Megan Fox goes braless in Germany

June 15th, 2009 // 133 Comments

Not one to be topped by the likes of Heather Graham, Megan Fox went braless yesterday for the German premiere of Transformers. Jesus. At this rate, she better do something insanely awesome for all of us here in the U.S. of A. Otherwise, there goes one pantsless theatergoer who’ll wait for the DVD. Don’t tread on me!

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN

  1. AnnaDraconida

    Megan’s bod + Angelina Jolie’s head would = the hottest woman alive

  2. papperazzi

    Nice how they got closeups of toe-thumb. Usually it’s closeups of the girls rack. Maybe they’re closeups of those thighs. They look as though they could break steel.

  3. Aids

    Amy is way hotter and she doesn’t have hammer thumbs

  4. Amy

    Wow…I didn’t know NOT hiding behind a computer made me have a “me” complex. If I were ugly, I wouldn’t have been accused of having a “me complex.” Just the truth.

    Being a woman: If you’re ugly: “Look at that ugly bitch, she deserves to die!”
    If you’re pretty: “Look at that bitch. She’s so full of herself. She’s a total whore because, well, she’s all…pretty and shit! She deserves to die!…after I ‘hit it’ of course.”

    Also, for the person who “rubbed one out” to a picture of my face (yes, my profile pic is just my face), you must have had a traumatic childhood. You must of been the kid that got the rando hard-ons 24/7 in school. I’m actually kind jealous. Life must be one large orgasm for you: Walk, walk, walk, lady….orgasm…walk, walk, walk, walk, lady, oRgaSm, walk, walk, walk, walk, male chode…ORGASM!

  5. Val

    You know, if she’s so sick of everyone comparing her to Angelina Ho-lie, then she should probably stop going out of her way to look/dress/pose/behave like her.

  6. Amy

    Who cares about Megan Fox’s thumbs! Who are you, George Costanza?
    #45, you’re right…I probably would cry.

  7. Amy

    Who cares about Megan Fox’s thumbs! Who are you, George Costanza?
    #45, you’re right…I probably would cry.

  8. darkman

    Who the fuck cares about her thumbs? She is on fire!!! Amy, rubbing one out onto your face is what we are all about. I mean, you know that. C’mon now…

  9. suzieq

    Nice attempt to look classy! Nothing says sophistication like a tattoo on marilyn monroe on your arm!! You can take the girl outta the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park outta the girl!

  10. Richard McBeef

    If I were ugly, I wouldn’t have been accused of having a “me complex.”


    Not but in all seriousness, great tits.

  11. Gary

    @Ryan/41 — so I’M a faggot b/c i like chick with a nice rack, not ones that have the same bra size as a 14YO boy? might need to take the dicks out of your mouth, youngin.

  12. Amy

    #58 you know what I meant. And you are disgusting.

    #60 you laugh, but you know it’s true.

  13. (clapclapclapclapclap) There’s Amy ladies and gents! Just look at her… smiling for the camera… having to “prove” she’s not “not” hot… what a doll face… what a giver… well, not of “head” , but still… AMY! AMY! AMY!

    And to quote the good Mr McBeef…

    No but in all seriousness, great tits.

  14. sfter

    She will not age well.

  15. dude

    most overrated girl ever. Geez, her skin looks like a meth addict.

  16. Amy

    #63, you say that I have great tits like it’s something to be ashamed of. Like I should crawl into a hole and cry about how great they are. Trying to demean me by saying I have great tits doesn’t work. It’s like me saying “Shut up, yeah yeah yeah Mr. McBeefy and Casper the ghost, but in all seriousness….nice cock. Nice, huge, immaculate penis.” See, it doensn’t work. Do you feel dirty and demeaned now that I said you had nice cocks? Now shut up and get back to having god-like cocks. Now.

  17. jlylec

    holy crap there is nothing i wouldn’t do to/for this chick…fuck she’s hot.

  18. Language lesson for the day.

    The german word for bra-less? “Titzafloppen”

  19. Richard McBeef

    Amy – not sure why you think we are attempting demean you by crudely complimenting your ample bosom, but whatever.

  20. Amy, I think you’re a self absorbed vapid and sometimes clever lonely chick with freezing off her pair of store bought tits that would even look good on an 80 year old.

    Is that better, counselor? And stop talking about the ol’ zipper dragon, ya freak.

  21. Amy

    Casper, think what you want. My breasts are real…not that it matters. I have no reason to lie to you as I don’t know you…other than either you are jobless or really shitty at your job because you post on here 24/7. I have an excuse…it’s my off-day.

    Just because my boobs are rather large and semetrical does not mean that they are fake. Nice try though. Anyway, you guys embarassed me so much that I took down any pictures showing any hint of cleavage. See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

    Mcbeefy, you are okay.

  22. Alli Watermelon

    Nice skin, Megan. *blank stare*

  23. If I HAD a penis, IT wouldn’t be happy right now.

  24. Duuude

    So I didn’t mean to turn this into Amy-palooza. I was just making an aimless lewd comment. Never could have imagined it would catch on as such. No big. You really should be flattered.

    Oh yea… Gran Torino sucked.

