourself looking like a tranny.

    Be glad you have that body for your face spells manliness.

  2. Morgan

    I love Megan and all but.. she needs to shut up. The whole speak your mind-thing is just tiring.

  3. This is the modern way of begging for more fans, folks!!

  4. Amy

    Every time she feels a need to talk about her ‘bisexuality’, it’s in a men’s magazine. And look at the way she phrases it – i COULD see myself with a woman, not i HAVE.

  5. Donkey Punch

    I just figured it out.

    Maxim magazine announced their Hot 100 List and notice the top people:

    1. House actress Olivia Wilde

    2. Megan Fox

    On the TV show House Olivia Wilde plays a bisexual and this season we have seen some pretty hot scenes that would give a corpse an erection.

    Gee, I wonder where Megan Fox got the idea from? Bitter about dropping down the list?

  6. Reality check

    #105 , nice try. Megan has mentioned having a crush on olivia before, way before the hot 100 list.

    lol @ not being able to be open about your sexuality, have tattoos or wear your hair dark without being compared to washed up baby maker Angelina. Jolie fans get over it, she is out and Megan is in and Megan looks NOTHING like Angelina. Angelina isn’t an original, everybody copies everybody to some extent. Angelina has taken on the persona of every man she has been with, it hasn’t been until recently that Angelina got her own personality. Megan is young, give it time, oh and screw off.

  7. MikeG

    Olivia Wilde is like a hotter, more dignified and much sexier version of Megan Fox. They look so much alike minus Fox’s dumpster vagina and retarded ugly as fuck tattoos. She either needs to sleeve that shit or laser it off b/c right now she looks like she’s 3 teeth ahead of the trailer park. Olivia Wilde=hot, Megan Fox=not

  8. Marcos Gonzalez

    I read the article of the magazine and I only can feel repulse for this girl, is just a silly little girl triying to act like a woman and she things she is sexy because thousands of fat boys with acne make blow jobs thinking of her. Megan you are an stupid and only another stupid could be with you, please fall down from clouds and never comment again about scarlet, she is a real woman, not a piece of meat like you. And she is also intelligent, not as yo demostrate at you interview. If you are bisexual, gay, zoofilic or hermaphrodite please tell to your friends at disco because people don´t care about ok? And if your new boyfriend have the ass dirty don´t tell the rest of man are dirty, maybe your father is a pig, but be sure most of man are nice a clear persons. So please disappear from earth or close the fucking hole you use to suck directors penis..idiot!

  9. Tripod

    Transformers sucked, Shia LaBeouf is a douche and Megan Fox is an annoying chick with bad tattoos

  10. lauren

    ya know..she says she doesnt want to be angelina but last time i checked in Mr & Mrs. Smith…….Angie wore that same time of outfit (dominatrix scene i think). Fuckin bitch Megan…she swears.

  11. she's not into women

    Pffft, what a completely desperate attention seeking skank. You can bet your ass this skank hasn’t even kissed a woman in her life, and she doesn’t want to. She loathes the idea probably, but needs publicity to be talked about and keep famous, ya know? And Olivia Wilde LMAO? what a sad loser. Try harder, Megan. If you’re gonna claim you find a woman sexy, at least chose one that is actually sexy, not one that wouldn’t threaten you very much in the looks department because she looks like the girl next door. You know, a truly hot one, any of all the hot bitches who are way hotter than you and who would make any man want to strangle a mountain ox with their bare hands, not one who looks simply like a cute girl next door who most men wouldn’t even glance twice at. Goes to show you how bi Megan truly is. If she really was into women, she’d be into HOT women.
    And Megan, stop making pseudo-porn to be famous or to keep in the spotlight, even though your talent and acting ability are 0, you’re supposed to be a mainstream actress, not pseudo-porn selling material, which sadly, is what you are. Next time, instead of posing half-naked for the 3773912th time and making a pseudo-porn video for Esquire in underwear claiming you’re bisexual, which is too old and hasn’t made you get much attention at all, try walking around displaying your bare vagina with a plastic dick attached to it and you’ll be sure to get lots of attention Megan, and I know that’s the next thing you’re willing to do to gain fame and get attention, you talentless classless skank!

  12. what a scalped addict

    AND BTW Megan, you need more plastic surgery! The two boobjobs, the many lip injections, the nosejob, the cheek implants, the work on the eye area, the botox, etc aren’t enough, you are not pretty enough and definitely not hot enough at all. There’s chicks who are a million times hotter than you and way prettier with no plastic surgery at all. Keep getting more work done Megan, make the collagen injected on your lips pop by getting more and more lip injections, your lips aren’t nice enough and you aren’t pretty enough. Get another 2 boobjobs, they aren’t big enough and definitely not nice enough. Get another nosejob, your face looks strange with that nose. Get a facelift and bigger cheek implants as those you have now don’t make you pretty anough. And oh, please, don’t forget to buy an ass, which you don’t have. And stop faking bisexuality.

  13. car

    well. all of the above. You are just all crazy talk. and all i gotta say about megan fox, and olivia wilde…….i would……and i’m female….straight. but they could both turn me bisexual in a heart beat :) so. stop the shit talk, she’s hott. so what if she’s had some surgery. overall,……she’s fuckin hott! and by the way, i don’t know who the hell you are thinking tthat megan fox and olivia wilde isn’t sexy as hell!!! hahahahah joke man! fox and wilde are both bangin, have pretty faces, tats are bitchin, and we are just all rays of frickin’ sunshine :) as for angelina, your fine as hell too. You people can’t tell me that there was someone who you admire, and love to have “thier body, their eyes, their hair, their teeth”. well, as for these three females, they were pretty much born that way with a little work done to them. no biggie. EVERYONE DOES IT. (for hells sakes using crest white strips isn’t all “natural”. :) so think hard about what you are gonna say. no one is perfect. ass holes. BAHAHAHAHAHHA

  14. noneofurbeeswax

    she is so friggin sexy ;)

  15. Cointreau

    111&112: Are you out of your fucking mind? I’d give my right arm for Olivia Wilde.

  16. lesbian

    Olivia Wilde is Hot!!!!

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