Megan Fox is f-cking batshit in Rolling Stone

September 16th, 2009 // 138 Comments

Megan Fox covers the October 1, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone where she reveals she’s pretty much a ticking time-bomb of crazy that’s going to shoot Brian Austin Green in the leg. Not even joking:

On cutting herself:
“Yeah, but I don’t want to elaborate. I would never call myself a cutter. Girls go through different phases when they’re growing up, when they’re miserable and do different things, whether it’s an eating disorder or they dabble in cutting.”

On if she had an eating disorder:
“If I did talk about it, I’d be taking on a role-model status, and I’d have to choose my words very carefully, and I’d have to make sure I reveal it in a specific way, and I don’t want to do it.”

On her insecurities:
“I’m really insecure about everything. Self-loathing doesn’t keep me from being happy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. I am very vulnerable. But I can be aggressive, hurtful, domineering and selfish, too. I’m emotionally unpredictable and all over the place. I’m a control freak.”

On how she’s going to eventually murder Brian Austin Green:
“I’ve had to say to Brian, ‘You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something. Please leave. I’d never own a gun for that reason. I wouldn’t shoot to kill. But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure.”

I love how Megan Fox admits she’d randomly shoot Brian Austin Green in the leg for no reason, and yet he still sticks around to have sex with her. He’s basically banging a landmine with awesome breasts which, let’s be honest, kicks way more ass than dying of something stupid like cancer. Or old age. That’s for chumps.


  1. Guest

    People are saying SHE needs to go away?
    What about the f-cking Gosselins!?!??!

  2. Name (required)


    YES YES YES!!!!!!

  3. So hot… so crazy.. SO CONFUSED…

  4. rah! rah!

    She’s not crazy, just incredibly stupid.

    And vapid.

    There are millions of high-school age girls who cut themselves, have some sort of eating disorder and feel “vulnerable.” Whoop-de-fucking-do! Nobody cares…next!

  5. So hot… so crazy.. SO CONFUSED…

  6. Jennifer Stewart

    I dont think she’s crazy at all – I think all girls have thoughts like that at some point in their life – its just that most of them dont get printed in a magazine.

  7. Jeff W.

    All of those are symptoms of borderline personality disorder (see also Lindsay Lohan).

  8. jonny

    #47 is an Idiot. Megan Fox didn’t say anything clever or intelligent and either did you. You think boys suck because they think you’re fat. Megan Fox is an insecure psycho. Her giant stupid fake lips looked ridiculous in Tranformers 2.

  9. JackBlack

    I’m getting just as sick of her as I am of these tools Heidi and Spenser and the haggard Pam Anderson. Ya know, this chick isn’t even that hot. She strikes me as nothing more than trailer park trash with a garbage mouth (a dumbass slinging around “Nazi”?)

  10. Tanzarian

    If I got to have sex with her, I’d let her shoot me in the leg after. Of course I’d punch her in the face and run away at the end.

  11. M

    She’s hot.

  12. Harold^Sick

    She reminds me of those little trash bags which you pick up on the street corners to clean up dog sh*t with.

  13. Igglethorpe

    I would let her shit on my chest………and I would probably cut off an extremity to have sex with her.

  14. She Is Fuckin Nuts

    If I had terrible ink like that on my arm, I wouldn’t be laughin

  15. Vesserbach

    #57 – I am a Doctor of Clinical Health Psychology and her exhibitions are not indicative of a borderline. She is an attention whore. Back to the books Jeffy!!!

  16. Vesserbach

    Oh, and she is extremely hot.

  17. She is so hot its sickening, she can be crazy if she wants, crazy is fun :-)

  18. ihaveadream915

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  20. Rupert

    She has nice thighs.

  21. #22 no your sister suck my dick all nite long. p.s. you are gay as the cummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!.lol

  22. PETA

    This overexposed bitch needs to be fucked hard in her piehole then kicked down a flight of stairs!

  23. vito

    How can you people be so surprised/upset that the subjects of this site are “attention whores”? They are in fucking SHOW BUSINESS fer fuck sake. Of course they’re attention whores. If they weren’t they’d be janitors or grocery store clerks.

    Megan Fox, BTW, is absolutely as screwy as a pig’s tail. Kinda scary. But you you what?

    I’d *STILL* love to fuck her senseless…if it’s not too late.

  24. J Bonham

    I’d hit that.

