Megan Fox in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 181 Comments

Here are rare, candid shots of Megan Fox in a bikini over the weekend and is anyone else kind of disappointed by these? Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all those professional shoots in GQ, Rolling Stone, etc. but when you hear the words “Megan Fox in a bikini,” you expect fireworks to cascade out of her vagina as she sits astride a unicorn reading funny words on the Internet that touch her like no man has ever touched her before. Instead, we get a skinny chick with obvious implants and Brian Austin Green which is almost the exact opposite of unicorn vagina-works. I’m no “Hollywood insider,” but I’m pretty sure someone should fire her from another movie for this. Otherwise, we’re no different than the apes at the zoo, pleasuring ourselves at whi- GEH.

Can I start that last part over? And perhaps a towel?

Photos: Splash News

  1. @ 146

    Welcome to Superficial.

  2. datroof

    Women, listen up.

    Being toned and healthy is good.

    Forearms tats are NOT.

    (and tats of famous peoples faces are dumb for anyone)

  3. Rachel

    The reason she doesn’t look half as good as she does in movies, professional pictures, ads, etc.. is because these aren’t photoshopped. they’re genuine pictures of her in her every day, for people to look at to pick out her flaws, or not. Unfortunatly there are always people who try to get this side of her or any famous person, well ya know what? THEY’RE ALL HUMAN TOO, just with more money haha. Make up and plastic surgery hide all of those flaws and insecurities. She’s swimming, you probably wouldn’t look your best without make up and shit either.

  4. Redhead

    Man, I just lost a muse. Officially disappointed.

  5. Redhead

    On the other hand… he’s HOT!

  6. Aaron

    I think she’s cute.

    The Jews have done a good job brainwashing the majority of stupid goyim with images of unrealistic perfection. Because of this, they don’t recognize a healthy, normal, good looking girl when they see one. Wake up all you bottom feeding Jew slaves, and stop believing the lies they feed you about girls. It’s all part of a plot to depopulate your sorry goy asses. Fucking fools.

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  8. wow people really, I have a feeling all are just haters, and bunch of 12 year old virgins, I found her extremely hot without make up, I love her nose features, very Circassian, and her belly button is cool, I don’t know, it is a real test to see a woman on the beach without make up, and it is even more a beauty test, to see her on a beach without make up in a picture, not all are photogenic, even celebs, and not all look this good on the beach… so really guys, she is hot, and get out of the basement more often, you’ll see wonderful things, like trees and pedestrians, who look good.

  9. She is so hot and I would like to see more pictures of her in Bikini.

  10. blondie<3

    Man she is still super HOT! she looks just as good as she does in pics. she has a hot bod & nice tattoos.. haters

  11. Cal

    She has the body of an Asian girl just only with fake boobs added in. I thought White guys liked that kind of stuff???

  12. Tim

    Why is everybody so obsessed with this biatch.

    She looks like your average girl, except in movies with 10 tonnes of makeup on.

    Then she has black hair, which is always a downside, and she’s too skinny.


  13. Gabe

    Here’s my question–why was she so tan the day she took that photo with THE abs? Did someone paint her tan (and abs) in for a shoot? She must be the only person who actually gets whiter the longer she stays at the beach. Weird.

    By the way, her boobs are too far apart. That’s what happens when you get a bad boob job. At least she didn’t get double D’s but she did get them lifted. Those people who don’t think she got any work done really need to shut up and do some research. Here, I’ll make it easier for you:

    Did the same surgeon who did her face do her boobs? The job he/she did on her nose, mouth and lower face is really fantastic.

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  15. jojo

    she is an ugly douchebag..w/ no body!

  16. Rachael

    DUH! She has a look, but I’ve never thought she was that pretty. And whats with the poopy diaper bikini bottoms? Ew.

  17. I don’t like her tattoos!

  18. Did you cry because it dude!

  19. LULZ

    Those are not necessarily implants. Has any of you ever seen boobs with your bare naked eyes before?

  20. Wow, thanks for ruining that image for me…

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  22. she is super skinny.

  23. She has very nice skin, a lot better than most girls I have seen

  24. Mary

    very nice skin, and great stomach!


    Megan Fox… the so called “hottest woman” in the world?…..i disagree completely and no not because im jealous of that makeup, plastic surgery loving, sex loving, full of shit, wh0re …. i say she IS NOT even close to beautiful. Shes faker than fake can get. Why is she fake? well heres the reasons, she got her eyebrows done with plastic surgery, she gets botox often, lips done, cheek implants, breast implants, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake spray on tans, nose job, and last but not least she wears a shitload of makeup. A large majority of guys from all over the world are going crazy for her because of all that plastic surgery and makeup attracts them. Little girls younger than me are looking up to her….girls my age and older are practically killing themselves to look like her. Shes just a trampish copy of Angelina Jolie and i see alot of comments from girls saying “shes fake, shes a whore, shes stuck up and thinks shes all that,” and those girls are right. But then i see boys commenting back to them saying, “yur just jealous u dont look like her!” who in the hell would want to be as fake as her? Megan fox is downright fake and full of shit and full of herself…she even has a horrible personality! thats one of the reasons the transformers crew kicked her out of their new upcoming movie is because shes full of herself and doesnt appreciate anyones hardwork and she got labled as a ungrateful bitch by transformers crew….shes always have dressed in public and a large majority of her picture shoots are her half naked. i mean seriously i dont understand why most ppl are inlove with this fake tramp thats full of shit. She thinks everyone wants her when they dont. Nobody is perfect But GEEZ! megan fox? most beautiful woman in the world? most perfect? what the hell happend to natural beauty????!!! what the hell happend to the world?? its like nobodys natural anymore! this is fucking crazy. it pisses me off that i wake up every morning in this horrible fucking world with these fucking horrible people in it.
    WHO EVER IS READING THIS CAN DISAGREE WITH ME ALL U WANT BUT U KNOW IM RIGHT. megan fox is gonna look like a apes ass in a couple of years…. just watch…when it happens im gonna be laughing my ass off, especailly when everyone realizes what she did to herself with the makeup and plastic surgery… but i doubt ppl will realize that because ppl are to fucking stupid to realize shit today.

    Burn in Hell You Superficail hollywood Whore. Your nothing but shit so stop thinking u are the shit
    Oh btw i find it funny how ugly she is without her fake tan and photoshopped pictures and makeup…. she is still fake. i dont even wear makeup and so many boys tell me im so beautiful naturally. since she needed all of that work done than i guess she was extremely before all that surgery and makeup and she is still ugly now.


  26. Tre

    I honestly don’t understand all this about she looks like shit?
    I’m by no mean some die hard Megan Fox fan, but I will still say she’s gorgeous. Even in these pictures I feel she looks great. Last time I checked, no one looks like they just stepped off the red carpet when they’re at the beach. She has a great body and a lovely face. And implants? I really don’t see it. They’re small and she’s young so they’re not going to sag or some shit. I would say mine look about the same in a bikini top like that.

  27. Regular Gal
    Commented on this photo:

    Thank you for showing she is human like the rest of us!

  28. guy
    Commented on this photo:

    what i got out of her tattoo:

    there sure was little girl
    who never knew lame
    until a hog broke her HEAZE

  29. Your competence and kindness in controlling all the details was precious.

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