Megan Fox hates America

June 23rd, 2009 // 95 Comments

While Megan Fox flaunted her stupid awesome breasts during the international tour for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, she apparently decided to shit all over the American flag by wearing some sort of toga at the LA premiere last night. At this point, my heart goes out to the lone soldier who bravely completes his mission so we can live in a country where Megan Fox’s cleavage sells tickets to a movie about GM vehicles beating the fuck out of each other. You will not die in vain, sir! Not on my watch. Get Michael Bay on the line.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Jimboooper

    I hate her too. Her and those stupid breasts. And thumbs. And vaginer.

  2. Drestylz

    Frist Bitches!

  3. Inmate #2648927

    She wears what the producers tell her to wear.

  4. Parker

    I would do some dirty things to this girl. Mainly involving my weiner in her tight ass. Ok, who am I kidding? All of it would involve my weiner buried in her butt.

  5. Argyle

    What’s really sad here is that her toga has the potential for some awesome side boob photos, yet there are none.

  6. haha

    @4: you sound like an idiot, everyone knows you’re an internet troll who probably looks like a piece of dog shit. You would pee yourself if you ever got within 100 feet of Megan Fox. Go to a Trekkie convention and find yourself a flesh and blood girlfriend and stop bothering everyone with disgusting comments about the anal sex that you’ve probably never actually had.

    I think this dress is sexy as hell and I don’t mind that you can’t see her boobs because she her implants are weird. They’re spaced too far apart.

  7. Nicolyn

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful in that dress. Where can I get one?

  8. mandeer

    Wow way too much of the Greek goddess going on.. Have you ever googled megan fox before and after plastic surgery… try it, it will give you shivers….

  9. mandeer

    Wow.. way to much of the Greek Goddess thing going on… have you ever googled megan fox before and after plastic surgery.. it will give you shivers how plastic she is… brrrrr

  10. missywissy

    I don’t get the belt???

    I wonder if it wears on her to act like somebody else all the time. I mean, I know she’s an actress, but even off screen she puts on an act.

    I think this gal’s only followers are people who don’t know who Angelina Jolie is and guys that don’t give a shit, as long is there’s tits and pussy.

  11. Anon

    wow. what a change.
    But I do think most of the change isn’t from plastic surgery but the fact she was younger and has grown the fuck up (to quote another thread on here :P) so her looks have developed.

  12. Hmmm...

    I just wish she hates clothes….

    I’m just sayin’

  13. Courtyardpigeon

    Mandeer you are gay. Just say it and you will feel better about yourself. I saw photos of her before the plastic surgery, and it certainly did not give me shivers. She simply had the small bump removed from her nose and probably had small breast implants like 98% of female Hollywood. She dyed her hair black, which has given her face much more definition. Megan Fox was STUNNING before this and is STUNNING now. Go read your Playgirl.

  14. lizzy

    wtf why is everyone saying she could look better? she looks absolutely gorgeous. ugh i love the way her skin looks against the white dress, and her shoes are so hot.

    she’s perfect – all the time.

  15. p0nk

    “…the lone soldier who bravely completes his mission so we can live in a country…”
    meanwhile, Shifty Powers died.


  16. i would shag her in front of my family.

  17. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She looks like an overly Hoe-ish Princess Lea with too much spray on tanner involved… Wait… sorry Carrie.

  18. Brown Dog

    Why do men always talk about fucking women in the ass? Honestly, is this a latent form of homosexual tendency? Freud said we were all somewhat bisexual. I mean, isn’t the vagina where a penis should be placed?

  19. very superficial

    Megan Fox is BEAUTIFUL. You go girl! But by the way, did any one notice that Heather Graham wear that outfit already? Don’t get me wrong, Fox killed it in that dress. I’m so jealous & need to get a dress that fits like that IMMEADIATELY, not to mention work out 24/7 for the next month and win the lotto/go to vegas, in order to step up my game from cz’s to the real thing. Now back to the dress. Heather wore it to some “Hangover” related premiere somewhere, BUT in blue. A really pretty color blue to say the least. But I didn’t think the dress did HER justice, and Megan Fox just prooved me right. Thanks Meg!

    PS Heather Graham is also really pretty, but being a brunette I am somewhat biased/a hair color racist. However, I still think Megan Fox wore it better. Anyone second that?

  20. Seriously

    If all you “men” on this site think Megan is so hot, I think you should do this: hang fliers at trailer parks across America looking for a Megan lookalike. You could have a contest and pay the winner $100 or a bag of Cheetos. There are probably at least 100 chicks across the country who look just like her ~ and the chance of them existing in a trailer park is probably your best bet.
    Plus, the winner won’t be famous (temporarily) and will probably be more likely to give you the time of day. Or, you can wait 2 years until everyone is saying, “Megan who?” and then you might have a shot.

