Megan Fox is talking again

May 18th, 2010 // 94 Comments

With her new movie Jonah Hex on the horizon, Megan Fox’s people allowed her to appear in the latest issue of Allure where she delivered her trademarked brand of WTF while wearing some sort of fashiony things. And now the ramblings:

On not being open anymore in interviews – except apparently this one:
“Trying to be lighthearted and have a sense of humor and engage in some sort of satire sometimes. It did backfire to a certain extent, and it became too exhausting. I still have the same sense of humor, but I have no desire to express it, really, anymore, because I’ve always been fucked for doing so.”

On not being clingy:
“I could go days, weeks without talking to another human being,” she says. “I could probably go months and be perfectly satisfied. Easily. It’s the opposite of being needy, but at the same time, I don’t know if I would want to be in a relationship with someone who required as much alone time as I require.”

On plastic surgery:
“I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin — the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you,” she says. “If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do’, then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.”

On not using public restrooms or silverware at restaurants:
“Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air,” she says. “Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!”

On refusing to cook for herself:
“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.”

So basically Megan Fox wants to live alone on a deserted island with no food, germs or human companionship but still have access to super awesome tits. — Jesus, it’s like we’re sharing the same mind…

Photos: Allure

  1. pete

    She’s ok, but she’s no hairy stank-snach Lebanese bomber beauty.

  2. Ova rate

    Megan Fox has a large nose and squinty eyes. Truth.

  3. Dee

    First in this bitch.

  4. Salima

    Fuck these stupid American bitches. I’m so glad a Beautiful Arab is Miss USA.

    • Psychochick

      Right, Salima. Arab women are hairy with bulging eyes and big assed noses. I wonder how many nose jobs your hairy idol had to look half way human?

      • elrae

        Haha aren’t you an ignorant uneducated dumbass who spills what ever you can from your ass filled mouth. America has just as much big nosed bulgy eyed women as arab nations does, idiot. and actually there are very beautiful arab women , maybe you should pull yourself out from underneath the rock your under and get a clue, I know though it may be a little hard for a fool as your self to do, wouldn’t want your head to spin and fall off from too much reality check coming at you too quick. and “half way human”??? HA , you useless pathtic asshole, more human than you appearently.

  5. Jan

    Beautiful but boring as hell.

  6. There are people dying.....

    We are the world……….. We are the children……………..

  7. Beautiful Arab

    She talks too freely because she doesn’t fear stoning. You Americans will never learn.

  8. Nicluvin

    Will someone please help Salima realize his/her dream to become a suicide bomber so we don’t have to hear that shit anymore. Go to hell Arab.

  9. (Mythical)

    She seems hollow. Like there’s nothing beyond, no depth. She’s got no attitude or sway like Angelina.
    She’s just a cardboard cut out.

  10. DFCtomm

    So much stupid wrapped in such a pretty package. Myth busters disproved the bacteria toilet scenario. I now feel safe to keep my toothbrush in the bathroom.

  11. jOHN mAYER

    Who does this bitch think she is? Stealing my spacey-random-having-thoughts-out of the planet of Bolatum where we eat prey on brain cells from the CEOs of McDonald’s and MacIntosh..wait what was I saying????

  12. jOHN mAYER

    Who does this bitch think she is? Stealing my spacey-random-having-thoughts-out of the planet of Bolatum where we prey on brain cells from the CEOs of McDonald’s and MacIntosh..wait what was I saying????

  13. jOHN mAYER

    She must be a scientologist!

  14. victory

    Based on her answer to the plastic surgery question…i wonder if she saw a therapist before getting that hideous Marlyn Monroe tattoo.

  15. Taz

    she has a screw loose

  16. no way jose

    Pics were looking good and Meg was looking hot until the one pic with the M.M. tat on her forearm killed it for me.

  17. Tommy gun

    I don’t know if I would want to be in a relationship with someone who required as much alone time as I require.

    EPIC. The stupidest think ever said. Print it and frame

  18. Sport

    Yep, as dumb as i figured.
    And she jumped the shark two years ago already.

  19. Chupacabra

    She does realize the human body is like, 90 % bacteria (microbes), right?

    If she reads that, it will blow her fragile little mind…

  20. mer

    Some women get hotter when you realize they’re batshit crazy.

    This chick’s just batshit crazy.

  21. Anonymous

    I wonder if her handlers even think about muzzling her or do they just know that everyone generally regards her and the diarrhea that comes out of her mouth while she talks about herself is retarded.

