Megan Fox makes with the bisexual talk

May 13th, 2009 // 118 Comments

Okay, folks, it’s time to just start calling Megan Fox “Angelina 2.” Granted, that might cause her to get stabbed with a broken baby bottle by Octomom, but after the following comment to Esquire, it’s pretty obvious she’s reading directly from the Jolie playbook:

“I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl. Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands.”

Anyone know how to make a human penis look like a mountain ox? No reason.

Photos: Esquire

  1. Lea

    She’s right tho.. Olivia Wilde is damn sexy!

  2. daryl

    omg that isn’t good

  3. Oh la la

    As a girl, I would have a threesome with Megan Fox and my boyfriend in a heartbeat. I would gladly do anything that she wanted me to do. This girl is soooooo damn smokin.

    Oh….and first! ;)

  4. jenni

    megan…olivia wilde…WOW!

  5. havoc

    What a coincidence!!!

    I call jacking off “strangling my mountain ox”

    Small world…..


  6. <e

    I would drink a gallon of her pee to find out where it comes from.

  7. Marlena

    Megan, dahling, this act is getting quite old.

  8. Oh never mind….

    Megan Fox will sleep with men, and she’ll sleep with women, but she won’t sleep with a woman who sleeps with men because men are dirty. Oh boohoo :(

  9. Susan

    first she comes out slamming ScarJo’s intelligence and then she goes and says something stupid and said years before her by Angie. she needs to find a new act!

  10. Translation

    Megan Fox said, “HEY! LOOK AT ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”


  11. Erica

    Can’t she give ONE sentence that isn’t an obvious publicity stunt?

  12. Cuntychops

    I’ll pay attention to her. Talk some more Meg, and frig yourself gently as you do it.

  13. Rick

    I’d stick my cock in her mouth, but at this point it’d be mostly to get her to shut the fuck up.

  14. Jeezy

    @11 and 12:

    Exactly. Everything she says is contrived and panders to every teenage boy’s fantasy. Full on attention whore.

  15. Pat

    Next up: Megan Fox says “I hate it when people say I’m ‘hot’ because there are so many days when I look in the mirror and don’t think I’m attractive at all” and then suddenly morphs into Jessica Alba.

  16. L.

    Olivia Wilde looks like a Megan Fox knock off. She’s basically saying she could see herself in a relationship with herself.

  17. Jules

    Man on man. You guys are just plain stupid. You talk big but each one of you men would bang her in a second. You just wish you gf/wife was at hot as her.

  18. dmband

    she said the exact same thing in GQ I believe last year….like verbatim

  19. titsonsnack

    It is socially acceptable for girls to be fags for other girls. *nods head*

  20. Dixie

    So she likes pussy juice.

  21. allenlove

    She’s hot!! what do ya say? huh?
    but know what? wanna try and date real hot modelrs? you may wanna check this out ___T a l l m i n g l e . c o m___ Man, you don’t believe what you might get there!!LOL

  22. mamamiasweetpeaches

    All chicks know that this is what guys wanna hear. I dont know any women who when drunk at a party havent dirty danced, groped or kissed one of their female friends just to put on a “show” for their male counter-parts. This is all a ploy just to get more guys to go “Damn Megan Fox is hot! And filthy!”

  23. Agree with #23. Publicity.


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  25. Hey… how did all that, er, um… tapioca, get all over my monitor..?

  26. Potty Girl

    #17, true, Olivia Wilde looks like Fox (I had to Google Wilde to discover this); it’s like she’s saying she could see herself in a relationship with herself.

    #s 8, 11, 12, & 15, all true.

    Fox is hot except for the tramp stamps, refund gap and the fact that she’s an attention whore.

  27. 23

    A lot of insecure females do the gay thing. But secure intelligent females do not bother with such things. My favorite type of man is one who is not really into porn or lesbians or 3 somes, but likes to masturbate and get turned on by memories of past lovers. Believe it or not, but there are intelligent men out there that do not conform what is considered the norm for men.

  28. Italian Stallion

    I wonder how she feels about Anacondas?

  29. ed.

    They deleted her preface, “Having no mind of my own, …”

  30. p0nk

    25. English Mother Fucker, speak it!
    … or just go away. Contrary to the TV ads, you’re not going to make $50,000 from your own home this week… dumb ass, spammer.

  31. jayjay

    i’m not saying the cover’s photoshopped or anything – but shouldn’t you be able to see the inside of her coat behind her legs?? Maybe they forgot to paste it back in after “tidying” up her legs………

  32. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Hmmmmmmmmm all the bible thumping wqankers on here think gay marriage is wrong, but they like the thought of this unoriginal dipstick licking out someones pussy…

  33. Zack

    “You guys are just plain stupid. You talk big but each one of you men would bang her in a second. ”

    So what? If I was at a bar near closing time and I saw a girl with a great ass and an ungly face, I’d try to bring her home for some doggiestyle. I’d still think she had an ugly face.

    I’d love to bang Megan Fox. And then I’d say “hey guess what, I just banged that really hot annoying chick who’s in those movies that suck!”

  34. Where's Darkwing Duck?


    So, are you single?

  35. #33 – Dude, do you find yourself alone in Ireland, or do you folks have a thriving gay community as well?

  36. shala shake

    She is so tall and hot.I know a place you can date with such girls.
    *** *** which I have joined. I think it is interesting and you will like it.

  37. Zanna

    @28 – if I had to masturbate to the memory of past lovers, I’d have to be done in 2 minutes. Fuck that.

  38. She can practice on me.

  39. Colin with the ruptured colon

    In Ireland there are no “out” gays. We just get really drunk, do our business, then when we see each other at the pub the next night we say “we really got DRUNK last night, didn’t we?”

  40. Zanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Zanna

    @36 – Wanker is an English word, I’ll have you know!

  42. #28 – Soooo… you’re favorite type of man is imaginary?


  43. Zanna

    JANEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls over*

    @40 – If you get drunk and can’t remember, then it didn’t happen.

  44. Zanna


  45. e-rock

    Wow, she is hot, but she is trying to walk in the shadow of Angelina. She even has a tattoo on her pelvis where Ang has the cross, the writing on the shoulder, the collagen injected lips, she has self esteem issues, obviously. She got breast implants, who knows what else. And isn’t this outfit the SAME EXACT TYPE OF OUTFIT JOLIE WAS WEARINING in MR & MRS SMITH????

    Megan: you are hot, we get it. BUT CREATE YOUR OWN IDENTITY AND WE WILL LIKE YOU MORE. You are kind of a joke trying to be Angelina. Its not cool, its pretty pathetic actually.

  46. I just realized why I never really liked her! She thinks she’s Angelina!

  47. I want to love Megan Fox, I really do, but she just tries too damn hard to be sexy. And that Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm is soooo cliche.

  48. groan

    I masturbate to the memory of past lovers every night. That’s why my neighbors always complain about me yelling out “Oh…oh…oh…Daddy!”

  49. #42 – I know Z, but “yank” there is a potato famine havin’, protestant schoolgirl harassin’, IRA lovin’ America hater who should be fed limes by the barrel. This is in no way meant to impugn the rest of the Guinness groupies…

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