Megan Fox has nothing to do with Michael Jackson

June 26th, 2009 // 83 Comments

With Michael Jackson’s death consuming all forms of life (I heard reports they announced his death on The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel.), I find it to be my journalistic duty to focus on more dire issues occurring in the world. Namely Megan Fox’s hotness. Here she is yesterday in New York before going on Letterman, and is anyone else starting to get tired of the tongue thing she’s been doing in every picture lately? Whoever told her to do that must be an idiot, and therefore Michael Bay.


  1. nils


  2. Gary

    Yeah, she’s about normal adult sexuality so she has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson.

  3. andi

    i love what she’s doing with her hair, shits fabulous…

  4. Lain

    She’s hot.
    In the right light, you can see all of her imperfections…

  5. Please get naked!

  6. smacked ass

    Are you kidding? I’d kill Farrah Fawcett to have Megan Fox stick her tongue out at me! Oops. Too late.

  7. Meg

    She is gorgeous!

  8. lick this

    Toe thumb!!! Noooo! I’d hit that. … a few hundred times. If she’s wanting to excercise her tongue, my balls could use a shinin’. Just sayin’.

  9. lizzy

    yeh she does the tongue thing way too much. constantly sticking it out/pretending to lick her lips in nearly every photoshoot and at every premiere.

  10. Stuey

    At least she doesn’t do that gaping maw mouth thing that Heidi does in every picture.


  11. Christina

    Pretty cool hair!
    Nice slim figure!

  12. Farles Chew

    “Megan Fox” is nothing but a CGI created by Dreamworks and Pixar. Quit spreading the lie that she’s a real person; no living being could be that flat and lifeless on screen.

  13. vito

    She’s so fucking hot I just burned my fingers on my keyboard!

  14. kingpear


    They are all photoshops. You can tell because the shadows of her boobs in that dress are wrong!

    C’mon.. Are we expected to believe that is actually HER tongue in those pics? Un-freaking-believable what people can do with Photo editting software!

  15. ph7

    She has *everything* to do with my boner!

  16. Bill

    Thanks for making at least one post not about Michael Jackson. Who gives a flying fuck… suddenly everyone forgives the suspected child molester…

  17. E

    Never did I think that the ‘fish would have a more interesting lead story that both the Globe and Mail, BBC and the Huffington Post combinded, but then MJ died and the whole journaistic world went to shit for a few days. So thank, fish, for posting a non-MJ related story – perhaps you could take down all the other crap about the sad, little, weird man who died too? Yeah, that’s be so awesome.

  18. NiN

    Agreed. Tongue thing is cute. She makes my brain hurt as it tries to process exactly how hot she is.

  19. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    dang it Fish, not one darn butt shot. You’re killing me man, killing me.

  20. Ego

    ZOMG .. She’s unbelievably hot but I can’t get over that “Toe Thumb” , there’s no god =/

    Modern Medicine needs to resolve this travesty!

  21. Decker

    I don’t know why you fools slobber so much over this replicant. She’s a total skin-job. Her features are perfect, but synthetic. Her smile is completely artificial. There is no life in her eyes.

    And she’s as dumb as a sack of hammers. So I’m guessing she’s nothing but a pleasure model.

  22. Tom K

    She is gorgeous but once again those tats on her arms bother fuck out of me for some reason!!!

  23. Rachel

    Hey Decker,

    How about a “retirement”?

  24. dirk

    When those deformed thumbs wrapped around my cock, I would lose my chub.

  25. chris

    its amazing to watch people who contribute nothing to society think the world revolves around them.
    Don’t get me wrong I”ll do her in more ways than one

  26. Parker

    First of all, thanks for using Megan Fox to break the Micheal Jackson stranglehold on the news. I was watching the weather channel yesterday, like most people do in the afternoon, when they interrupted my “Local on the 8′s” to announce Michael Jackson had OD’d. For the next ten minutes I had no idea what the weather was going to be like in my neghborhood.

