Megan Fox in her underwear

January 12th, 2010 // 167 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox posing for Armani’s latest underwear campaign because apparently they’re gay for plastic women with bolt-on tits who’ll be forgotten in five years. (Three if Michael Bay’s Ferrari isn’t properly waxed.)

Photos: Armani

  1. wtf

    she’s attractive but not the bees knees and I am not, before 5 bajillion of you say it, “a hater”
    Her stupidity and arrogance has turned the American public against her. I think it’s pretty obvious since the “damn, she’s hot” sentiment has fallen away that she is nothing but the flavor of the month.

  2. The Listener

    Pretty girl…C- actress. Enough said.

  3. I’m shipping her a crate of popduds asap.

  4. vomer pile

    somebody had to mention angie and that just ruined my hole dae…..! !

  5. @jumpin_j

    I miss daisy :(

  6. Black-and-white work ,beautiful.
    ps i saw a mouse cursor in the picture.

  7. nb2010


  8. Yeah...right

    I know I am on a website called superficial and its fun reading about these idiots…but people care *way* too much about these useless people. Care more about what matters: our freedoms as a republic are fast being lost as the media feeds us this distraction called celebrity culture. Don’t be shocked when the military turns on the people and invades our homes and privacy and takes away the rights of the common people, all for the sake of a one world government. Paranoia? More like reality closing in.

  9. She is a piece of trash with those tattoos.

  10. scooby

    I love her.

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  12. blah

    oh I do see the mouse in the fist picture! haha – she looks good, and yes I think her eyebrows are profit making lol

  13. Cock for Fox

    She is really hot in these photos. I agree that the tattoos are a distraction, however, I would hit it despite that! Look at that mouse in photo 1.

  14. dontneedone

    i think the comments are less enthusiastic, because as someone said we have seen this before. she looks flawless, but the photoshoot is totally boring. i dont think that megan will appeal to women when it comes to armani clothes. she appeals to men, women are not gonna buy underwear because megan fox is wearing it. and even though i dont think ashley greene is prettier she is more interesting to look at right now, her last photoshoot wasnt boring.

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  16. dontneedone

    she looks amazing in picture 4 and 5 tho

  17. Megan Fox looks stunningly gorgeous and beautiful. I like the style of the pics.

  18. HuckyDucky

    @40, Well said bro, that was funny!

  19. my comment


  20. She’s DOPE! And she’s down with the 420!! Excited to see her in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin and BLOUZEFEST TV with Snoop Dogg, Vince Vaughn, and Jamie Hall!!

  21. Lola

    she’s not overtly skinny, she looks hot.

  22. kristen

    she looks kinda lindsay lohanish in #1 and #5

    ps. megan fox is stupid.

  23. Yourmotherbakesmedounuts

    She will be ok in five years as long as she keeps modeling, and maybe does a show of some sort. She could be a host (yes, seriously). Or she can just do more movies. It really depends…but there is a lot of potential there, and it would be a shame for her to be thrown away in 5 years. She is gorgeous.

  24. jamiebbbbbb

    if you look quickly, she looks like nicolas cage. creepy

  25. kooba

    beautiful, but she shits plastic. my girl would be that hot if she had that much surgery too.

  26. clpierced

    I feel like yawning..she is booooring! she gave into the tabloids too soon. she admitted too much already. the next thing to make her “it” again would be porn. which i would totally watch with my boyfriend :)

  27. your so hot “megan fox”
    love it.

  28. your so hot “megan fox”
    love it.
    so hot!

  29. yeyé

    Ah buenooooo…O no es ella o se les fue la mano con el PHOTOSHOP eh!

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  31. Darth

    After being naked here,it was time for her to get some decent underwear!

  32. Captain spadger

    Jesus christ the underwear in the 5′th picture is hot as hell.
    As for you dicks giving her shit, who gives a fuck if she’s a bitch or not? if you read some of her imdb quotes, she’s clearly intelligent, has a fucked up sense of humour and it’s not like you’re going to marry her.