  21. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Heather Graham = Take home to parents…
    Megan Fox = fuck in a dumpster…

  22. moron

    She looks like Lena Headey in 300. I would fuck both of them in so many ways.

  23. Hash

    I think she should accessorize. My penis.

  24. oh noez


    Like he cares. I dont think he has ever had anal sex and probably dreams of one day opening his own IHOP.

  25. I honestly can’t decide if she is super-hot or if I just want to cunt-punch her into the ocean.

  26. DeviousJinx

    Cunt-punch her into the ocean???? hahahahahahahahahahaha, something on this site finally made me laugh!

  27. e-rock

    She looks hot, end of story. Yes, she had plastic surgery, along with every other Hollywood “starlet” out there. She had a nose job, a boob job, and obvious lip injections. Guess what? WHO THE HELL CARES?? SHE IS HOT, HOT, HOT!!! But thats as far as it goes. Her personality? meh, she could use some work on that. Like saying she “doesn’t want to be like Angelina, we are nothing alike”, to one magazine, then in another stating “I would LOVE to be her lover, Im obsessed with her”. She is Hot, but lets get this straight, she ain’t no Angie, and never will be. There is ONLY ONE. ;oD

  28. eurotrash

    still dont know what to make of her.. yea she’s hot but god damn her personality sucks.. she is the perfect example of someone who should never open her mouth and just look pretty for the camera.
    oh yea and this outfit is horrible.. dress is ok but all accessories ruin it completely (those earings? those shoes?!) yea def looks like trailer trash goin to a ‘fancy’ frat toga party…

  29. Dread not

    SF: “…my heart goes out to the lone soldier who bravely completes his mission so we can live in a country where Megan Fox’s cleavage sells tickets to a movie about GM vehicles beating the fuck out of each other.”
    Dn: Yes. Complete that mission soldier, so I can WATCH Megan take that shit on the American flag, made possible by your sacrifice.

    P.S. I’ll try to get it on video, as she grunts one out.

  30. DAMN YOU ARMS!!! Seriously, if the bitch was armless, that toga would let her tits pop out…

  31. #15 – Are these enough commendations for one man? Amazing.

    #25 – Cunt punch her… fuck it, just throw me at her.

  32. Sephystal

    absolutely LOVEE her dress. I want it.

  33. alphabet

    Wait, so the headline suggesting Fox ‘hates America’ is because of her, um, dress? Are you retarded? That’s a joke, right?

  34. J

    After that god-forsaken “movie” she is in leaves theatres, nobody will care about her anymore.

    If the girl had something going for her besides her looks (which are trashy, at best), then maybe she could transcend the deluge of crapass projects she’s worked on.

  35. uh

    It’s not like she’s had a ton of surgery, not like Blake Lively. She was a pretty girl and now she’s a fully grown woman who wears too much make up.

  36. Iris

    Awww, Megan Fox! She is god damn HWAT!

  37. This is ridiculous. Megan ought to be ashamed. Doesnt she know that the only reason people showed up was to see some flesh!?! I will accept a personal apology from her at my home address…come when you are ready, Meg.
    The Rake

  38. alfalfa

    She’s hot in a trailer trash kind of way

  39. fred

    why all the derogatory references to the flag that are completely necessary? the only person that seems to be needing his ass beat to pulp is the person that wrote all that unnecessary commentary referencing the American flag. whose the disrespctful deuce bag here?

  40. temp

    haha, i was actually at the premiere last night.
    i actually don’t think she’s that hot in pictures…but once i got to see her in person yesterday, damn she’s beautiful.

    major bitch, but gorgeous. lol

  41. JoeyC

    Seriously, what is with this new writer? All the cursing? Unreadable.

  42. Watch

    ok superficial writer, you dont know fucking shit because she is not dissing america by wearing a toga. you sound like a total douche and should have your internet writer’s license removed. she is not putting down america by wearing a toga. you sound like a troll more than a writer.

  43. Susieeeee

    Post #13 i couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Megan was gorgeous then and she is gorgeous now, just two different types of gorgeous and both make me all tingly inside. Love her and i’m a chick btw!!

  44. S-N!@#

    did u see pics of her cameltoe??


  45. alisa

    i always acknowledge when a girl is hot but when she is only THAT hot because of a nose job lips and fake tits i have a problem. naturally shes soooo average. honestly who would want a person who is only hot because of surgery?! its just so weird to me…

    soooo average

  46. datroof

    I don’t understand wtf this post is about. And this bitch is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    But yeah, she’s fucking hot so whatever.

  47. Mel

    Really? You’re saying that Megan Fox hates America because she wore a dress that somewhat resembles a toga? Really?

  48. Dude, Megan Fox is hot period!!! any guy would wanna do her. Its just male human nature. And saying that she hates America is just a way of self justification because you would want to see more of her incredibly blessed hot warm **drooling** luscious body. stay true.

  49. hahahahahahaha!!!

    Megathumb Fox. First, she is. Second, she is not.

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