Megan Fox is stretchy

November 20th, 2009 // 91 Comments

Hey, guys, running a tad behind this morning (Thank you, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show), so here are outtakes from Megan Fox’s recent photoshoot for The New York Times Magazine. Because there’s really not enough pics of Megan Fox accentuating her groin out there, so I’m just doing my part.

Photos: New York Times

  1. John Galt

    While the positioning of those pics ensures plenty of fapping, they certainly did their best to make her as average looking as possible.

  2. Choxie

    She’s still ugly and has a toe-thumb…

  3. friendlyfires

    She’s as dumb as a bag of hammers but I’d bang that silly weasel until I’d be near death.

  4. OJ's Mom

    Mmmmmm, I would put the sex in there…..

  5. jumpin_j

    Based on these photos, I hope the Victoria Secret show was worth it.

  6. cc

    Seldom has someone of such little talent received so much coverage. That being said, I challenge any many not to be transfixed by her pubic mound.

  7. friendlyfires

    can anyone please explain why she ISN’T doing animal porn? Just askin’, you know ….

  8. OJ's Mom

    Bad News: Virginia State Police say one person was killed when a tour bus belonging to Miley Cyrus overturned.

    Worse news: the 16-year-old “Hannah Montana” star was not on board.

  9. OJ's Mom

    Bad News: Virginia State Police say one person was killed when a tour bus belonging to Miley Cyrus overturned today.

    Worse news: The 16-year-old “Hannah Montana” star was not on board.

  10. I am surprised that there is no camel toe in any of the photos. So depressing.

  11. joho777

    It would be nice if Miley’s career turns out to have some legs. I mean, Britney is also as dumb as a box of rocks, and look at her still lip-synching and shuffling around the stage.

    Let’s revisit this in 9 years when Miley is 25 and see how her career has been doing, O.K?

  12. Rough dont dance

    Say! That’s the queff blast stance, I wonder what’s her measurement on the rickter scale is…

  13. luis

    man i’m more bored than ever.

  14. Jill

    They photoshopped her camel toe away. What’s the point? She’s not a barbie doll with no labias. Gimme some toe!!!!

  15. Karen Barren

    I am so jeaaaaloous! NOT! Her legs are chicken legs BWAK!

  16. S.

    #8 – In her case, it should be called a public mound.

  17. Faggins

    Those trousers remind me of my Grandma when I caught her making pancakes early in the morning 30 years ago.

  18. asschic

    I think it’s Amy Winehouse’s twin seperated at birth , I mean come on look at the face stunning resembelance !



  20. If she was actually naked, these pictures would be 100% amazing. Otherwise… eh.

  21. Lila

    Is she trying to spray us with her STDs? I’m pretty sure she’s letting them all get out by spreading herself all open this way. H1N1 I’m not so worried about. Whatever is crawling around this bitches cunt is what haunts my sleep.

  22. cc

    S. @18 hahaha…reminds me of an incident from my past. I decided to surprise and delight a girl I was dating, who was quite a ho, with a little big of oral first thing in the morning. Rather than appreciating my thoughtfulness, she said something like ‘You know, I might not want someone licking my privates first thing in the morning.’ Annoyed at being spurned I said ‘With the number of guys you’ve fucked, you should call them ‘publics’!’ She threw me out.

    True story.

  23. Georgeo

    Big deal. Another day, another fat bitch on the superficial.

  24. JC

    she is very beautiful… but in these photos she’s giving the SAME face over and over again…. I like seeing her in color photos more.

  25. fuck it

    so over her….

  26. Elizabeth

    why is her mouth always open?

  27. cc

    pic #5…mmm, girdles are sexy. I can’t imagine that Megan is trying to hide a gunt.

  28. Mark Lavarre

    Each tactic in which she attempts to appear more exciting or wild just causes her to further drag her own face in the mud.

  29. whattheshit

    I want to go to there.

  30. Dave Mustaine

    Choxie Post # 3 is 100% correct. I noticed that Toe Thumb as well.

    The Toe Thumb is friggin nasty. Why are her nostrils always flaring?

  31. gosyco


    That’s terrible… I mean, for you to take it upon yourself, first-thing in the morning, pre-shower (I’m assuming) and seek to please her orally takes an extreme amount of commitment, passion and a not so small helping of daring.
    You’d think she could have been a bit more appreciative of you helping her to get the day started right.

    Nice return. I think you’re better off without her.

    As for Fox… eeh. I’ve seen enough.

  32. Papahotnuts

    I would have sex with her in my grandmother’s casket. No lie.

  33. Jess

    Is it just me or is this shoot kind of a rip of of Olivia Wilde’s GQ shoot, where she was all athletic (and much better shot)….is she copying her obsession?

  34. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Oh shit people are on to the fact I can’t act and my looks over rated….Here! Here’s my legs wide open with a shot of my camel toe!

  35. Rosie

    It was bad enough when it was just her opening her big fat mouth.

  36. uh

    how desperate….

  37. who dat

    The pose is great. It would be nice to come home with a hot woman waiting in that pose. Megans face appears to be going tranny.

  38. the old guy

    @28: The mouth being slightly agape is meant to simulate the heavy breathing that common during sex.


  39. Jimmy

    Is it me or does she look like Amy Winehouse’s non-strung-out sister?

  40. Brian Austin Green, damn

  41. like you f cktards care if she’s dumb as a rock.

    put your boner away

  42. marme


  43. missywissy

    I think parting your lips makes them look fuller. She’s got to get that Angelina thing she banks on, you know.

    boring, yawn….. what’s the next play in the book? Doesn’t she have a brother she should be making out with or a horse she should be sticking it’s nose in her breasts? Maybe she’ll steal away some married dude away from his wife. I called them all. If she was smart she would focus more on her acting and nab a supporting role that showcases her “true” talent, if she’s got it.

  44. lol i donno why but i dont fancy her as much as i think i should lol

  45. Em

    I smell something bad.

  46. shes such a hot girl

    shame that she has those dumbass tattoos tho

  47. V

    She was hot a few years ago, but she’s lost it in the last 2 years, and is starting to look like any other girl you could pick out of Brooklyn.

  48. S.

    #24/cc – To quote Mr. Blank; Dumb…fucking…luck. Who doesn’t welcome a good eating out first thing in the morning deserves no breakfast! (In other words – too bad you weren’t at your place, so you could deny her breakfast and throw the ungrateful bitch out.)

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