Megan Fox in a Bikini

June 1st, 2010 // 181 Comments

Here are rare, candid shots of Megan Fox in a bikini over the weekend and is anyone else kind of disappointed by these? Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all those professional shoots in GQ, Rolling Stone, etc. but when you hear the words “Megan Fox in a bikini,” you expect fireworks to cascade out of her vagina as she sits astride a unicorn reading funny words on the Internet that touch her like no man has ever touched her before. Instead, we get a skinny chick with obvious implants and Brian Austin Green which is almost the exact opposite of unicorn vagina-works. I’m no “Hollywood insider,” but I’m pretty sure someone should fire her from another movie for this. Otherwise, we’re no different than the apes at the zoo, pleasuring ourselves at whi- GEH.

Can I start that last part over? And perhaps a towel?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Rob

    Uh, I think I’ll pass on her.

  2. pappy smeary

    queer tattoo… fish face

  3. andy7171

    This pans flash has just about gone out.

  4. Bart

    Wow, talk about bursting the bubble for millions of naive teenage boys.

  5. Aar22

    I think she is awesome…

  6. joho777

    “Gawky kid” is exactly the right description.

    It just goes to show how the spinmasters continue to fool the public. You’d think that after Lindsay Lohan, people would finally be suspicious of women who have to be specially madeup,professionally lit, and photoshopped to look good.

  7. Photoshop Police

    …and her fifteenth minute starrtttsss ….


    bring on the next one!

  8. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck.

  9. Megan Fox

    these shots are proof that I’m grossly over rated.

  10. L

    WOW, she is super skinny. If those are implants, bitch got no boobs.

  11. Rose

    I kind of like her body. I think it’s cute. Yeah, it’s def. not as nice as it seems in photoshoots. But still, she’s got a very pretty face. I’d rather have Megan’s face+body than Miley’s face+body. The face matters the most.

    That being said, I actually prefer my body to hers. It’s nice to know you are in at least someway physically superior to Megan.

  12. jason

    She doesn’t look hot at all without makeup. What a plain jane. Nice body (except for those hideous tattoos), but I’ve seen more attractive faces around town. What a miracle makeup can do for a woman!

  13. bksat

    That is a great body. Natural and perfect. That’s the body I want.

  14. alexis

    OKAY here is some who has been hyped out of control… she doesn’t even have a hot belly button. For a person in the real world, she’s okay, but for someone with the reputation of being a bombshell, she is just barely mediocre. Not the assessment I would give to an ordinary person but Megan Fox is extra-ordinary.

  15. chuck

    am I the only one who finds her creepy? yikes

  16. WTF!

    I think she still looks good. I actually prefer this to all the fake makeup shit she usually does. Natural beauty, not easy to come by… cake on 30 pounds of makeup and anyone can look good. For the ones bitching about her tatoo’s
    F!@# off. I think tatoos are a great additive. Body modification is a beautiful thing… go ahead a say “oh hell no” but you guys would be the first ones to get a hard on over some fake boobs…

    she is hot , even more so with out all the glam

  17. Ozchick

    I think she looks ok – but WHY spoil it with hideous tattoos??

  18. Trickster

    I think she looks good too but she looks way more ordinary than hot! I think Jessica Alba has a better body and they both have pretty faces but that’s just my opinion :D

  19. ClassyDirtyChick

    Shame about those hideous tattoos on both sides of her body……

  20. frankw


    DUMMY. She CLEARLY has implants…

  21. pimp

    i can’t even jack off to these…

  22. ClassyDirtyChick

    I hear you @11 , makes me feel soooo much better

  23. Puke

    You call Adriana Partridge wonk tits, did you miss the Grand Canyon she has going on between her’s?

  24. Dr. Who

    Nice 8-head on her.

    In pic #4, she look like a kid straight out of the Jerry Lewis Telethon.


  25. coco

    I think she’s kinda ugly…okay, “plain” to be nice. Can you imagine her WITHOUT the fake tits, fake duck lips and fake nose…she would be sub-par. Her skin is so pale and reddish and kinda blotchy too. Can anyone believe that this who some losers dubbed as “the hottest and most beautiful woman in the world”. Puhlease. I agree that at the beach, you see who’s a natural beauty, like Jessica Alba, as one pointed out. And the worst part is that this twat is not even natural. I think Audrina is hotter than her.

