Megan Fox has hair. Did not see that coming…

March 31st, 2009 // 166 Comments

It’s been four long days since I’ve posted about Megan Fox, so here are shots of her leaving the hair salon last night. Sure, I could cover things like black president guy and the moneys, but c’mon. Megan Fox + Haircut = Hardest hitting journalism on the planet. Frankly, I’m surprised Clark Kent hasn’t swooped down and handed me a medal. Or whoever it was that invented newspapers. Garfield?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Veenus Envy

    Wow. I’d hit it during lunch.

  2. Shelly

    wow, for the first time she looks pretty good here.

  3. samara


  4. Superfish’s comical references are getting out of hand!

  5. Shep

    Sorry, can’t get past the weird half thumbs.

  6. Still looks like a total skank with those tats. Ugh.

  7. reno

    she looks.. disproportional?

  8. Those high class russian escorts can give her a run for her money, especially that chic who tried to sell pics of Oscar De la hoya in drag…

  9. Fat Chicks Suck

    Those tattoos just piss me off. What a waste of a hot chick. She looks like a typical porn skank – maybe even worse. Those tattoos are seriously disgusting.

    Great body and a hot face completely ruined by her failed attempt to be edgy, hip, and hardcore (AKA stupidity.) Nobody worthwhile still thinks tattoos are cool. Seriously – why the fuck would a hot chick ever get a tattoo (let alone multiple nasty tattoos.) There is no fucking advantage to it – you just look like another typical skanky idiot with a tattoo. Do they really think they have a unique and special idea and/or tattoo location that is super hip? I also find it funny that guys think tattoos make them look tough – I see skanky chicks with tattoos everywhere I look and they definitely aren’t tough. These douchebag guys need to find a new way to look tough and edgy. When is the last time you saw a guy with a visible tattoo that didn’t think he was a badass? I honestly think getting a tattoo is an intelligence test. If you have one, you automatically fail. If you want one, you automatically fail.

  10. Could this woman be any hotter? Knights of Columbus!

  11. Angry Face

    She looks pretty here, usually i think shes fugly and skanky looking. The tats are nasty. My dude think shes hot.

  12. OMG

    This is coming from a woman. WOW shes BEAUTIFUL. But WHY oh WHY does she have all those tattoos? She’s a classic beauty and she could really bring back the “old” hollywood with those looks…but, those tats ruin it.

  13. foraz


    Don’t post another god damn Megan Fox post until she does something actually entertaining or schadenfreude inducing. If I want pictures I’ll go to google god damn images.

  14. Bitch is Back

    WTF does she have MM tatoo on her arm. Why not just keep a picture in her wallet?

  15. #9 you sound fat, and full of fail.

  16. Mike

    Her clubbed thumbs freak me out.

  17. WHOA

    Is it just me or is her face starting to resemble Lindsay Lohan? Hiring Lindsay’s team to do your makeover is NOT a good idea.

  18. Sam

    She’s got a big head, literally and figuratively. And she whines about how she doesn’t think she’s hot and she fucks losers. But yeah, nice hair.

  19. Missystar

    Well said, #9. I’m a chick and a feminist, and whenever I see women with tattoos, my automatic thought is “White trash alert.” It used to be hip and edgy, but now it just looks cheap.

  20. Fat Chicks Suck

    15: How are those tattoos working out for you? I’m sure it has really improved the quality of your life and everybody around you thinks much higher of you.

    The only thing that amazes me more than the fact that people are actually dumb enough to get tattoos is how proud (and defensive) they are about the ink they had injected into their skin. People with tattoos generally think they are clever badasses…when in fact they are generally worthless morons.