    Second of all, I believe when women make that gesture with their tongue it means they prefer anal sex. I could be wrong but whenever I see a girl doing that all I’m thinking is I want to bury my bone in her backyard.

    Last, if you’re reading this Megan, call me. I have a bone to prick you with. haha, I’m kidding. I just want to bend you over and have anal sex with you.

  27. Brian A Green

    she has TOE THUMB and other problems…. hermaphrodisia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Decker

    #23 I would like to, but pleasure models are too stupid to die. One time I dropped one off the top of a parking garage, and she just got up, mumbled “oh, wow!” and then wandered off.

    Diseases usually do the job for me.

  29. sigh...

    just another hollywood robot with no substance

    idk, she just looks plastic to me

    not a fan, sry

  30. Lucky Breaks

    Who cares if Megan isn’t smart… She’s being paid to look good, not be intelligent LOL.

  31. herbiefrog

    if you remember [tough after 5pm we know] linds was calling her out on the tounge job several weeks ago…

    [[and your point is... ? ?]]

    no point jus’ sayin’ is all : ))

  32. bill

    her arms and legs are pale and atrophied. she has a hint of beginning FUPA. this bitch is already going downhill. she looks over 30. in this light its obvious she does not take care of herself with proper diet and exercise. that disgusts me

  33. Tired of the tongue thing. And her thumb is funny. :D

  34. Nick

    Thank you for giving those not interested in 24/7 MJ coverage something to read!! I hope more is coming.

  35. You know, as much as she is in the news these days, it really never gets old looking at her. That first pic is stunning. The girl is flavorful, straight up.
    The Rake

  36. algob

    Her nose looks bad in these pics. More work done?

  37. Gerard

    She is a piece of shit. Talentless, Stupid and not hot. Drag Queen.

    her mouth looks like a man’s shaven asshole.

    Megman fox is nasty.

  38. Mick

    What is with that nasty tongue? Is she retarded???

    Seriously, she looks like Monica Lewinsky and Nany Kerrigan.

    Do not want.

  39. hot mess

    yeah, those are some hot and sexy pock marks and zits in pic 6. yay makeup.

  40. danielle

    i bet each and every one of you are over 40 and live in your mother’s basement. and your definition of a shower is sprinkling water from the tap over the top of your heads and spraying lysol under your pits. you guys sound like a bunch of sexless douches.

    and btw- in the sunlight, this thing called megan fox has the face of a transformer.

  41. I love her smooth skin.

  42. And now just like he does to every other HOT celeb on the planet… the Superficial begins to turn.

  43. Erica

    Her tits are really small. She’s hot as fuck but I’m getting sick of seeing her everywhere.

  44. titsonsnack

    She’s pretty but the more I see her the less impressed I am. Plus that retarded tattoo really kills it for me.
    The “tongue thing” is nowhere near as god damned irritating as Heidi Montag’s hee-haw mouth, but yeah it’s getting old fast.

  45. Freak of the WOrld Supergreat +29

    She’s a fake skin job, her thumbs are toes, that tattoo is hideous and…and …uh…ah……ah.. ooohhh……does anyone need some manseed?

  46. Dread not

    She needs to be my penis puppet.

  47. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Dumb and vapid as ever. I’d sooner hang out with a RealDoll, the conversation would be more intelligent that way.

  48. Give me Liz Taylor

    I saw her on Letterman and she didn’t look that great, so I think she must have melted by the time she got inside the studio. She also has a motor mouth, and said all sort of stupid stuff about herself growing up. Who cares?

    Her fifteen minutes are up. She was a lot better looking in the first Transformers when she was younger, now she is just an old piece of cheese.

  49. Megan’s got a bit of ‘tude and held her own with Letterman. Far from a genius, but how smart do you have to be to “pretend the little yellow tennis ball is a Deceptacon?” BAG, I hate your F’n guts!

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