Megan Fox in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 181 Comments

Here are rare, candid shots of Megan Fox in a bikini over the weekend and is anyone else kind of disappointed by these? Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all those professional shoots in GQ, Rolling Stone, etc. but when you hear the words “Megan Fox in a bikini,” you expect fireworks to cascade out of her vagina as she sits astride a unicorn reading funny words on the Internet that touch her like no man has ever touched her before. Instead, we get a skinny chick with obvious implants and Brian Austin Green which is almost the exact opposite of unicorn vagina-works. I’m no “Hollywood insider,” but I’m pretty sure someone should fire her from another movie for this. Otherwise, we’re no different than the apes at the zoo, pleasuring ourselves at whi- GEH.

Can I start that last part over? And perhaps a towel?

Photos: Splash News

  1. cellphone

    Her navel resembles a keyhole.

  2. Mandi

    Love, love, love her AND her tats!

  3. bar room hero

    Those shitty tattoos are trash, def relegate her down from H O T…

    too fake looking imo anyways, but the shitty tats don’t help. I hate tit tats the most, how disgusting…like painting over a vermeer…

  4. Tek

    I applaud you, Fish, because that’s more or less the way I feel about her. Though I will admit that she looks a hell of a lot better than when she was super skinny and her implants looked like two oranges stuck on a wall (last GQ shoot). Don’t get me wrong, she’s definitely pretty. But people have been acting like she’s freakin’ Aphrodite (too much God of War on Playstation, sorry.)

    @37 here’s what her chest used to look like –

  5. udunome

    she looks super cute, verrrrry skinny, but still hot

  6. llama

    # 37.
    yeah now tell me her boobs are real….

  7. Lin

    I agree, Tek, even though her boobs are small, they are fake. You can tell by the roundness and firmness of them. Her plastic surgeon did do a good job though.

  8. McBiff

    Ahh the power of make-up

  9. sunshine

    #51 – ya think? I’m glad somebody else noticed, but I was thinking more of a little pup’s butthole or sumthin’.

  10. Nimcumpoop

    What the hell is going on with her belly button.

  11. Is it just me or does she look like a common crackwhore in these pics? The combination of the tats with the granny panties. Maybe she is trying to steal Lindsay Lohans part in the deep throat movie by going out looking like this.

    On a masturbatory note, I blew a load all over Bob Bechels face on the TV this morning. I don’t know what it is about that guy that sets my nads on fire but one look at him and I am stroking it like a muslim boy that got his first look at a Sears catalog.

    Thirty seconds and BAM! Bob is wearing a pearl necklace.

    Thanks Bob, love ya.



  12. toothepoint

    Most girls that look fantastic with makeup look VERY plain and simple without. Girls that are naturally very pretty often look like disasters when they are all tarted up and sat in front of a camera. Megan is clearly the former.

  13. Me again

    She looks like a small boy.

  14. jenni

    wow. talk about disappointing… sad.

  15. i still can't believe its not butter

    you know what’s missing here? her tan… and where the hell did her ass go?

  16. i still can't believe its not butter

    you know what’s missing here? her tan… and where the hell did her ass go?

  17. Poop

    Why do all guys suck at being able to tell real breasts from fake ones???? Those are REAL boobs.

  18. OH LA LA!!

  19. Way too skinny for sexy…

  20. Just saying

    Agh, this confirms she is only beautiful with makeup on!!!! Public don’t be fooled by the average looking girl, she it the type that needs makeup!!!

  21. Duh You Idiot!

    Like my name says…what do you expect? That’s all most of these hollywood fame chasers are, “skinny chicks with obvious implants” once you take them from the soft lighting, couture clothing, make up and hair team and then lets not forget all the airbrushing of Vogue….you’re left with an average girl who has paid a price for fame (literally by getting plastic surgery), who also just happened to get lucky by landing a movie. So there you go. But seriously, you thought there was something more to this girl? Fireworks? hahahahaha! You’re a fucking idiot for buying into all the hype that the media is selling you, hahahahahahahaha! This goes for all the boys and “men” out there disappointed when you see a fame chaser chick in a real life photo…hook, line and sinker. You bought it. Idiots. Go cry in your beer and hot wings you lame ass, and then go home to an empty house and wack off to Maxim magazine! hahahahaha!

  22. Parker

    She may look like an ordinary chick with long hair and tattoos here but she’ll wow them in my new movie, Movie Queens in Anal Scenes. Picture her bent over a sink, hands covered with soapy bubbles so the toe-shaped thumbs aren’t visible. She’s sobbing quietly as she wrings her hands and mumbles non-sequitors. The floor is littered with empty Gordito wrappers. A hand reaches out and rolls her panties down off her ass. She offers him a Chalupa. He gives her a bone. She gasps and says she can feel his germs. He buttfucks her and says shut up. Soon, it’s over and he leaves her standing there, still washing her hands. He’s satisfied. She will never be.

    Yo quiero culo. Fin.

    Call me Megan.

  23. Cody

    @67 Exactly. Those are some natural titties right there. I guess anyone with breasts that aren’t drooping down like pancake batter obviously had a boob job. She’s young, so yeah she’s gonna have round perky breasts. Her boob job comes later in life when she’s a saggy washed up pornstar.

  24. Kathleen

    She honestly has the ugliest stomach I’ve ever seen.

    And you’re retarded if you think those are her real boobs.

    It’s kinda funny how she was actually more attractive BEFORE the plastic surgery. Poor girl.

