Megan Fox still inhaling oxygen

March 4th, 2009 // 101 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox shopping for furniture yesterday, but honestly, who cares what she’s doing? I’d probably post pictures of her eating asparagus because a.) I’m that awesome, and b.) it’s a scientific fact her breasts are made of angel kisses and whatever’s in the middle of Three Musketeers bars. (Read: Magic.)


  1. rainbone

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  2. cooool


  3. Valerie

    Yawn–but I have to admit, she has pretty hair–the texture at least. Ya have to give her that.

  4. PunkA

    I think the Skeezer and her retarded fiance have staged somethings to paid for th photos to cover their celeb wedding. Bank on it. Megan Fox will marry BAS this summer. Probably in some trailer park in Corona, or wherever she is from.

  5. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck.

  6. it's true

    Talentless trashy skank with an ugly nose.

  7. Farles Chew

    Nice face, but you could park an oldsmobile in the space between her nips and hips.

    IOW: weird torso.

  8. ktb

    Maybe the Marilyn Monroe tattoo means she aims to have an affair with a president and die of an overdose.
    Way to shoot for the moon, kid.
    Her face and body are HOT, but she has fucked up thumbs…deal breaker!

  9. Some Girl

    What is up with her hair? Pretty fugly…
    But she is SOoOo amazingly freakin’ HOT that it really doesn’t even matter.

  10. No matter how pretty she is, forearm tattoos are NEVER elegant on a woman.
    The End.

  11. me

    nothing but trashy looking

  12. Lowlands

    I’m talking about ACTION.Not about posting a promising post.I’m not a kid anymore.

  13. Vince Lombardi

    Nice tats, Popeye.

  14. Adonis

    This bitch is not that great. She looks like white trash to me. I don’t get the obsession with her. Plus, she was much cuter when I first saw her. What happened? Just another celeb ruining herself with surgery.

  15. Sauron

    Don’t they still get it? How pigheaded can you be?

  16. Zee Brat

    Ugh, please don’t tell me velvet is making a comeback. First Paris Hilton’s skirt and now this.

  17. Fati

    she’s totally hot, but that tattoo has got to go. i don’t know why women do that, it’s such a trashy look!

  18. Fyend

    Tats are ugly. Nothing sexier than a woman natural skin. Tats = body grafiti

  19. Lee

    Love her belt. She’s hot, I don’t care what anyone says. AND I think she’s a decent actress. I agree that that tats ruin her a little though.

  20. tattoo

    the tattoos make her look bad ass

  21. Id live in her stern quaters if shed let me, no nose pins required…

  22. meee

    i think you meant to write “who cares what she’s doing” not “who cares what’s she doing”. STOP WITH THE GODDAMN MISTAKES ALREADY!

  23. Not sure it matters about the tattoos, but I prefer a woman without them. That being said, she is very hot.

  24. Valerie

    I think some tattos are awesome. Y’all must be conservativeassmutherfuckas from Idaho or something. I always dated dudes with no tattoos and it made no difference to me–then I fucked just two guys with tattoos, and it was like POW! fucking sexy as fuck. Current bf is tattooless and that’s OK, but I’ll never forget those sexy tats on the hotties I had the pleasure of enjoying!

    However, I hate tattoos of Marilyn Monroe and think they’re idiotic, on a man or woman, AND yeah, the inner forearm dealy ain’t too cool unless it’s some pretty design traveling up the arm–or a skull. NOT M.M.

  25. Valerie

    @16 I’m pretty sure her shirt is silk, not velvet.

  26. combustion8

    I’d blow my load all over her iphone.

  27. vanessa

    cute outfit. minus the shoes. and she really needs to dye her roots.

    lovely looking girl, though.

  28. fashionpolice

    shirt looks velvet to me

  29. Oh hello baby, wanna come to Egypt I give you some love :D

  30. big teeth

    A miracle of modern make-up. Ever notice without it she just looks like any other random cute girl from middle America?

  31. Nice body, even if the tits are fake. But, she’s avg looking without all the hollywood makeup.

    #24 – look skank, just ’cause men don’t like whores with lots of tats doesn’t make them conservatives from Idaho. Seriously, are you like 16 yrs old?

  32. herbiefrog

    ok lets get this over with
    [excuse us meag, etc...]

    ? what ? why ammmmm i here ?
    comes n goes
    like a wave…

    needless conmment dele5ted

    […or so he thought : ) )) ?

  33. For all I know the Transformers franchise is an abomination to American cinema. As long as Megan Fox is around, pass the kool-aid. Oh yea!

  34. soahc

    I must admit. Though I am oft baffled by Hollywood’s taste in women, this fox has a pretty much perfect bod. Her waist to hip ratio is ideal, her legs aren’t skinny, knock kneed or bow legged. She’s not emaciated as is the status quo. Yup, she’s definitely fuckable. Shit, she’s good breeding material. Somebody knock this bitch up, please! For the sake of the human race!

  35. Shaka Chan

    I think she’s awesome. Hater Baters!

  36. Valerie

    @31 add 10 years, and your panties all in a wad has no effect on me whatsoever–lay off the crack, would ya? And of course men like skans with tattos, what are ya, 85 year old? Seriously.

  37. Mike Hawk

    Tatoos = Fuck Puppet

  38. Valerie

    31 says “[bitchiness escalated] I said WHORES, not “skans” [enter insult here] and I’m twelve, not 85! I jack myself off and never get laid, so when I hear about people getting off, it makes me mad and jealous, so then I call them skanks as I cry and beat off to Megan Fox–even though I hate her tattoos because I’m a conservativeassMoFo from Idaho”

    beat ya! :D

  39. herbiefrog

    she chose her… we just agrred

    das cant too many ?

    [[you have no idea how many times we deleted thiw message…

  40. Sally


    You’re all a bunch of broken records. STFU already. She is a gorgeous woman and i feel like i’m part of some time warp. It’s 2009 and people are still this uptight about tats? My god, it makes me want to run out right this minute and tat up both of my arms!!! Grow up and how about stop following the leader and lost past the obvious and say something else for a change.

  41. I basically looked at this and thought “yummy bewbs” and then I scolled down and posted a comment saying that I basically looked at this and thought “yummy bewbs” .

  42. Valerie

    Word up Sally, besides, most of these dudes have ever seen her in person, can’t they just Photoshop the tats off, THEN beat it? It’s called Being Crafty.

  43. laurente

    fake boobs
    fake lips
    fake nose

  44. laurente

    fake boobs
    fake lips
    fake nose

  45. Richard McBeef

    tattoos ruin her body but you are geigh if you would not

  46. Valerie

    Photoshop. Beat it. Cry.

    HAHA! : P

  47. Blonk

    Is this Megan Fox thing gonna be a repeat of the whole Hayden Panettiere incident, where we got fifty million posts about her doing nothing just cause she clicks your buttons?

  48. stephanie

    Not to insult Megan Fox, but at first when I could only see the top of the picture to the top of her sunglasses…. I thought this was going to be about Michael Jackson.

  49. Richard McBeef

    valerie you are a trailer trash meth skank and can fuck off. DIAF.

    sally for some reason i get the feeling you are not a trailer trash skank, i think you are probably just a bitch. and fat. DIAF.

  50. She is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for Transformers 2 to come out!

    J from Beer & Pancakes

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