  25. Just bring on the Transformer 2 Movie will ya. I’ll See Megan Fox on the Big Screen then. She knows how to draw the attention of her fans though.

  26. the assman likey.

  27. Amy

    #74…dogging Gran Torino is the first thing that’s angered me on this site. Anything Clint Eastwood is awesome. The good, bad, and the ugly, A fist full of dollars, For a few dollars more, etc. are all sheer perfection.

  28. Duuude

    Amy… I would mostly agree with you but the acting in GT was so horrible I honestly couldn’t take it seriously. It was like a community theater production for the most part. Eastwood didn’t do himself any favors, either. That growling noise? Ninja please.

  29. ploweth

    The dress she’s wearing is almost the same exact one Angelina wore to Cannes recently, with the super-high slit up the thigh and one shoulder on the back being exposed precisely where their tattoos are.

  30. Amy

    Okay, the Asian girl was a really bad actress, but I thought Eastwood did a great job. He always growls when he speaks (like since the 60′s)…and plus, he had lung cancer in the movie. That’s probably part of the reason. I liked his quick-witted racist comments. I’m from Alabama, so it hit home with some of the really old folks that I know.

  31. Duuude

    So Amy… You want to make out?

  32. Liv

    Gotta say, funniest thing I saw on Amy’s page was a photo of her and her hubby standing either side of a black dude in a photo named “Our butler”


  33. Amy

    Sure, why not. Give me a call: 867-5309. Or we could meet up on myspace, facebook, twitter, friendster, blogspot, or any of the other million annoying social networking sites.

  34. Amy

    #82– I can change it to say “our slave” if you’d like.

    We were in Jamaica. Did you know that most folks are black in Jamaica? Would it have been more appropriate had I asked for a white butler? Anyway, don’t feel sorry for Jamaican butlers…they make more than most of us and don’t do anything besides make you reservations, etc. They don’t actually clean your rooms or anything.

  35. oh noez


    Dumbest thread ever.

    and that’s something I NEVER thought could be accomplished. awesome job guys.

  36. Biff Tannen

    Amy, you are wayyyy to hot for dorky Rod Blagojevich hair husband of yours.

  37. dirk

    She went to Germany, her nipples went down under.

  38. cello

    She’s like an uglier, trashier Angelina. I had a chuckle out of one of the gossip magazine’s with her and Angelina’s picture that was titled “ITS WAR” Pluhleeze, this skank isn’t even worth the cost of Angelina’s pinky fingernail.

  39. dmdfreak

    I’m scoring this to Amy. She OWNED you guys LOL

  40. Newt Gingrich

    “Not to be topped…”



  41. Amy's Massive Private Part

    Amy, do you feel like you are important now? You are certainly one of the more boring posters. That thing about Jesus on your childish Facebook page, are you serious? Wow, I am really amazed how dumb and easily fooled the average idiot really can be.
    Now come back with some material next time or post some pics of your gash.


  43. TheMoMo

    Is it just me or are they uneven?

  44. Amy

    #91 Jealous much?

  45. Me Complex = Amy

    linking your myspace account on a blog’s comment section. seriously, why would someone do this and why would anyone NOT have their profile set to private these days. that screams i want attention.

    posting comments about how hot a girl is and then going on to belittle yourself and talk about how ugly you are and how fat your ass is when in reality you’re reaonably attractive is another indicator. sure, you can say you’re being sarcastic, but it still screams ME!

    the most priceless thing is that you’ve somehow gotten an entire comments section to talk about you when there’s pictures of megan fox with tittay hard-ons. you’re basically famous now.

  46. Amy

    #95 Eh, I post my profile so that I can be held accountable for my “mouthing off.” I don’t like to hide behind a computer like a lot of people. Also, I’m friends with a lot of folks on here. If you think that means I have a me-complex, then okay, fine. I don’t know you, nor do I have anything to prove to you. I get no high from you looking at my profile because I will never meet you. Ever. My blog, where I live, and pictures are set to private. Is that a good enough explaination for you, Mr. or Mrs. Psychiatrist?

    You see, I think you are jealous. You wish you were brave enough to be held accountable for what you spew online. But you’re not.

    Oh, and #91, please spare us your “I don’t belive in Jesus and I’m an atheist” bullshit. You are neither new nor revolutionary. You’re a dime a dozen now, and nobody thinks you are “cutting edge.”

  47. me complex

    who gets held accountable for what they post in comments sections? that is retarded. i also find it extremely lame that someone actually spent an entire day responding to posts on the superficial. it really is embarrassing. i will show you how it’s done by not responding (or even looking – maybe i’ll peak) to any sad attempts you might try to make to justify your Me Complex.

  48. Raid

    Oh, and #91, please spare us your “I don’t belive in Jesus and I’m an atheist” bullshit. You are neither new nor revolutionary. You’re a dime a dozen now, and nobody thinks you are “cutting edge.”
    I agree with you 100% on this one.

  49. Raid

    Oh, and #91, please spare us your “I don’t belive in Jesus and I’m an atheist” bullshit. You are neither new nor revolutionary. You’re a dime a dozen now, and nobody thinks you are “cutting edge.”
    I agree with this 100%

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