Megan Fox in her underwear

January 12th, 2010 // 167 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox posing for Armani’s latest underwear campaign because apparently they’re gay for plastic women with bolt-on tits who’ll be forgotten in five years. (Three if Michael Bay’s Ferrari isn’t properly waxed.)

Photos: Armani

  1. Christina


  2. styx

    boring angie wannabe

  3. Lolocaust

    She’ll be relevant until she gets fat.

  4. OTP

    Boring photoshopped bitch.

  5. God of Thunder

    Why does her 4-head look like an 8-head?

    I find her and he dick thumbs less and less attractive everytime I see her.

  6. Christina

    I saw my opportunity to be first and I took it, dog nam it

  7. kaylia

    she looks like a generic model in the shots :( but she can definitely sell the striped set, it looks very cute

  8. Deacon Jones


    Yeah, just like any other woman.


  9. cant take the trash out of a woman..

    Sorry, but this woman is trash!

  10. Lane

    Ashley Greene is WAY hotter

  11. jumpin_j

    To quote Daisy, FAKE!!! You can tell it’s fake because the shadows are wrong. Not to mention where are her stupid tattoos?

    See, it like that scene in Never Back Down where… oh screw it.

  12. Lane

    Ashley Greene is WAY hotter

  13. Xing Xiao

    Nothing about her strikes me as unique, I see better looking women at the bus stop every day. Overrated^Lame

  14. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Chick can’t act. Quick throw in some underwear! We gotta market this bitch somehow…

  15. I think she profits from her eyebrows…that ever occured to anyone?

  16. I think she profits from her eyebrows…that ever occured to anyone?

  17. Rodham

    Tattos suck!

  18. ak

    dude, weren’t you like OBSESSED with her a few months ago? Hypocrite…

  19. baadnewsbear


  20. Logan

    Umm, cropped screen-shots are more effective if you remember to remove the cursor from the target area.

    Also, I’m getting way tired of Megan Fox. I get it, she’s hot. Get naked, or get the hell off my interweb!

  21. jimmy speed

    Dude. If you look closely, you can see her “mouse” in the first picture…
    Instant Boner!!!

  22. lol

    they made her chubby arms REAL thin, photoshop galore.

    ps. whoever said ashley greene is hotter is retarded.

  23. Oldnslo

    19 is right on target.

    About 98% of you bastards were “roughing up the suspect” to this girl for Transformers 1 and 2.

    And pretty much every one of you would still starch your jeans if she accidently looked your way while stuck in traffic.

    She is apparently crazier than a sh!thouse rat, and with the tact of that same creature, but it isn’t a chore to look at her.

  24. bR1an

    @ 18, +1. Just can’t get past the ink.

  25. I know I am alone here, and that’s cool


    am I the only one that thinks she sorta looks like a man and that she is soooo cunty I can’t even care that she’s hot?

  26. Vinnie the Chin

    She does the clothes justice.

  27. Anon

    Nice try. :)

  28. qwerty

    Whatever.Post Olivia Wilde’s pics from QC Italy

  29. qwerty

    GQ I mean

  30. luis

    bla. bla blabla. megan shmegan.

  31. Blah

    Ok… Olivia Wilde has a weird shaped head and she kinda looks like Megan they are both pretty but OVERrated

  32. r k

    wow. an utterly yawn-worthy photoshoot with megan fox. how did they manage that?

  33. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I guess our days one can come to plastic surgeon/personal trainer/personal stylist and gear to become whatever they want (in Megan’s case I believe it was bringing the picture of Monica Belucci/Isabelle Adjani along to the appointment with a specialist) but nothing can create the grace, softness, kindness that was seen in the eyes of the old school actresses.

  34. She looks good with lots of curves. Hope she doesn’t turn into sticks and bones and get all anorexic.

  35. bp

    Hmm, not that interesting to tell the truth as they have made her look rather plain.

    Fucking wish she’d get rid of that shitty tattoo though, looks crap.


    I think she’s gorgeous, yes, but these pictures don’t matter. Wow. She’s in her underwear. Even if she were naked…who cares anymore? Nothing these girls do is sexy anymore because we’ve seen it all before.

  37. missywissy

    yaaaaaaaawnnn…….. so did anyone hear about the kitty that got rescued from the tree?

  38. LOL


    1.) She’s fuckin’ boring
    2.) She’s hot, but definitely not as hot as she’s been marketed to be
    3.) Terrible job of photoshopping, forgot to remove the mouse in pic 1.

    #27, I agree with you. She appears to be such a stuck-up, monotonous bitch that despite her above-average physical attractiveness, she still doesn’t appeal to me. Yes, I’d fuck her. It’d be more like an aggressive pounding to “set her straight,” as opposed to the creepy, loving caress I’d give Natalie Portman.

  39. your momma

    @ Deacon Jones, stop typing and get back to sucking off hugh hefner.

  40. Ariana

    Ok. we get it. you are hot. Jeez.

    Show me someone who is HOT and has talent.

    oh right Angelina Jolie.. someone this girl thinks she can rip off and not have anyone notice.


  41. richard


  42. Ego

    Are all of you retarded or just a bunch of haters? she’s fucking HOT and anyone of you would shit on your mother’s chest to have 5 minutes with her. I know I would.

  43. Julie

    Wow, I notice half of the comments that are more on the rude side were posted by women. As a CONFIDENT woman, I can say that Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women in show business. You insecurity is the only reason you rip on her. She has a reason to be the way she is… she’s amazing!

  44. JohnnyBGood

    @45 amazing?

    What about her is amazing please tell? Her looks? I see hotter women walking the streets. Her acting? I dare you to make an argument there. Her intelligence? Lol!

  45. l@

    …I see an Oscar in her future

  46. Mandi

    Holy haters, Batman! Jealous much?
    It’s cracks me up that people are saying “I see hotter girls every day!” Yea, sure, and then you wake up and they go away, right?
    Fox is fucking hot as hell! I have a major lady crush on her.

    You girls are just jealous cause you’ll never be like her, and you boys are just jealous cause you’ll never be with her.

  47. gen


    Photoshop doesn’t randomly insert images of your mouse on the picture. That is clearly there from someone taking a screen shot. You honestly think Armani would fuck up that badly? Think before you type, please.

  48. Kurt


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