  26. Nameless

    Her tattoos have always been stupid looking especially the fucked up Marilyn on her arm. But now it looks like she pulling the A-list actress move and starving away her tits by never eating.

  27. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    She’s with Brian Austin Green…??? Fucking bitch is two-timing me again!

  28. Megan

    I don’t see anything special about her at all.. and the fact that I share the very same first and last names as her makes my life SUCK at times. I wish. she. would go. away.

  29. jenna

    She has a beautiful face but she looks better in dresses with makeup than in bikini shots. People like Jessica Alba and Brooklyn Deckler should live in her bikinis. Her- not so much, one of those girls who look better made up

  30. Ellie

    I think she’s just wearing an awful two piece and that makes her seem kind of plain.

  31. durr

    You mean women don’t look as good in real life as they do after a professional makeup job, photography session, and Photoshop? I am SHOCKED sir, absolutely shocked.

  32. blackout

    while i have lost MAJOR interest in her dew to her departure from transformers, id still fuck her any day of the week.

  33. I think the tattoo on her side is her movie demands list.

  34. morefugs

    she’s a normal healthy looking everyday girl (with plastic titties & daffy duck lips) …
    at least the legs ain’t 2 inches high like most in hollywierd …
    yawn …

  35. GIRL

    Finally, the truth comes out! I always knew this was what she really looked like when not photoshopped or looking glamorous for a premier!

    Yayyyy, such a happy day.

    PS those tattoos really fuck her body up. I don’t mind tattoos, but these just seem randomly blotted on in places without any real thought put into it.

  36. Taz

    Sad day when your dreams die

  37. Jessica

    She has very nice skin, a lot better than most girls I have seen.. but then again most American girls are fat jealous slobs..

    I don’t see her boobs looking fake. Men have a REALLY hard time judging fake breasts.. maybe cause you haven’t seen very many. Medium chested women with very small frames tend to have breasts that look like that. Especially when she is wearing a string bikini instead of a halter top bikini, just pulls them to the side and shows her chest area more. Big deal. What size implant could she of asked for to look like that? Small B, large A? That’s retarded if she is really going for the bombshell tits.

  38. Nicole

    Oh silly men and the power of photoshop and makeup. hahahahahahhaa She looks like a normal girl. Guys are visual… what a shame to find out she looks average. huh?

  39. L

    Her face is pretty, but her face is also really fake and plastic surgery-ish. Her body isn’t bad, but it’s very boring. It does secretly make me feel good about my body because I know my body is sexier, and I’m all real! Thank you Megan Fox, for the self esteem boost! :)

  40. Truthsayer

    My sensibilities are offended by these pics.

  41. what?are you jocking?she looks so hot i love her

  42. tard

    Her sunscreen is wearing off. Don’t get a tan now. Stop playing with those damn sharpies they are a bitch to wash off.

  43. Not Megan Fox

    Ummm, she looks mediocre here, she needs her makeup. Not ugly (well, the tats are), but just average. Nice body though.

  44. Truthsayer


    Now your sensibilities are offending my sensibilities.

    Not sure how much more my sensibilities can take.

  45. Keemi

    Two examples of tattooed white trash.

  46. Rachell

    She doesn’t look that terrible. Obviously she’s not going to look as good naturally as she does with a team of stylists, make up artists, and lighting specialists. I think she has pretty skin though. Yes she clearly has implants and it looks like she’s had some facial work (lips, nose, cheeks)…it’s pretty easy to spot, there is a hardness to her face that I’ve seen on other celebrities that have had work…something just looks off and not natural. It’s her body, so it’s her choice, but whatever ;)

  47. moog

    I think she needs sex tape “leak” to fire her career back up. Can I get a “hell ya!”?

  48. bXc

    I love tattoos, but there are no nice or even well done tattoos in these pictures… yuck… Clearly she has the boy of a 12 year old boy without those implants…

  49. It is amazing what cameras, photoshop, lighting, makeup artists, wardrobe managers can do…

    Megan Fox can be a beautiful girl… but like another site did… they cropped her head off half the pictures and her body looked like an 80 year old woman. It was quite disturbing… and depressing.

    She needs to gain 15 pounds overall, that will fill in the bones and gauntness… and get rid of those ugly fucking tattoos… jeez.

  50. Gando

    Physically she’s quite in shape isn’t she?

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