Megan Fox: ‘I’m a tranny’

January 13th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Megan Fox apparently took some time out yesterday from meeting her incestuous crush Zac Efron to whine about her body to reporters at the Golden Globes. The Sun reports:

She said: “I am pretty sure I am a doppelgänger for Alan Alda. I’m a tranny. I’m a man. I’m so painfully insecure. I’m on the verge of vomiting now. I am so horrified that I am here, and embarrassed.”
Megan added: “I love Salma Hayek’s look. She looks beautiful and I really want her boobs. I really, really do.”

While there’s a simple solution to having Salma Hayek’s breasts: Buy them. Anyone else suddenly feel the urge to watch M*A*S*H with no pants on? Yeah, me neither. That was a test. I was just testing you.

*looks wistfully out the window* Hawkeye….

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  1. me

    She’s gorgeous!

  2. Freebie

    I hate bolt ons. Now Tina Fey – she looks great in a low cut dress.

  3. Rick

    I’d poke her, but only while punching her in the face.

  4. p0nk

    that makes two of us that want Salma Hayak’s boobs.

  5. nik

    this bitch used to always talk about how hot she was and works very hard to keep up her ‘i’m hot because i burp and know things about cars and will eat steak and burgers (but don’t tell you i throw them up right after)’ image. everything she says is a dig for compliments and attention. pathetic.

  6. mike

    she bought her first set, why not cough for the expansion pack

  7. Megan Cocks

    Megan Fox is so incredibly hot already and what with the added bonus of a penis…

  8. o

    her thumbs creep me out. ball thumbs!

  9. hot damn

    Hot damn, I’d take a ride on that tranny train.

    The freakiest looking tranny I ever saw was the kid in this video. His hair is, err, frightening to say the least. The video is pretty funny too.

    Still, I would totally sck on that clit-boner. Chyna style baby.

  10. o

    her thumbs creep me out. ball thumbs!

  11. Jimmy Jim

    she knows how hot she is ,how could she not? looks come and go, and so will her career as a…wait…what does she say she ‘does’ again? Act? hahaha, seriously?

  12. gypsybrother

    i was she was a tranny. best of both worlds for me!

  13. Chris

    She must be Jessica Alba’s sister. I just LOVE IT when those two talk about how awful it is to be attractive. Of course, it’s nothing that a disfiguring rape wouldn’t cure.

  14. I just hate it when perfect looking people are “modest” like that and start yapping about their flaws and stuff…

  15. Alyssa

    She’s hot, but GOD SHUT UP, you’re RUINING IT BY TALKING!!!

    I wish she’d grow out her naturally blonde hair.

  16. Alyssa

    She’s hot, but GOD SHUT UP, you’re RUINING IT BY TALKING!!!

    I wish she’d grow out her naturally blonde hair.

  17. mamamiasweepeaches

    This is right up there with celebrities whining they have too much money or fame. GOOD LOOKING celbrities whining about their looks. Its evil -but I secretly hope for them to get in disfigureing car accidents! THEN she can whine about how ugly she is and I’ll listen!

  18. OJ's Mom

    Isn’t she in Trannysformers II?

  19. methinks

    This little rant of hers, where she is saying how f’d up she is, etc…

    Sounds like she was reading yesterday’s posts, no? How many people said she had issues, ink was a problem, too much plastic, etc.

    The worst thing this woman – or anyone posted here – could do is read this site.

    OTOH, the very nature of people who will have themselves inked like a canvas, and stuffed like a mounted bass just to get “the look” pretty much precludes their NOT caring.

    When your whole life revolves around “like me! like me!” etc., then it’s hard not to read sites that pretend to give actual feedback.

  20. Oscar Madison

    If that is tranny, I’ll be a fudge packer.

  21. Kelley

    She wants Salma Hayek’s boobs ?? Why in hell didn’t she get bigger implants then ?? Twit. She’s as dumb as toast.

  22. Andy

    She can say anything she wants…after I pull my cock out of her ass and stick it in her mouth.

  23. robert

    How can someone be THAT HOT and also insecure about their looks?

  24. Julie Ann

    Definitely one of those hot…but insane chicks…the most dangerous kind. Has “keep away” written alllllllllll over her.