  22. Rachell

    I wonder if she went to a therapist before she got lip injections and a nose job?

  23. Nameless

    Who is she going to blame this time around when her movie sucks and tanks at the box office?

  24. Tommy gun

    “still have the same sense of humor, but I have no desire to express it ”

    Maybe she is not that dumb because she is doing a really really good job
    hiding that sense of humor.

  25. Deacon Jones

    I bet picking this genius up at a bar before she was famous was like taking candy from a baby.

    (looks nervously around, puts hand on her shoulder)
    “Excuse me, Ms. Fox? Special Agent Blome. Im on a top secret mission, I need you to follow me to my hotel room immediately”

    “Like X-files Special Agent?”


  26. jumpin_j

    Anyone else notice how her clothing covers up those stupid tats on her arms? Best career move she made all year.

  27. Dr. Who

    I love how her stubby thumbs are hidden in all but one pic.

    THis pig and her 8-head and stubby thumbs is boring.

    R.I.P. Dio

  28. rimple

    Give her two days of not showering and she will become Amy Winehouse!

  29. Tek

    She has no talent, so the only way for her to get publicity is by showing skin or saying stupid shit all the time.

  30. Optimus Prime

    R.I.P. DIO

  31. Parker

    awww, she’s so vacuous and obtuse it’s actually cute. There’s something about buttfucking a girl in big yellow panties that gets me going. I would dearly love to pull them down a little from behind and slip my weiner into her hot sweet ass.

  32. wtf


  33. Fa Fa Foo Fye

    R.I.P. Dio, indeed.

  34. SO RIGHT

    I thought she was great in Jennifer’s Body. A ridiculous, but kinda cult classic movie. Other than that, I don’t think she knows who she is or what she wants. She’ll grow into herself —– hopefully.

  35. shil beally

    looks like they hid her thumbs in most of them and when they didn’t they ‘fixed’ them in post.

  36. Vas Deferens

    Picture all of the stupid things that come out of her mouth. Now picture Megan Fox as a 55 year old, saying all of the same stupid things. I cannot think of anything more unattractive.

    Well, maybe an Arab winning Ms. USA is more unattractive.

  37. Joe

    Unlike Angiejo she HAS a waist, hips and a butt.

  38. Kathleen

    Wow, that plastic surgery quote is ridiculous. She’s one to talk!
    Clearly she’s insecure as hell because men love her but she still gets loads of plastic surgery. If you have a big nose and you get a nose job, technically you’re getting rid of that insecurity/”flaw”. So yes, sometimes a little plastic surgery does “alleviate” those insecurities.

    I think a lot of the shit she says, like about her not being clingy, is to try to make her appear as though she’s every man’s wet dream. I bet she clings to her boyfriend every night commanding her to tell him she’s beautiful every night, lol.
    Give me a break, we all know you have low self-esteem.

    And @37
    Are you kidding me? She’s skinny as hell and only has tits cause she got em done! Angelina’s WAY sexier!

  39. Unreal

    She doesn’t even look like a real person anymore!! :-|

  40. Apostate

    Would someone PLEASE muzzle this imbecilic Barbie doll until press junkets for her next eye candy role,for the love of all that’s holy?!

  41. Bootilicious

    What’s with the granny panties

  42. See Alice

    so beautiful . She would look stunning weaing a burlap sack .

  43. justifiable

    I would encourage Megan Fox to speak to a therapist about why she refuses to cook for herself before she has her next meal. She definitely needs counseling to see if this is really related to laziness, ineptitude or just not wanting to touch her own silverware, because a lot of times it’s not related to actual hunger. Then, if she feels it’s something she wants to do, then she should eat.

  44. Badger Bob

    what’s with the picture with the yellow underwear? It looks like something my grandma would wear.

  45. She would look stunning weaing a burlap sack .

  46. Sheena

    Some fabulous feats of photoshoppery! Almost makes you want to shout, “Well done!”


  47. Try being gay and having a sense of humor and engaging in a kind of satire sometimes.

  48. Rachell

    In a burlap sack at the bottom of the ocean maybe…

  49. Luis

    Good, we now have her view on plastic surgery.
    Now all we need is her view on her own plastic surgery.
    Plastic psycho bitch.

  50. fugs-r-us

    another fug ..skinny …
    overly ‘shopped’ foto’s
    always looks ‘dirty’ …
    yeah who needs surgery with photoshop? lol ..
    funny with the surgery quote ..
    did she talk to a therapist before she decided to do the ‘daffy duck ‘?
    big phoney …lol

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