Megan Fox has hair. Did not see that coming…

March 31st, 2009 // 166 Comments

It’s been four long days since I’ve posted about Megan Fox, so here are shots of her leaving the hair salon last night. Sure, I could cover things like black president guy and the moneys, but c’mon. Megan Fox + Haircut = Hardest hitting journalism on the planet. Frankly, I’m surprised Clark Kent hasn’t swooped down and handed me a medal. Or whoever it was that invented newspapers. Garfield?

Photos: Flynet

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  7. they have made her fat as well and explained they photoshopped imaged cause the guy has a thing for girls with shaved heads. whether shes done it in real life or not i dont know

  8. memoi

    This is a pic with make up and even then she look not so good!

  9. And she got a nice hairdo. I wonder how much of this hair is hers actually. I don’t want to be mean but doesn’t all look so real.

  10. Kid

    Her hair and clothes are nice, but I’m turned off by the make-up she’s wearing. Not good.alcohol in wine

  11. Breezy

    why is everyone doggin on her tats??
    i think she’s gorgeous and i like them.
    they’re w part of who she is, i’m sure she didn’t think about what a bunch on nobody’s who sit online all day would think.

    she’s rich. she’s famous. she’s gorgeous.
    she can get away with her tats.

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