  25. kevin

    Tyra Banks is a poor man’s Beyonce. Hot celebs and the celebrity pictures that show them.

  26. Cindy

    This is like a male commenter saying he feels like he has a small dick with a fat hairy beer belly hanging over it, even though in his dreams he’s a pretty pretty princess.

  27. OMG

    WHY oh WHY would she want Salma Hayeks boobs??? How will it make her any more beautiful than she already is??

    If she gets implants it will KILL her look. She would then look like every other typical hollywood skank.

  28. Vince Lombardi

    We ALL want Salma’s boobs. MOTORBOAT!!!! (brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbbbb!!!)

  29. elbob

    She’s so pretty, but the Marilyn tattoo just ruins the whole look.

  30. ishi-san

    she bought already some – look pic 3!!!

  31. watch the new Real World and see a real tranny

  32. pistola

    oh shut the fuck up already. i hate this vapid bitch.

  33. pistola

    @ 27—

    she DOES have implants! check out pictures of her from a couple years ago if you need proof… breast implants, lip injections, a nose job, and a spray tan, if you want to get REAL.

  34. pistola

    she should have forgone the breast implants and opted for liposuction of her chubby arms.

  35. missywissy

    I don’t understand the Alan Alda thing. Did Angelina Jolie make a comment similiar at one point and Megan Fox stole it and put a twist on it?

  36. Sheva

    Perhaps she was saying she wished she had the awesome power of Salma’s natural breasts. Every chick in Hollywood already has a fake rack but them things are nasty.

    You watch an old Hayek movie like with Banderas and she is just looking so totally awesome.

    I’ve found that the more attractive a woman is the more insecure. Getting a daily dose of self-esteem from total strangers becomes a drug they can’t go without. If they have a bad day and it stops, it sends them to the depths of hell.

    If one is a young Hollywood “actress” getting work based on their “look” being in then it must be far worse. That changes as quickly as the tides and Megan Fox knows that.

  37. I can’t help her with Selma Hayak’s boobs, but when I was alive I could help her with RichPort’s ejaculate.

  38. Manolo

    I have fought it since that Transformers movie came out, but I can’t fight it any longer:

    Megan Fox is superfuckinghot. The hottest. She is a dream doll. And she sounds cool.

  39. Alissa Landsone

    I always think she was a trysexual. You know, willing to ‘try’ just about anything.

  40. the big bang

    why is she speaking? Get back over here and bend over this table.

  41. MasterOfTheObvious

    She’s taking the whole “I want to be the next Angelina” thing way too far. Angelina has made quotes like this how she is extremely self-conscious about her body and hates how she looks.

    Megan Fox is a douchebag.





  43. chuck roast

    Brian Austin Green be lovin’ that man-poon.

    @4 That makes three of us.

    @9 That shit is pretty funny. That kid looks just like Dwight K. Schrute, only somehow uglier…

    Oh, and Transformers sucked!

  44. According to her Twitter, she was just lying when she said she’s insecure. Also that she does want Salma Hayek’s breasts, but she wants them in her mouth.

  45. Ya know – I reeeaaalllyyy don’t find myself thinking about Alan Alda when I look at Megan. Like not at all. Nope, not even a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like Alan Alda, just not in the same way.

  46. T

    Nothing screams pathetic cry for attention like dating Brian Austin Green! What’s next… marrying Verne?

    That said since she’s into old white guys, I’d leave my wife for her. Her pussy would be like a wisp of cotton candy above a paper cut…
    (RIP Bill).

  47. bromantic

    @9 hahaha stupid american shoppers

  48. subteentit

    Man, it looks like she’s got one of those boob jobs from Tori Spelling’s plastic surgeon. Give it a few months, and it will keep going farther and farther apart. Megan is such a needy douche!

  49. Amanda

    Ahhh i love when hot girls dont think or know they are hot. It makes them that much easier to relate to with all their insecurities. I love Megan Fox…she’s so gorgeous im jealous!!

  50. Amanda

    Ahhh i love when hot girls dont think or know they are hot. It makes them that much easier to relate to with all their insecurities. I love Megan Fox…she’s so gorgeous im jealous!!

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