  21. kiwi

    Yeah. How was Vanuatu? massa

  22. aint that the truth

    too much make up and her face (chin) looks funky … shes pretty but nasty … i think its her body that makes her hot but her face is icky and the tattoos are gross … over-rated … the thing that guys like from this chick is that you can totally tell she likes to suck dick and that she likes to fuck … but totally agree with the guys and chicks that say that theyve seen better … there are hotter chicks than this girl

  23. Sasha

    I’ve seen some classy tats, 20. There is such a thing. Just because you live in a trailer in Bumfuck, Arkansas and only see trashy ones, doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

  24. Ryan the Canadian

    All I can add to the fray is the word “hump” as in I would do this repeatedly until I was exhausted and then start again 30 seconds later. She looks just fine to me. People are just slighted because she is famous, hot, has money and fake boobies that are inviting in that “want to see em’ cause they’re fake” kinda way…..if you disagree with me, you should look again.

  25. Sport

    Creepy on the thumbs. I never noticed, looks like she has 2 big toes for thumbs. But I’d hit it if she wore gloves.

  26. Galtacticus

    Holy shit! She was already hot but this is even hotter!

  27. Sauron

    Everybody hands off! This one is mine!

  28. Darth

    She’s hot like shit!

  29. Gando

    Ohmmm,she’s the typical peaceful loving meditation kind of hot thing!

  30. Rhialto

    Sexy legs!

  31. Dave

    Did she squish her thumbs in a door or something?

  32. Sauron

    I think i’ve found my ultimate button! Will be able to push my brains out!

  33. lol if the movie business doesnt work out, she can paint that thumb green and become a lawn doctor.

  34. Nero

    Nice tats and tits! Any flaps!?

  35. sup

    looking like trash as always

  36. #20, you still sound fat, and shrill too, how is that working out for you?

  37. gelato

    I used to think she was drop dead gorgeous- but some how the more I see of her the less I’m impressed.

  38. lisa

    am I the only one noticing the nosejob?

  39. Fati

    This woman is just GORGEOOOOOOOUUUUUS! Absolutely breathtaking! But those tattoos… Don’t get me started….

  40. godmodeON

    #20: So I guess the freedom of choice to get a tattoo or not lets people who don’t like them believe whatever the fuck they want. You are calling people with tats out on thinking they’re “edgy” and “cool” yet here you are being a pompous doucher who fucking thinks their opinion trumps the internet. You need to grow up and be open-minded. I don’t even have a tattoo and I think you’re a fuckhead.

  41. bb

    #9, YOU truly are a fucking idiot, as most posts on here say. You should kill yourself, you really are worthless.

    #15, #40: Well played. #9 is a fucking douchebag that is getting overfilled by the minute!

  42. Frank

    Big face and big hands…Hmmm.

  43. disney

    What is wrong with all theses actresses, she is way too young to have so much Botox pumped into her forehead already. Her face is staring to look like a child’s Halloween mask of Snow White.

  44. amanda

    whats everybody on here so against tattoos for?
    and why does this chick always have on a sweater? it seems to me its more than warm enough in CA for tank tops

  45. Obi Wan

    Can she look anymore older than she does here? She looks like she’s 40.

  46. Dr. Drew

    Girls with lots of tats are no different from cutters. I don’t know who boinked Megan before she sprouted pubes – Dad, grandpa, Uncle Dick – but she’s definitely scarred emotionally and wants her defiled body to look the part.

  47. thumby mcthumbkin

    She has what we thumbkins like to call Stub Thumb, or Brachydactyly Thumbs, complete with spatulate thumbnails. How swell!

  48. brooke

    Her hair looks nasty. Or she has cheap hair extensions.

  49. Modwild

    Totally agree on the tattoos. I know no one wants to think that a hot chick now with tattoos will not look so hot with same tattoos when she’s older, but I wish you would rethink that. After an asshole totaled my car, I recently took the bus for a couple weeks and saw all different walks of life. One thing is certain – seeing old ladies with tattoos is not attractive; and, if they’re lucky, all hot young chicks will some day be old.

    Megan was gorgeous before the tats and certainly before the surgical enhancements. Too bad she wasn’t proud in her own skin.

  50. She’s crazy hot

    click on my name

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