  25. clpierced

    No shit she is lying and trying to sound sexy/crazy. guys like girls that are hot but dangerous=kinky in bed. if i was a celebrity i would spill lies left and right. it keeps the attention up. she has a nice killer body. but gross boobs. id rather keep my B than have her fed up gap. also, i wish i was a natural brunette with blue eyes. it is very sexy :)

  26. hog

    “emotionally unstable chicks are hot in the sack”
    - I beg to differ. There are just as many sexy-looking looney toons who lay there like a log as there are fun and exciting ones. Just like normal sane girls – you never know who’ll surprise you like that.

    Crazy is only fun and attractive to men who haven’ t had the misfortune of having to deal with crazy before.

    I don’t find her attractive. Sure she has a pretty face, but it’s a “typical” type of pretty. Nothing really interesting going on, nothing interesting about her at all really. Sure she’s “hot” but I could open any lingerie catalogue, close my eyes, and point at a woman just as attractive.

    And sorry dimwits, I’m not just a “fat, jealous, woman” or “some dork hiding in his mom’s basement”. I simply happen to not find this woman to be as great as everyone else thinks. In fact, the deal-breaker is that she knows she’s hot and is constantly mugging for the camera. If she were to be a little more humble, maybe it would make her more attractive to me. I think her “I’m a cutter/have poor self esteem” remarks are actually an attempt to fake humbleness and it’s not working.

  27. Lawl!

    Does this bitch need to have every disorder known to man?
    I swear, it won’t be long until we hear that she’s had a sex change.
    With proof of course :)
    Dumb ugly fuck

  28. EK

    #47 When you grow up you’ll date men and realize that Megan Fox is a (negative) caricature of a woman. She’s, quite frankly, insulting. If she hadn’t had all that plastic surgery to make her “hot” no one would give a crap. You can be hot, smart, and enjoy your sexuality with out being a crazy whore. Megan Fox is just a crazy whore.

  29. EK

    Oh and holy crap Mark Seliger is ugly, and she has one weird belly button. It looks like a tiny vulva

  30. Kathleen

    She kinda has big thighs

  31. Martina

    she’s the logical next woman for Brad Pitt – he can trade down and end up with Megan the same woman but 12 years younger.

  32. She SO doesn’t want to be there in that last pic, with the photog.

  33. Ellen

    So what, everyone in Hollywood is a nut case. I don’t think she is crazy for LA, but for the rest of the Planet, she’s a sicko and we all need to be very, very afraid of her. She’s like a person that would’ve been a Manson follower if she had the chance.

  34. Karen

    I heard that Manson was really fingered by a 9 year old little girl that he was holding as a hostage. And, the whole story about the Cops finding him in a crawl space was BS. The little girl was the one that really showed them where he was hiding. Witness Protection is also used for Police preservation and not the truth.

  35. anne

    pictures look photoshopped.

  36. Minnie

    AWESOME BREASTS??????!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get a clue, Fish!

    There’s no cleavage, they look as flat as cardboard, YUCK!! Where’s the fucking shape to them??!!

    FUCK she’s so predictable and BORINNNNNNG.

    Angelina interview from 1999! I think she has every magazine EVER with Angelina in it with scrapbook pics, she probably even has some secret hidey hole with Angelina’s hair, pictures, a voodoo doll, a piece of her clothing and some candle shit going on, I fucking wouldn’t put it past this wannabe trashy slut!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait until this whore’s 15mins are up and she can join Kim K, Lady Gaga and Audrina in the has-been line….

    ….IN HELL.

  37. megan fox

    Thnx everyone.

  38. jp

    I’m sure the comic book nerds of the world will be posting that one pic of her above their jack off stations.

  39. james paters

    I’m sure the comic book nerds of the world will be posting that one pic of her above their jack off stations.

  40. james paters

    I’m sure the comic-con nerds of the world will be posting that one pic of her above their jack off stations.

  41. sily

    She is hot, just saw her profile on—–—–so many hot pictures about her are shown there, she is enjoying hot dating there? I even can’t believe it.

  42. billy

    She is hot, just saw her profile on—–—–so many hot pictures about her are shown there, she is enjoying hot dating there? I even can’t believe it.

  43. David Letterman

    This girl is apeshit.

  44. Darth

    Holy crap! Talking about a horror personage! Only this is real life!

  45. Gando

    Unless you’re extremely masochistic.She doesn’t sound she’s in for good dialogue in a relationship.Maybe she’s dyke but doesn’t know yet?!

  46. She has pretty eyes and isn’t fat. I don’t see what the big deal is. My public university in freaking Iowa has literally dozens of more attractive women on central campus at any given time.

  47. Nero

    She’s a man(h)(e)ater.

  48. Rhialto

    I bet she’s giving crap blowjobs.

  49. she is too capricious…

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