    Would you tap it Y/N
    Jesus christ I am pretty sure I’ve realised I’m gay or bi in the past 18 months (seriously, it hasn’t been fun) and I’d still make out with her beaver.

    You dopey fools

  33. she looks fantastic.

  34. Anon

    Yes, she can be pretty when she’s not wearing a shitload of gross makeup and whatnot. However, I think there are many more attractive actresses out there… Ex: Marion Cotillard, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Audrey Tautou, etc, etc.

  35. Tire Swing

    If only she had a brain…. or lost the ability to speak…..

  36. She looks really fabulous in that two piece. She has really got very firm and nice figure . She is dam sexy so much. She is really goddess.

  37. Veronica

    she looks a lot better without the ridiculous tattoos, and she is a looker, but that’s barely her.

    If the company is going to just Photoshop the hell out of these pictures, why not get someone truly gorgeous, like Michelle Pfeiffer circa 1992, and Photoshop the undies onto her? Why hire Megan, but not Megan.

  38. Fell

    Now, I’m not a fan of Megan Fox…. but I just simply love how all the fugly geeks on this comment board trash away at a woman they would probably sell their moms to, just for one hour with Megan in bed…
    All this damn whine! Damnit, did she stole your lunch money at school or something? Are you projecting all the built up nerdrage and feelings of rejection from every woman who’s turned you down onto her, or something?
    Seeing this bashfest is so pathetic.
    She’s a – by alot of different standards of beauty – a very hot young woman. Beautiful. And successful; she’s making it in her chosen profession, her dream.
    Are you guys, all you haters…?
    So much nerdraged envy on this board…. So many virgins, or people that settled for less in life.

  39. Megan Fox is so sexy. I like her! Fantastic!

  40. jean

    So what!?!?!?

  41. She is truly amazing…come see more

  42. kitty_kat

    She’s Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood replacement in many ways:
    (1) Terrible actress
    (2) Pretty
    (3) Talks about sex all the time to appear edgy
    (4) Will cease to be relevant as soon as the next “pretty/edgy” girl replaces her (or her personal life ceases to be interesting)

    Seriously, Hollywood is so fickle.

  43. E

    Megan Fox is so hot. In a trashy way of course.

  44. Andy

    She’s got some real talent – tough to keep the same facial expression through several shots and wardrobe changes!!

  45. G&T

    How long till fish updates by letting people know that she will couple with Cristiano Ronaldo in the campaign?
    (Very hot couple, not so bright though…)

  46. pow

    All you people slagging her off are retarded,you make so much FALSE SHIT up about her that it must be be the only way you can get off.None of you know anything about her only what you read in the shit press(thats if you can read).All this garbage abot her being a terrible actress,being fake,being a bitch,being not sexy and beautiful(THIS PROVES YOUR RETARDED),these kind of posts have got so old and boring.Isn’t it about time you grew up or if your too much of a baby to do this try bullying someone else for a change.

  47. La Manchuba

    A lot of women out there would look this good if her make-up artists and the photoshop gurus had a shot at them. If pretty is as pretty does, Megan Fox is an unappreciative, ugly pile of shit.

    @96: Her own bitchy interviews have revealed her to be a self-entitled bitch. But a lot of her “beauty” comes compliments of others. A pretty girl? Yes, to be sure. All the same, she’s a thoughtless, grasping c*nt, and I wish her 15 minutes were over.

  48. mi mi

    LOLOLOL her body is so PHOTOSHOPED. yes I know her body IRL is nice but if her body is so nice IRL than why ps?

  49. spicy

    Boring, doesn’t even look real. (especially after surfing thru Nicole Bahl’s entry)

  50. Ellen

    Whoever made the eyebrow comment is spot on. I have always thought that I would pay serious $$ for those eyebrows. Unfortunately, there is emptiness occupying the space behind them.

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