Megan Fox has hair. Did not see that coming…

March 31st, 2009 // 166 Comments

It’s been four long days since I’ve posted about Megan Fox, so here are shots of her leaving the hair salon last night. Sure, I could cover things like black president guy and the moneys, but c’mon. Megan Fox + Haircut = Hardest hitting journalism on the planet. Frankly, I’m surprised Clark Kent hasn’t swooped down and handed me a medal. Or whoever it was that invented newspapers. Garfield?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Nat

    She looks like the crypt keeper in the first pic. hellloooooooo kiddies!

  2. boobies

    lol @ 46
    nice analysis dr. drew lipinski, killed that

  3. amie

    i’m 100% hetero woman, but man i would fuck her for daaaaays.

  4. SillyPandas

    Her nose in the third picture. Yikes.

    And I think that the general consensus is that, yes, her tats are gross. She really likes to show them off, huh?

  5. S.

    stupid bitch, let’s burn her!

    - o God, i miss medieval times..

  6. uglysexy

    She’s pretty dazzling….Wouldn’t mind working with her….her imdb photo doesn’ t look as good as she usually photographs

  7. lola

    I am torn on tattoos. Many of them do look skanky on women and make men look like dumb posers. It can be fine when someone gets a tattoo for a somewhat decent reason, to remember a loved one or a small religious tattoo.

    If I ever got one it would be small and in a part of my body that is normally covered by casual clothing. My husband keeps wanting a cross on his back and I have to lay down the law. I will NOT let him ruin his nice body no matter how good that tattoo is. So I guess it boils down to how much I care about someone.

    It is really sad that Meagan got a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe (rolls over laughing). Maybe she got them when she was 18? Most people just don’t have common sense at that age and it is really hard to get tattoos removed.

  8. DS

    Most overrated bitch ever. And I’m a guy.

  9. This is the best she’s ever looked really

  10. LPB

    I’m going back to sleep now; make sure to wake me if she does anything about removing that cheap looking “ink”.

  11. ashley

    someone needs to get this chick a stylist, or at least a better one if she already has one. the bad hair extensions, the TERRIBLE sense of style. how can you be making that much money but dress that bad? yikes.


  13. ada

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  14. Sinestro

    Nice headline retards; these used to be funny but now this site is just a advertising nightmare. Have a bit of credibility you brutes!

  15. alisa

    anyone can be hot with a nose job, lip injections, fake tits and a mac force field. NEXT

  16. she looks so nice at the first sight …………

  17. Lisa

    She’s not an attention whore.

    Not at all.

  18. Jj

    She looks like Lindsay Lohan mixed with hooker. At least a little more hooker than the Lohan…

  19. sushi

    She is gorgeous but tattoos are fucking nasty.

  20. .

    @66 mac forcefield hahahahahaha

  21. Huh, I don’t get it? But damn she is HOT!

  22. ItsFullOfPoop

    Anorexia+silicon+bad tattoos+twenty five fucking pounds of makeup=I’d rip the shit out po it if I were drunk.

  23. she’s got some amazing genes to help her fill those jeans

  24. eric

    I love tattoos on young women but lets be honest here… they all turn to shit over time.

  25. your Bedazzler (TM)

    # 73- errr, I think that you mean silicone, not silicon, unless you’re saying that she’s a cyborg.

  26. bree

    she looks so old with so much weight loss.

  27. Kaiser

    Pic one. Selma Hayek in pretty.

  28. Rhialto


  29. ada

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  30. Great body and a hot face completely ruined by her failed attempt to be edgy, hip, and hardcore. Nobody worthwhile still thinks tattoos are cool. Seriously – why the fuck would a hot chick ever get a tattoo

  31. Astrid

    How disappointing. Why does she always look like a trannie lately??

  32. Ella

    I agree with those that say she looks like Lohan. It’s incredibly disgusting how someone can spend so much money, and still look like shit.

    Her hair and clothes are nice, but I’m turned off by the make-up she’s wearing. Not good.

  33. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    she’s worth a good facef’ing

  34. Still White on the Outside

    I ejaculated on a girl like this once, but I ended up sticking the magazine pages together.

  35. mikeock

    I don’t get the tattoos as fashion thing either. Frankly, if you pick it out of a catalog, it’s about as edgy as a pair of loafers. A hot chick like this with giant arm tats is just wrong. To me, it says “I’m fucked up in the head.”

    I’d still love to fuck her though. I bet her pubes are spun from gold.

  36. belowitall

    she is a very pretty girl, but, oddly, the extensions make her look a little tranny-esque rather than prettier/girlier.

  37. I bet she regrets not blowing me in that McDonald’s bathroom in New York last year… I just know she does.

  38. She’s still a hottie.

  39. There is a difference between people who get tattoos to be “hip” or “edgy” and those who get them for personal reasons. White guys with tribals or girls with california license plates (tramp stamp) would be the former. A young actress with an icon of the industry is the latter. Besides, if she really wants to follow in MM’s footsteps she doesn’t have to worry about what they will look like when she gets old.

  40. sicasso

    Nice FedEx advertisement. Expedite her to my crotch, pronto!

  41. Jana

    Totally agree with FatChicksSuck…the tattoos and silicone are a turn off. If you ever saw her boobs in a cleavage, the boob job looks very much like the one of Tori Spelling — HUGE gap between them!! — she looks best in turtleneck w/ long sleeves I guess. And agree on less make-up — she has naturally pretty face, so no need for that much of it!!

  42. buck

    eeeeeeeeek, the hair calls too much attention to her face and her face looks like a blow up doll’s

  43. lovesit

    She can’t be real… she must be a robot.

  44. Your “I love mom” scribble on your skin is not a tat Backwood Bitch…

  45. Is she legal to molest yet?

  46. jabail

    Everybody get a life. I liked to see what everyone looks like that is putting her down. LOL! I can probably bet half of you are not even close to being a fourth of what she is…..and her tattoos might be ugly but I dont think it makes her white trash. Everybody has different opinions and some could keep them to themselves.

  47. The new do looks hott. I’m glad shes still brunette, it brings out her blue eyes.

  48. True North

    Oh come on. Tattoos are an ancient rite of passage. For some people they have deep meaning and for others, not so much. It certainly doesn’t qualify one as an idiot, “Fat Chicks Suck”.

  49. Buzz

    “I could cover things like black president guy and the moneys, ”

    Isn’t that redundant ?

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