Megan Fox endorses incest

November 23rd, 2008 // 72 Comments

Megan Fox recently attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards where she drank herself stupid and revealed she has a disturbing thing for High School Musical‘s Zac Efron, according to Page Six:

The stunning Fox drank enough to confess to a Page Six operative that teen idol Zac Efron was her crush, stating, “I’m obsessed with him. What you don’t know is that Zac and I are the same person . . . it’s like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person.”

So, anyone else getting the impression Megan Fox wants to do her own brother? Or is that just me?


  1. …………………..WEIRD?

  2. Toby Weymiller

    I always read incest posts because my incest has defined my life, but I do not understand the reference here.

  3. friendlyfires

    I wanna be a burnout
    I wanna be the whore of Babylon
    I wanna set the world on fire
    And watch it burn, burn,burn,burn

    Nev’ah gonna’ apologize to anyone
    Nev’ah gonna’ be your Jesus Lennon
    Nev’ah gonna’ lead a revolution
    I ‘m gonna’ burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, BURN
    everything on Earth!

    Nothing sticks around, nothing remains
    Nothing left ‘cept the earworm in my brains
    Y’awl fall down an’ I won’t care
    I’m causing global warming with my hair

    Melting the poles, boiling the oceans
    Better get a higher SPF of sun block lotion
    I’m taking you out; I’m incandescent
    I’m leaving nothing to chance, chance, chance


    I am the crotch of unspeakable fire
    I am the beast that will reduce you to ashes
    I am an object of unquenchable desire
    I’m gonna’ make it all burn,burn,burn,burn

    (from They Must Be Really High School Musical:The Sub-Basement Tapes © 2008 Lastangelman Productions, reproduced by permission)

  4. Parker

    We two alone will fuck like birds in the cage when she asks me for sex, I’ll tell her to kneel down and insist on anal, then I’ll buttfuck her while she mutters something about old tales of people who laugh at gilded butterflies.

    With my gilded, penis-shaped, spear buried in her rear, she’ll recite King Lear for all to hear and when I’m done she’ll disappear.

    Ok, I’m all out of King Lear ideas. She may be a dim bulb but she’s got a nice ass.

  5. When she said that he was her “crush” she just meant she’d like to be his hag so she has someone to go shoe shopping with.

  6. lizzy

    i honestly don’t understand what the fuck she is talking about?

    and am i the only one that thinks her ‘beauty’ is insanely overrated? she actually doesn’t look that great in these pictures. she looks so much better with her mouth shut and her pursed-lips face. it’s not a good thing when you look worse smiling!!!!

    (#30 – margaret — i agree, she’s not that great!!!!)

  7. Valkyrie

    she’s a typical starlit in terms of personality.

    Plus she’s not copying Angelina Jolie. Drew Barrymore did the whole BAD GIRL thing with tattoos, playboy, many men and all way before Angelina. So Angelina copied Drew. People, everything has been done before.

    She’s really pretty, but that’s about it. Personality limitations gimp the whole package.

    RIGHT PARKER?? It makes her ass not as worthy????!?!?!?!?!1111

  8. Hard On

    If Megan Fox was my sister, damn I admit it, I would be one incestuous Megan Fox wet dream away from needing some therapy! If she was my step sister forget about it! I would masturbate to her like a fucking spider monkey. Her pages in the family album would look like the back room floor of a porn theater. Yeah she says really weird (stupid) shit comes out of her mouth, but at least she’s gorgeous. Most of the asses I’m around now don’t look half as hot and say things more idiotic than any of Megan Fox’s ramblings.

  9. nastyjay

    uhhh…just creamed in my jeans

  10. Matthew

    She’s extremely beautiful in a classic timeless way. I can picture her on the cover of romance novel set in the 18th century. She really should star in period films.

  11. friendlyfires

    It’s amazing how many people will admit they would fuck their own sister if she was the equivalent of Megan Fox.

    Not even Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men would stoop to that level(ep.83 season 4)

  12. i never wanted to see Transformers, but if she’s in it, I’m sold!

  13. Parker

    #57 I would still douche her pooper with my penis. Her personality isn’t in her butt it’s in her vagina. Don’t you know anything about girls?

  14. Kahlee

    No, I’m not getting that impression. I’m getting the impression she is a massive narcissist and an attention seeking idiot.

  15. missywissy

    Here we go with the Angelina Jolie thing. Doesn’t anyone remember her making out with her brother all over the red carpet the night she got her Oscar? THAT was fucking grose. Even in her speach she says “I’m so in love with my brother right now”. Funny, now she’s the fucking queen of the embodiment of woman. Meagan Fox will be adopting a child from every country in 10 years. Aaaah. Hollywood.

  16. el ces

    Zac needs to make his move then.
    Bring more booze.

  17. Drunkman

    Even if she was my sister, I’d do her.

  18. Jacob

    If Megan was my little sister, the smell and taste of her butthole would be embedded in my senses!

  19. Isabella_Skittle

    I think she’s saying that they have the same personality and that she likes him for that

    but still….its funny

  20. Isabella_Skittle

    I think she’s saying that they have the same personality and that she likes him for that

    but still….its funny

  21. foxy
    Commented on this photo:

    let her go for it.

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