Megan Fox in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 181 Comments

Here are rare, candid shots of Megan Fox in a bikini over the weekend and is anyone else kind of disappointed by these? Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all those professional shoots in GQ, Rolling Stone, etc. but when you hear the words “Megan Fox in a bikini,” you expect fireworks to cascade out of her vagina as she sits astride a unicorn reading funny words on the Internet that touch her like no man has ever touched her before. Instead, we get a skinny chick with obvious implants and Brian Austin Green which is almost the exact opposite of unicorn vagina-works. I’m no “Hollywood insider,” but I’m pretty sure someone should fire her from another movie for this. Otherwise, we’re no different than the apes at the zoo, pleasuring ourselves at whi- GEH.

Can I start that last part over? And perhaps a towel?

Photos: Splash News

  1. I think her figure is good.

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  3. SurgeryStudent

    Not everyone gets implants for C or D sized breasts, but to attain better body proportions and balance. For example, Kate Hudson. Without the implants, Megan and Kate have much more boyish figures.

    You can tell she’s had implants by the odd square edges of her breasts, the lack of crease under the breast, and I’m positive if she were to raise her arms, her breasts would still have a rounded shape.

    That’s the reason Megan Fox is a celebrity and we are not- looks, and the neccesity to “correct them”. While she isn’t stunningly beautiful, she is a pretty girl with some work done, which is basically the majority of Hollywood celebrities. She sure looks better than me in a bikini.

  4. she looks even better naked. anyone here seen her naked photos? damn!

  5. Apostate

    Ummm…Megan who now? Yawn!

  6. Rachell

    Yup, those are some fake titties. You can have small implants you know, just look at Gisele Bunchen (misspelling?) a lot of models, like the ones in Victoria’s secret will get them to balance out their proportions. How can you all say they’re real? Usually when you are able to see someone’s ribcage, they don’t have naturally full breasts. Plus she has that weird boob canyon that Fish spent the weekend in.

  7. Dr.

    I’m a cosmetic surgeon and those are definitely implants. The roundness in some of the shots is a give away.
    They do look very natural. Good thing they aren’t too big. The surgeon who did the procedure did a great job.
    And to anyone who doubts that a woman would select such a small implants, you would be surprised. Most of my breast augmentation patients don’t want to look like they had obvious work done, and not everyone has the frame or breast shape and natural size to pull off a D cup.
    And yes, some women get B cup implants. Although Megan looks like a small 34C.

  8. jackeris

    that chick is bangin, your gay if you think otherwise. nit picking makes you sound like a hater or a girl

  9. Spungehead

    Torso looks like a bathroom wall

  10. lalala

    she’s so not hot anymore – to fake and skinny

  11. these shots are proof that I’m grossly over rated.

  12. She looks sexy…

  13. Hey she looking gorgeous in bikini, and i am totally speechless to see her in bikini, It looks the beauty of goddess have to come in water.

  14. Martha Stewart

    I think she is absolutely beautiful.

    Stop hating bitches!

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  16. MBT

    so amazing….

  17. Megan

    She does not have fake boobs. Wow. They would be way rounder, and perkier. Hers are not at all round, and they have a little bit of sag to them. Do you guys even know what fake boobs look like? She is a skinny girl with boobs that are largish on her frame. Mine are similar, and they’re not fake. The girl above who said men have a hard time judging fake boobs is right. Like her body or dislike it, the boobs are quite obviously real.

  18. Megan

    And you can too have that big of boobs on that small a frame, naturally. The person who said if your rib cage shows your boobs can’t be that big, is retarded. Her boobs aren’t super large.

    And the “cosmetic surgeon” above is just showing their fail when they refer to every woman not having the right frame to pull off a D cup, as if D cup instantly means huge boobs. That is where band size comes into play. Band size (32, 34, 36 etc) has just as much to do with how much mass there are to boobs as the actual cup size does. A 32D for instance has a very similar cup as a 34C. But no one would think a C cup is huge. Cup size isn’t everything, and a real professional would know that. The only intelligent thing that was said there was that if they are implants, the surgeon did a damn good job.

  19. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I am basically shocked how lately American women get attacked on this forum by I guess jealoys Asian yumyums- pass the popcorn but …whatever American women have always been the most beautiful to me in the world, fucking hell, how do you get so hateful?

  20. jane

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  21. captain america

    this is just another sick american who is starving herself to death in the hopes she will be seen as sexy or so.

  22. thanks for information

  23. B.B

    Man, the absurdly unrealistic standards people here have.

  24. Fuckston

    Take away the usual shoop-job and she looks like your typical, skinny-but-soft (i.e., not fit) 20-something. Can’t say I’m seeing the plastic rack, but maybe I’m just distracted, as usual, by her fucking retarded tattoos. Pretentious slag is pretentious.

