Megan Fox still inhaling oxygen

March 4th, 2009 // 101 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox shopping for furniture yesterday, but honestly, who cares what she’s doing? I’d probably post pictures of her eating asparagus because a.) I’m that awesome, and b.) it’s a scientific fact her breasts are made of angel kisses and whatever’s in the middle of Three Musketeers bars. (Read: Magic.)


  1. If that was not the disgusting slut tattoos, he’d love to. Tats why women get on their extremities? If you fell you need a tattoo, you are lacking in mental fortitude. It is permanent and useless.

    Oohh … I have a tat .. I’m big and bad. No, you’re retatrd an idiot with limited mental capacity.

    Want “” express yourself? Write a book or a song. Some protest. Something to really go out.

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