Megan Fox is swimsuity

May 31st, 2009 // 84 Comments

Here are some teaser shots of Megan Fox in the July issue of GQ which more than make up for the Levi Johnston debacle. Actually, these could probably make up for a number of crimes committed by GQ including, but not limited to, dropping napalm on my testicles and using the last McNugget sauce. — Okay, maybe not the last one. Let’s be realistic.

Photos: GQ

  1. Micaela


  2. John


  3. Adonis

    Overrated, no talent trash. Next.

  4. LPB

    Glad I didn’t have to wait too long to hear what’s wrong with her.

    I bet the photographer even used lighting tricks so that her pictures would look good.

  5. Alli Watermelon

    She looks hot, but I still say she doesnt appear to classy (of course I don’t KNOW her). Anyway..I’m curious…why are breast implants always so damn far apart? Like someone slapped two ice cream scoops on Megan’s chest? Besides her tats and far apart boobs, she’s really pretty!

  6. joshesmama

    She looks pretty in these photos, but she is ugly in all the other photos I have seen of her. The GQ staff must have done a great job on makeup and photo touch-ups. The benifits of a magazine staff making you look good.

  7. cherry

    She looks just like Lindsay Lohan in the main Picture. I can see shes pretty but I can’t see why shes so hyped. I don’t see the Robert Pattinson thing either. Or the Miranda Kerr thing. Or the Zac Efron thing. And Hugh Jackman isn’t THAT great.

  8. Pinoccio


  9. Charlie Caligula

    Brian Austin Green says she loves it in the butt.

  10. Meh

    Even with the best plastic surgeons and magazine staff on board, this chick still manages to look boring. That scrawny body with the bolted-on tennis balls is supposed to be feminine? As for her facial expression, it always seems to be saying ‘uhhh….umm…..duh….uhhh.’


  11. sin

    Cover up those retarded tattoo’s and she looks good. I hate visible tats on women. It makes them all look like trailer trash and biker bitches.

  12. Nero

    Is this Octo-mom or is this Angelina Jolie?

  13. Darth

    Is this LiLo or is this Octo-mom?

  14. Gando

    I don’t see any can of Red bull near her so i guess it’s Megan Fox?

  15. Galtacticus

    Holy crap! This is one hot piece of ass!

  16. angela

    I am so very straight… that said, I would tie this chick down and … well… do some hot sexy stuff. DAMN! She is HOT AS HELL!

    Reading other comments, goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  17. angela

    PS… I don’t actually think her breasts are fake, which I know almost everyone else does.. .If they are they are well done, so who cares?

    But fake boobs aren’t what makes breasts far apart. And if you don’t believe me, go look at Cameron Diaz!!!

  18. J

    GOD! Who cares!?

  19. It's Me Fuckers

    I am with Angela on this one. I am straight but I would LOVE to get into this woman’s bed. Fuck she is HOT. RAWR!! I see nothing wrong with anything she is putting forward. ;-) She and I could compare tattoos. Hehehehe….

  20. Buddy Love

    Wow. Megan Fox really is one of the hottest women out there right now.. You people who call her ugly/etc have a really distorted view of reality. Or you’re just jealous chicks. Her tattoos are stupid, just like most tattoos are, and she really needs to get naked, but she’s got great boobs, I’m pretty sure they’re real (Look at the Jennifer’s Body nude scene photos), and a fantastic body. She might say weird things, as well, but who gives a shit about what these women THINK? We just want to see them naked, imagine them doing things to us, and fantasize about them instead of our wives/girlfriends. Megan Fox is, for the record, hot.

  21. michael

    ugh… will this stupid Angelina wannabe please sit down. She is sooooo ordinaire
    and boring… no where near as hot as she thinks she is.

  22. Shiver me timbers

    When she tries to make sexy face in the second photo she ends up looking like a frog. Her body is ok but the rest is really unimpressive.

  23. alfalfa

    I’d bang that Angelina Jolie wannabe trailer trash skank anyday.

  24. Nero

    Yum! What’s her age??

  25. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Where’s my bebe?

  26. mikeock

    Take that, reality show mom who thinks she looks good in a bikini.

  27. Rhialto

    With muscular thighs like that you can crack any coconut!

  28. Reality check



    anyways, she is absolutely gorgeous. and i laugh my ass off at all the tattoo hate, for 2009 we sure are still a bunch of closed minded people. funny, i know several clean cut professional guys who LOVE tats on chicks (from sleeves to large back pieces, etc) and yet i am constantly reading how gross tats are on girls everytime i read the comments on this site. i am convinced it’s like the same 3 posters over and over and over again. megan’s tats show some thought, unlike your gf’s tat which is probably the name “george was here” on her lower back.

  29. Brazil

    She is starting to look more and more like Lara Flynn Boyle…..
    Doesn’t anyone else see it??