  25. Jack Mehoff

    She is a suitable receptacle for my man juice.

  26. How can you be sooo sexy Megan. He has that look porn. Soo darn hot. Did you see the breasts hot sex video

  27. Unimpressed

    Too skinny. But she just does like Angelina.

    Face not too pretty either. I wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for the hideous tattoos and the thumbs.

    But I never liked her, not even in the fake ass photospreads.

  28. Are you serious

    Are you all serious she looks great and I would love to bend her over, backwards, forwards, sideways you name it I will do it. Why don’t you all take your wife out side and take pictures of her in a swimsuit and post her on this site. Yes your wife might not be famous but that makes no damn difference. She is very good looking and in shape good she gain a little weight maybe, would she be great with out tattoos maybe. Who really cares if she makes you happy and you are in love then she is awesome no matter what. Peace out

  29. stinky mcpoop

    I am a licensed gynecologist, and she definitely has a verginer. But she does still look like someone’s kid brother, so further examination may be necessary.

  30. megan’s bikini is not good, do you agree with me? But she’s hot!!!

    coco women give sexy bikini tips for women

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  33. Badger Bob

    I am totally amazed at how little Megan Fox (without makeup) looks like Megan Fox. I’d have walked right by her at the beach and never known it.

  34. man with erection (barely noticable)

    Damn she looks mighty fine to me you fags and hags! Step away from the cheetos “ladies” (as if). Step away from the penises faggots (dick addicts).

  35. Her breasts are not real. Pics #9 and #13 show you that. If I was her, I’m not sure I’d be pleased with them either. They are set quite far apart, but at least she got some in a size proportional to her small frame. Anyway, her body is a bit disappointing but her face (besides the obvious nose job) still looks pretty. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE looks as good without make up on as they do with make up, etc. Sorry to all of you living in a fantasy world.

  36. SO RIGHT

    She looks good. Her body is lean and healthy. But that combo swimsuit is terrible. Does nothing for her.

  37. Randal


    Lose some weight you fat porker, and maybe you might get picked for the Gobot movie.



  38. mary

    i cannot believe some people are saying her boobs are real. they are fake! sure she got them in a small size as to not make it that obvious but they are fake. look at these pictures

    it’s no big deal she has them but they are there. they look more obvious now because she lost weight. some girls may have breasts like that and they can be real, but that is not the case with megan. and I don’t really see them as having much of a sag to them, just because they aren’t bolted to her chest and up to her neck doesn’t mean they can’t be implants. she just got a good plastic surgeon to do them and make them look as natural as he can but her weight loss is making them more obvious. and the internet will always have pictures of her before she got them done.

  39. She’s in great shape, but the tattoos put her in the “white trash” category.

  40. She is so OVERRATED!!! Butt-average skank who needs a makeover to look the least bit feminine. Prolly has a disgusting dried-up druggie cooter as well.

  41. Jon

    Her boobs look pretty natural to me. Put it this way, if they are implants they are 99.9 % better then all other implants out there, so either way they look very good.

  42. Jon

    By the way, her belly button looks like a vagina, minus the clit and labia.

  43. DD

    WOW–there are a bunch of SUPER judgmental people on here! Glass houses must be the only thing still selling in this real estate market. Either that, or many of you are totally unaware of the fact that just as makeup & hair, lighting, wardrobe, and quality of photographer can work for you, they can also work against you, which is clearly the case here. This is an obviously naturally pretty girl with tasteful implants who was photographed on her no-makeup day off, soaking wet (not strategically wet like in a photoshoot), in unflattering natural light. The only thing I’ll agree on is that her swim bottoms are pretty awful, but, seriously, who cares? Oh yes, and tattoos are a very personal and permanent form of self-expression. I see that she chose someone she finds inspirational and a meaningful quote. There is nothing un-classy about that.
    Instead of verbally attacking someone you don’t know, your time would be better spent contimplating how what you say about others is really a comment on yourself.

  44. Marcus

    I’d do her in the water, while everyone watched.

  45. Chiy

    HELLO!! She’s gorgeous. No one looks the same without makeup and those aren’t obvious implants. Mine look like that and they’re real.

  46. Come on, let’s make fun of Speidi. At least Megan’s a working actress (not the best, but she can’t be as awful as Miley Cyrus), while those two stir up shit wherever they go.

  47. to DD, I agree she is quite alright, b u t

    The tattoos are utter shite!!!

    Marilyn Monroe = known MK/ illuminati slave/ snuffed

    Something about gilded butterflies or some other nonsense…(butterflys = MK monarch symbolism).

    And beside the overt and in your face NWO symbolism, tattoos on a beautiful woman is like painting over a Degas or Botticelli…

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