Megan Fox is single

February 24th, 2009 // 90 Comments

Because I enjoy a good story filled with hope, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have broken up, according to Us Magazine:

“The relationship had run its course,” an insider tells Us exclusively. “It’s completely amicable, and they are remaining friends.”
Fox, 22 (who’ll reprise her role as Mikaela in this June’s sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), and Green, 35 (a regular on Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), now “are both focusing on their careers,” the source adds.

Of course, we’ve all heard this fairy tale before which is why I’m not buying it until Megan Fox makes out with me in a helicopter. Hey, I didn’t spend nine years getting a bachelor’s in journalism for nothing. Now, get me one of those hats that say “Press” on it. We’re doing this one by the book.

Photos: Splash News

  1. nananan ne

    I just don’t think she’s that hot. She’s good looking, and like someone said it’s mostly due to the nose job and lip injections. But oh well, next…

  2. mewb

    haha what he’s NOT gay? *boggle* and slightly disappointed

  3. yeah yeah yeah

    the chick doing her hair looks like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
    Plus, unless she’s got some kind of nasty weave going on there, it sure looks like her roots are grey, as in “picture of Dorian”…

  4. BAG


  5. yeah yeah yeah

    No, I’m wrong, it’s not grey, I just looked at the close up and it’s only the dye.
    Hairdresser still looks like Karen O, though.
    And I love tats, but those sure do make her look like she “growed up” in a doublewide. I think it’s a placement issue. On women, no calves, necks, faces, or forearms, please. Unless you go ahead and do the whole body. Then you’re good-that takes you from trash to art.
    She really does have gorgeous eyes.

  6. lola

    It was only a matter of time folks.. just remember how hot and bothered she got when she met Zac Efron? I would love to see that relationship as it would never cease to amuse me

  7. linda

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  8. The Truth

    The word on the street is that she is going through early menopause, and her puzzy is all dried up, so the bastard dumped her.

  9. WestCoast Tattoo

    Oh come on people, I think she KNOWS That Her Tattoos are Ugly by now. Hopefully, she will learn from these mistakes and move on and stay away from terrible Tattoo artists.

    How could anyone do that to her, at least they could have suggested a not so manly or visible part of the body to place such hideous tattoos. The tattoo artist that did those tats must really be an evil shit or a queer. Who would want such a beautiful woman to look like a piece of ugly white trash shit. I guess she is just too much competition for all of the fag tattoo artists in West LA.

  10. sin

    Stupid bitch to have those types of tattoos. She looks like a traveling fair worker. You know the type. Dirty, smelly, drunk and full of venereal diseases.
    We know she can look good, but she likes looking like a used whore.

    That Marylin monroe tat on her arm is horrible. In just a few years it will look like Bea Atrhur. Stupid place for that kind of tat.
    Maybe at one time she thought it was cool do do, now it is a disgrace.

  11. If she needs a shoulder to cry on I am always available

  12. jBiGGs

    YEEEeeeS!! i’m on it


    Megan Fox

    There once was a beauty named Megan
    Who’s boyfriend was gay like Clay Aiken
    She yanked and she yanked
    Trying to plump up his frank
    But in the end, it just hung loose like bacon

  14. diddleysquat

    I would pick the corn out of her sh*t, mash it up into tortillas, and have a taco party

  15. pompadom

    My room needs decorating. I wonder what her daily rate is? $10 an hour?

  16. Cyn

    I can’t believe no one else noticed the giant bulge in her pants???

  17. Mr. Jones

    Ditto on the comments re: the ugly-ass tats. Yes, this screams “white trash”. But she’s supposedly an actress. Does she want to play any other role except some carnival-worker skank? Because otherwise, they will need a ton of makeup to cover up that shit. And who will want to bother, since there are plenty more attractive, more talented actresses that don’t have ugly ink marks all over their bodies.

    Any young ladies reading this – if you absolutely need to get some ink, get ONLY ONE that is SMALL, and on your back below your shoulder, on the small of your back, or on your ankle. Don’t get any of that tribal shit because its been totally played out. Don’t have it be your boyfriend’s name. Get something that you know that, years and years from now, you will still appreciate, and not think you were just being some stupid young air-head who was only conforming to a fad.

  18. she used to be a lot prettier when she was on Hope and Faith and not so plastic she looks like she’s had too much plastic surgery!

    Nobody will ever compare to Angelina!!

  19. hello

    sexy woman!

  20. will

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  21. Pooe Megan… if she’s depressed, she rest her head on my lap…

  22. Jrz

    So she finally realized that she was dating a douchebag……good for her. Now she should start realizing she’s trying to hard to be Angelina Jolie.

  23. Bobaloo

    Why does she have a tattoo of an Asian Marilyn Monroe impersonator on her arm?

  24. Bec

    That is clearly not her own hair as well but she had extensions put in….She is beautiful but how many parts of her are fake??

  25. Bec

    That is clearly not her own hair as well but she had extensions put in….She is beautiful but how many parts of her are fake??

  26. will

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
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  27. yeah yeah yeah

    # 60 – your marilyn/bea arthur joke made me laugh out loud!

  28. PunkA

    She is hawt, but I would be so afraid of getting an STD from this chick, it would not be worth it. Plenty of other hot babes in LA without all her baggage too. Seriously, 5 years with Briane Greene knocked her down several pegs in my book.

  29. bop

    Fake hair, Fake nose, Fake lips…no brain…wow…hot…..?

  30. bop

    Fake hair, Fake nose, Fake lips…no brain…wow…hot…..?

  31. mmd

    wow she looks like a dinosaur lol

    look at her long nose man EW

  32. some Russian

    Call me a fat jealous female, I don’t care. but all that plastic surgery did not make MF look anything above average. Sure, she looks better with her new nose and overinjected lips but she is by no means beautiful. she is fake, and her attempts to look like angelina jolie just make her a fake pathetic woman.
    freida pinto, cheryl tweedy, ariana lima are all real beauties, MF is a joke

  33. Ames

    the tattoo of marilyn actually looks like jennifer tilly. yikes.

  34. chupacabra

    he broke with her because of those STUPID FUCKING PANTS!

  35. Yourfairytale

    Guys are hilarious. I’ll never get over the bloated egos. Going on and on about where women should get tattoos and which ones are attractive. Do you really think that’s all women care about? If I want a bunch of tattoos, I’ll get them. I’m not here to only do what guys think is “sexy.” Obviously, Megan likes tattoos, so who cares what you think? I’m sure she doesn’t.

  36. buttfogger

    it’s not her beauty people are fascinated with…it’s her stardom..and maybe the eyes. But overall she just another average chick but with the money and films it sure does help her look a hell of alot better!!

  37. kate

    I love MEgan For LIFE…MORE THAN ANJE

  38. kate

    I love MEgan For LIFE…MORE THAN ANJE

  39. The tattoo artist who has the change must be really bad or some shit fag. Who would want a woman so beautiful she looks like a piece of shit white trash ugly.

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