Megan Fox has an exclusive vagina

March 3rd, 2010 // 88 Comments

Megan Fox reveals in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar that she’s only sex with one other man who was apparently so terrible in bed she ran straight into the groin of Brian Austin Green:

“I’ve only been with two men my entire life. My childhood sweetheart and Brian. I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

Never came close, huh? What about that time we almost had sex but you didn’t have a vagina so I woke up screaming? Was I just another notch on your belt? Hussy!

*runs away crying*

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  1. CelebDeathClock

    She’s good at suckin dicks, goin down on someone isn’t like sleeping with them!

  2. This is the same chick who “doesn’t believe in monogamy”, used to be in love with a female stripper, claims she “absolutely loves sex” in just about every men’s magazine interview and fucked BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN. What kind of moron believes this bitch has only been with 2 people? I mean, let’s disregard all of the other bullshit for just one second and ask ourselves a question. What 24 year old hot, nobody gets a rep in her middleofnowhere town for being a “bad girl”, has sex for the first time with her highschool sweetheart, runs her hot talented ass off to Hollywood, becomes famous, fucks Brian Austin Green and lives happily ever after? I wish she’d just stop talking.

  3. Mr. Fox

    I’ve had sex with Megan like 5 times. And that’s just in the last hour.

  4. Airkeeper


    Screw you all, yeah she’s crazy, but she’s still hot.

    I think I like her cause everyone else seems to hate on her.

  5. Kay

    I don’t get it…she’s not really that dumb in her interviews. People are just way harsher on her because she’s so hot. Get over your jealousy and envy, just makes you look pathetic. If you watch her Jennifer’s Body interview she is quite intelligent. What you read in mags are just exaggerations.

  6. Ally

    To all the guys on here spewing sexist hatred in their comments,
    what did your mother do to you for you to hate women so much. You people need help.

  7. captain america

    yep, IT SPITS BEANS ONCE IN A WHILE, folks!!

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  9. Tom

    This doesn’t make men like her less, or fantasize about her less. I think it’s safe to say that this makes most males more attracted to her, because thinking of her as a whore is fleeting, but thinking of her as an actual potential love interest is intoxicating.

  10. Mr. Nice Guy

    It makes men like her less. Did you watch the Bachelor? As soon as Corrie Adamson told him she was a Virgin he kicked her out. Then Tenley, the near Virgin gets dumped at the end. Most men, once they grow up want a women who like sex, and know we all do what we like to do.

  11. sam

    1 a promiscuous teenager licentious, sexually indiscriminate, wanton, immoral, fast; informal easy, swinging, sluttish, whorish, bed-hopping; dated loose, fallen. antonym chaste, virtuous.
    2 promiscuous reading indiscriminate, undiscriminating, unselective, random, haphazard, irresponsible, unthinking, unconsidered. antonym selective.

    Ah those are qualities I want in a wife….. and the only reason you would think a chick that has slept with a lot of people would make a good wife because that’s the only type of chick that has dated out with you.

  12. Megan Fox sunbathing nude in her luxury Californian beach house. Papz video.

  13. al

    Big fat giant knockered sexy totally doable liar!

  14. Mr. Nice Guy

    Sam you are right and wrong. Those of us that have dated both Virgins and Promiscuous Women will tell you that Promiscuous Women are a way better choice for Girlfriend/Wife.
    So stop picking you’re dates based on the Thesaurus, and find a Hot Promiscuous Women looking for love. Or keep dating boring women and leave the real women to us.

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  16. spiderLAW

    A 61.
    Thats media dude. Get outta the media and look at real grown-ups, not these slut kids that run around making babies they cant raise.
    Nobody who is right in their mind wants a promiscuous woman because he thinks she likes sex. All women like sex when they’ve had it right on the first try. Shit, i have had best friends (women) who were near virgins and who loved the way their men screwed them and so they stuck with the one guy and never had another. Then there was my friends that didnt have it right the first couple of times and so now the play the field. Media makes sex out to be nothing but animal instinct…Real men and women know theres more to it than that.

    P.S. nobody really cares about grammar in blogs.

  17. What did you just say?

    So an adult man who has sex with young underage girls shouldnt be called a pedophile/rapeist because “HE JUST LIKES SMALL VAGINAS”…UHG! PEOPLE WHO DONT THINK ARE THE DEVIL….Grow up.

  18. Mr. Nice Guy

    Only a fool thinks all Women (or all Men) love sex. But a promiscuous person who is having sex because they like it make the best partners.

  19. spiderLAW

    You go ahead and keep sticking your penis in caves then while us MEN will find better places to stick it in.

  20. xiannian

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  21. Anonymoose

    Commenter 1 is a newfag

  22. OMG..wht is she saying….Just only 18 and …
    Nice post..Like to read more updates about her
    Megan and Brian

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  24. OMG..wht is she saying….Just only 18 and …
    Nice post..Like to read more updates about her
    Megan and Brian

  25. Ben

    i love you vergina megan

  26. Ben

    i love you vergina megan

  27. Xd

    Its Vagina not Vegina u dumbass ben

  28. Xd

    Its Vagina not Vergina u dumbass ben

  29. Xd

    Its Vagina not Vergina u dumbass ben

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