Megan Fox is swimsuity

May 31st, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here are some teaser shots of Megan Fox in the July issue of GQ which more than make up for the Levi Johnston debacle. Actually, these could probably make up for a number of crimes committed by GQ including, but not limited to, dropping napalm on my testicles and using the last McNugget sauce. — Okay, maybe not the last one. Let’s be realistic.

Photos: GQ

  1. The Listener

    Pretty girl… Don’t care for the tattoos. Don’t know and don’t care whether her boobs are fake. Yes, she’s overhyped. She’s an okay actress, not great and not bad from what I’ve seen.

  2. Nate

    First of all, pictures, especially professional ones, are not a true indicator of what someone really looks like. At skilled photo or makeup artist can transform an average looking girl into an amazing beauty. Personally, I think Megan is average at best. She is waaayyy over hyped. What does she look like without a ton of makeup on and without all the touched up photos?? No one will ever really know. I have seen links that claim it is her without makeup and she is SO obviously made up! Just not as much as usual. She always looks skanky to me, kinda like a dark haired Christina Agulara (sp)?

  3. sonny

    @49, I agree completely. She should be so much hotter than she really is. What’s up with that? I mean, I’d still hit it like it I was dying, but would I really enjoy it? Proabably.

  4. Dan the man

    Hey Nate, google her highschool pix and her in the tv show Hope and Faith. She was very pretty back then too. I agree with your comments but that can be said for every female celebrity. I generally look at old pixs of celebrities to determine how attractive they are to me…before Hollywood’s transformation. This goes for all of the hotties.

  5. Rachell

    Yeah I’ve looked at her “natural” pics too. She’s still wearing gobs of make up, WAY more than I would ever wear, it’s just more muted, thus looks more “natural”. She’s ok, but nothing really great. She’s a bit of a butterface.

  6. Sammy

    No amount of makeup in the world is going to make somebody with ugly features like Rumor Willis hot. You have to have a good base to begin with and Megan has that at least.

  7. Alli Watermelon

    Go to #35′s link he posted. Anyone who says her breasts are REAL, should look at that pic. She has that weird “dimple”, similar to Tori Spellings..due to implants. It’s not a big deal that she has implants. So many woman do! But it’s just hilarious that people say she doesn’t. If I had implants, I’d yell it loud and proud! “Look what I bought!” :)

  8. JPRIchardson

    Remember this girl just turned 22 a couple of weeks ago. ..

  9. high as kites

    57, That could just be her bone. Some women’s chest concave in that area, look at Sandra Bullock’s chest for instance, and she is flat. That indent doesn’t give away the fact Megan Fox could have implants, comparing the shape now to the shape of them years back in her early appearances is what i factor to be proof she may have implants, though she didn’t get them much bigger than what she was before ironically.

  10. the evian baby

    Her face is Amazing

    but her bosy is for some reason so so

    could she be the opposite of a butterface?

  11. the evian baby

    Her face is Amazing

    but her body is for some reason so so

    could she be the opposite of a butterface?

  12. the evian baby

    Her face is Amazing

    but her body is for some reason so so

    could she be the opposite of a butterface?

  13. Seeing a girl like thisone on american beaches is as rare as eva longoria will give you a blowjob for free, folks!!

  14. martinne

    she has really nice upper body but really chubby and short hands..kinda freaky..midgety


    f-cking disgusting. one of the ugliest people on earth to somehow make ppl think she is hot. it is so sad that people have obviously never seen a real breast before. you can literally see the implants underneath her skin and where they are sewn in when anyone gets implants. her nose job is horrible despite the fortune she must have paid for it, and the rest is just a tranny mess. i wouldnt be surprised if she had her cheeks done as well. look at old pictures.. um these girls get plastic surgery at 15 or 16. the one and only decent thing i can find about this skanky rat is her dramatic eyebrows, which are probably fake as well. she looks like the filthiest pig ever and everyone in Hollywood knows she only got her roles by being a whore. she will be washed up in a couple of years. what a joke. i’d rather find a blow up doll in a truck stop bathroom, at least you could clean the germs off a bit with a hose.

  16. For a really smokin’ hot gallery of Megan Fox pics, check her out at:

  17. Jen

    #65 is a bitter old fat hag of a woman i have no doubts…did you walk in on your man wanking his johnson to megan and now you’re torn up inside? don’t cry dry your eyes.

  18. unixunix


  19. Megan Fox – what a hottie!

  20. Yum yum. She is still the hottest chick around

  21. She is absolutely smoking!!!

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  23. She is gorgeous, and those swimsuits can be found at World Swimwear. I bought that monokini about a month ago. I guess a simple black swimsuit was a good investment.

  24. Megan has to be one of the sexiest woman alive right now. Woot!

  25. I love Megan Fox and this post about Megan Fox is swimsuity I really enjoyed reading!!!

  26. Wow she looks amazing and slim. Who ever disagrees is simply jelous. Generally swimsuits are hot :)

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  31. I agree with what some of the other women said! I’m most definitely straight, but I seriously would! ;) She is a little too skinny for my liking, I like men and women with curves, but she is gorgeous.

  32. OMG so hot girl. Mmmm….

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