  30. byron

    @ 29 – yes. That is who she looks like!

    I don’t hate the tats, I just don’t find her attractive. She is an average looking woman who can barely land a part in a film and has a great publicist. I agree with whomever described her as boring.

  31. Alli Watermelon

    Yes, I understand that you can have far apart NATURAL breasts. But..99% of women with implants, they are far apart. That’s what makes them look so unnatural. Her’s are fake. If you think otherwise, you’re a special kid.

  32. emily

    things that megan fox is good at:

    looking good.

    not acting, certainly not giving interviews. her ego is HUGE. which, to me, diminishes a lot of her beauty, because i don’t care what you say, when you read the vapid, pseudo-scandalous things she says it has a serious impact on the way you see her. unless you’re just really shallow. which i guess some people probably are.

    in 5 years no one will care, though, so i sort of feel sorry for her.

  33. Reality check

    to #30

    How on earth megan can be called “AVERAGE” is so far beyond my ability to understand! Jen aniston is average, kate from jon and kate is average, kelly clarkson is average, not megan. How can anybody with those striking blue cat eyes and ideal bone structure be considered average? Even without a drop of makeup wearing a dirty t-shirt in many of her candids she’d stand out walking through a crowded airport, from her long dark hair to her perky nose. Hey, if you think she is not attractive, so be it, but to call her looks boring is just crazy talk. I think the lead singer of the pussycat dolls looks like a tranny and is not good looking in the slightest, but i’d never call her looks boring. I save that for the gwen paltrows of the world.

    To anybody who doesn’t think megan is naturally gorgeous, i welcome you to google her highschool pictures.

  34. Parker

    What I want to know is, what’s Megan Fox doing in Gay Quarterly magazine?

  35. Reality check


    CAN ANYBODY HONESTLY DENY HER BEAUTY? minimal makeup, freckles showing, if that is anything less than gorgeous then i don’t know what hope women have of ever feeling good enough for men.

  36. shez hot.. but think a bit over rated too!!

  37. ffff

    There’s nothin wrong with tattoos. Hers just happen to be fugly, unoriginal, and as far from body “art” as you can get.

  38. Reality check


    sorry but i don’t get the unoriginal comments at all. “unoriginal” tats to me would be the bazillion butterfly, star and flower tats i see on the lower back and hip. i’ve NEVER seen in my 30+ years of life a woman with a marilyn monroe tat on her forearm, nor have i seen the writing on the ribs like she has. unoriginal would be stars on the ribs, that i have seen a billion times. one of my good buddies is a tat artist so i am not speaking out of my ass.

    you want to call a tat ugly, look at all the dumb tribal tramp stamps or retarded arm bands, i don’t for the life of me see how megan’s tats are unoriginal in the least. i think the look of a quote on her ribs is super sexy, much better than some flower on her tit or something, or better yet bear claws. i mean, really. of all the tats i have seen on women, megan’s are far from fug. a classic female icon an a very pretty quote is fug? i am lost dude.

  39. Beastman AIDS

    I don’t like the tatts either. It’s not that these tatts are particularly unatractive it’s just I find tattoos to be a turn off on a good looking lady.
    The rest of her is smokin and I certainly would’t turn my nose up at her just over some ink in real life though.

  40. She looks pretty but why not people accept the beauty with fully covered dress?

  41. No brains, no talent, and half her looks are thanks to lighting and make- up. She is tomorrow’s nobody.

  42. Sherry

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  43. Galtacticus


  44. FACE

    ridiculously overrated piece of white meat, The other Meagan – Meagan Goode – is far hotter and sexier but her skin is black so she doesnt get the attention she deserve from the media or this sorry ass punk white boy site.

  45. Boogeyman King Dong

    Finally since a long time a great post again! Less Kim Kardashian and LiLo and more Megan Fox!

  46. #44? was that a drive by comment or are you a regular? ass punk white boy site? ill have you know most commentators on here, are black dudes ogling at white bitches….If youre such a seperatist why are you here?

  47. max

    @ Reality Check….

    IT’s cool that you are obsessed with Megan Fox… but can you understand that some of us just don’t see her the way you do? I am more of an Angelina, Scarlett, Juliette Binoche, Penelope Cruz kinda guy. I just don’t find Megan Fox remotely attractive.

  48. Sure the woman is beautiful, but i just dont like being force fed, id like to get obsessed on my own, not someone’s idea,,,,hey fish you have beef with Bar Rafaeli? where are her lay outs?

  49. asssk

    The problem with Megan Fox is that all the parts are there that would normally make someone attractive… yet for whatever reason she just does nothing for me. I want to think she is hot, but after Transformers and most of the time I see her, I am just not into it.

    She is a pretty girl and has a nice body- she is definitely Porn star quality but that is about it.

  50. angela

    – #44

    ummm HELLO there is a pic of Melanie Brown right below this post… you are a freak.

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