  25. karla

    she looks naturally pretty, like a dancers body, people are ridiculous and expect way too much from celebs. she has a nice body (fit and toned) and a pretty face. & why hate on her? media has hyped her up to be a bombshell but she has said it before that shes not that attractive and was a loner in school. so dont hate on her people she never claimed herself to be the most beautiful in the world.

    megan keep up your good work and dont give up, people need to appreciate celebs like her who keep to themselves and not become bad examples like lindsay lohan or paris hilton

  26. gen

    I think she looks hot but that’s because my disturbed female psyche tells me that skinnier=better.

    And her boyfriend is hot too.

  27. Some Girl

    Okay, everyone posting links to pictures that are supposed to be “proof” that she has a boob job… Sorry, but it’s not proof. Both of the supposed “before” pictures show her, braless, in a normal-strapped dress. When she is wearing a halter top bikini, or a PUSH-UP bra (which she obviously is in one of the “after” pictures), her boobs are going to look more full and round. Have you never seen Paris Hilton in a push-up bra? Have you never seen a girl in a push-up bra? Have you never worn a push-up bra?

    I hate Megan Fox because she is overhyped and irritating, and don’t really give a rat’s ass whether she has implants or not. But stop acting like she’s average because I go to the beach almost every weekend and there aren’t many girls who look like this!

  28. Mr. Nice Guy

    Boring and she does not like Sex. Who cares.

  29. e

    i really thought she was dead?

  30. Jessica

    Yeah seriously- all the “proof” pictures are her bra-less and then her in a push up. I’ve seen Paris look like a friggin’ D cup. And we all know she is a little more than a boy. There are always implant rumors, it’s annoying.

    If you can realize that photoshop makes people look much more amazing, then why is everyone still slow at realizing BREASTS look bigger when we want them to? Im a small B cup, I know how to work shirts and bras, and I am not hot-shit famous with millions to spend on ways to make them look bigger.

    Most of the people on here saying she DOESN’T have implants are women- men take a hint. Breasts do not look flawless when they are real. So what if she has a gap.

  31. K

    Her bikini bottom looks like those new denim diapers (look at pic 15).


  32. ROUGH vs the status quo

    Wouldn’t that be hypocritical of me to criticize, since I’m imagining her wiggling under me while we lay on soft fabrics? Sorry B.A.G.

  33. eatme

    to all you girls saying you have a nicer body than megan fox’s…

    please email me asap so that I may do the sex with you.

  34. alisa

    god you all are so lame…. of course she looks mediocre and nothing special without makeup on… you all are used to girls with a mask of makeup and photoshop. she looks normal because thats exactly what she is…. its so dumb how everyone places celebrities on pedestals… and to think megan has even had a ton of facial surgery… your expectations of people are way too high. step back into reality and look at the people around you instead of on the internet, in movies… etc.. if you saw megan at the beach and you didnt know who she was you wouldnt be insulting her.

  35. McMoomoo

    Finally some decent thinspo. Not skeletal, not ‘normal’, but just right. Best post I’ve seen in awhile Fish, thanks :)

  36. streetcorner guy with the weird religous sign

    This is a great example of what’s wrong with the world. Socrates had something to say about it in Gorgias. Physical Culture is to Make-Up as Medicine is to Cookery and Good Government is to Rhetoric. We don’t even fucking KNOW Megan Fox- she is a fiction, a created product, made up of pixels and airbrushing (or whatthefuckever such fakery is done with nowadays). Without her weird tats and makeup and photoshopping, most of us could walk right past her on the street and not recognize her. Megan Fox, as we know her, does not exist. Nor do most celebrities. The world is hung up on fictions, and is completely alienated and detached from The Real. We’re all doomed unless we can straighten this shit out post haste, folks…

  37. ahhhahhahahha

    aahh make it stop……she looks too much like POWDER

  38. weird talking king of the hill dude

    dang man she’s got her some dang ‘ol Native American flat feet on her…yow…

  39. Mugato1

    Fake tits? Usually fake tits are bigger than B-cups.

  40. stacy

    look at the picture #57 posted. sure she doesn’t have a bra but there is no way THAT bikini top is going to make her boobs rounder and bigger to that extent. her boobs in the before picture were sagging and not full at ALL. there is no way that bikini top would change her breasts so much unless it’s some magical string and triangle fabric pieces (aka implants). and paris only has huge boobs when she is wearing her pushup bra, but when she has a bikini on her breasts are normal size. who even cares if she has a boob job it isn’t really a big surprise but seriously to everyone who thinks they are real…I could probably put a picture of ashlee simpson and people would still say she didn’t get her nose fixed.

  41. cocolover


  42. greg

    im her plastic surgeon. her boobs are fake.

  43. A little FAt,isn’t she?

  44. shusha

    She finally has morphed into Angelina Jolie. Went from beautiful natural girl with a body to tattooed plastic face full of botox and bad cheek implants and a crack whore body.

  45. jane

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  46. Brooke

    I wouldn’t have recognized her without the stupid tattoos. Didn’t realize how much she relied on makeup and good lighting.

  47. dffgd

    there’s something missing in these photos!!!

    oh I remember what it is: Photoshop is missing…

  48. qwerty

    @ 90
    Unless you have them done to get rid of saggy boobs

    She loooks good,BTW
    And I really don’t wanna know where you people have seen 12-year-old boys looking like her

  49. xnay

    with this and her recent magazine cover i’m thinking her PR team is making over her image into something more likable and relate-able… too many people hated on her with all the botox and fake eyelashes and brows and such.

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