Megan Fox in various swimwear

The Superficial / June 4, 2009

A couple of these pics were teased earlier in the week, and now here’s the complete set of Megan Fox’s photo shoot for British GQ. I’d like to personally congratulate Dreamworks’ marketing department for sending a bunch of horny men into theaters to see a movie designed to sell action figures to children. That’s not completely fucked up in any way, and why am I being snarky about the constant flow of Megan Fox in a bikini pictures? Quick, someone get this keyboard away from me. Go go go!


  1. Zippy the Wonder Slug

    Too bad she is only into chicks. I understand she always wears the strap on.

  2. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Where ma sweetie?

  3. Kathleen

    And I don’t understand why guys love her body?
    She has a pretty face, but a plastic body with ugly tattoos and a belly button that doesn’t even look like a belly button! I’ve definitely seen plenty of girls with hotter bodies than this.

  4. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Kathleen has it exactly right, she just forgot the “dumb as a sack of hammers” part. Honest to God, I just don’t know why the hell she’s such a big deal.

  5. bah

    she’s hot even in the shittiest of photo shoots. that’s talent.

    anyone who thinks this chick is “average” is retarded.

  6. Alli Watermelon

    If she’s the next Angelina, at least she’s more attractive and isn’t sporting a nine-head, veiny arms and continuously CHAPPED LIPS. But Megan Fox still always looks out of shes trying to take in a deep breath and it’s annoying. By the way, she has the smallest belly button I have EVER seen lol.

  7. say wha

    She’s the product of a good knife artist aka plastic surgeon.

  8. .s

    why doesn’t she fix that hideous nose…. again?

  9. gerard vandenberg

    For nobodies who hate to work on their body they disigned special “AGED” bathing suits, folks!!

  10. michael

    She is so fucking boring and unimpressive. yawn.

  11. Derreck

    She looks like a shitty Jersey girl who got pulled out of the dump and was reformed. Megan Fox is a piece of shit. I’d dump a load in her, but then again I would dump a load on most things.

  12. Nick

    Saggy tits. wide body and a complete butter face…Who is this tramp?. why are these up here again?

  13. Patrick

    she looks like a wart-hog in that last photo! Gross.

    This cunt has nothing on Angelina. Why do people even make that comparison.

    In a year or two no one will even remember who she is.

  14. plastic is new hot

    posts 30-33, michael aka derreck aka nick aka patrick I’m with you. this bitch is a boring plastic cookie cutter

  15. vomit comet

    Megan Fox is for poor guys. She is garbage.

  16. SillyPandas

    Eh. Over-rated, yes. Fake lesbian? Check. Nasty tats, yes. Overall, bleh.

    But I will say that her body is pretty enviable :]

  17. Bruno

    This girl has a hot face, hot hair. This girl also has wide-spaced, droopy tits, and the torso of a 13 year old boy. She’s aiite. Would be way hotter if she were curvy.

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  19. Charley Kane

    talentless whore, nothing more.

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