Megan Fox gets leggy in Japan

June 8th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox at the World Premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Tokyo last night. Do you think if I could change into a truck she’d make out with me? Because I kind of put all my eggs in one basket and started chugging motor oil this morning. I’m something of an old romantic that way – whose kidneys just failed. I mean, Vroom-tron love Megan. Beep boop bop.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Que

    Que wow.

  2. KG

    What is it with Megan Fox and her face? It always looks like she just dunked her face in a bucket of oil before having pics taken.

    I mean, I have oily skin, but I don’t look THAT greasy, even on the hottest days.

  3. Farles Chu

    MegaTorsa learns to quit showing midrift! Good job. Now if only the rest of the world would realize she’s got some giraffe back there in the family DNA.

  4. G-PewNit

    Damn, she’s all kinds of crazy, dirty hotness..

  5. asdfasd

    look at her thumb. stubbed

  6. Funeral Guy

    This broad needs to go into hiding for awhile. I rarely get sick of a hot chick but this one has finally pegged the overexposed meter.

  7. Valerie

    Aww she looks cute. Nice with the extensions, maybe she finally got that stylist….wait, no, check out her shoes–no stylist yet but she’s tryin!

  8. She has a nice body but her face isn’t all that great and her tats just make her look skanky. yeah, I’d hit it, but I’d still sneak out afterwards.

  9. Zanna

    I’d do her.

  10. mac

    shes is just blah….makes you feel bored some how?

  11. Somebody is triying to be Angelina “Cannes”

  12. KG

    Somebody confronted her about trying to be the “next Angelina” and she said that no only wasn’t that true, but that she didn’t read the gossip mags and didn’t even know what Angelina looked like since “one or two films I saw when I was a kid”.

    I believe her.

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Marilyn Monroe Tat = Stupid
    Fancy Lettering Tat = Vain
    Overly Tanned = White Trash
    Hooker Lips = Hooker
    Long Eyelashes = Whore
    Thinking you are as talented as Shia Lebouf = Washed up in two years….

  14. #9 – I’d hold the camera.

  15. Maximus

    Still not a fan of the tattoos, but that girl is all kinds of hot. And wow she has gorgeous eyes.

  16. Suzie

    Actually normally I can’t stand the way she looks, but here I think she looks better… a lot less trashy than her usual self

  17. attention whore

    #9, still posting stuff like that? You’re so incredibly fucking lame

  18. Alli Watermelon

    Hot dress, love the color. Ugly shoes!!! She looks hot! And for once, she doesn’t look like she needs a bath =)

  19. cindy

    HAHHAHA. Glad this site is called ‘the superficial’ Only just pictures no quotes assoicated with picture.

    Other sites have posted what Ms. Megan “idiot” Fox has said. Example:
    Megan continued by saying, “I would rather have an image that is wild and promiscuous than to go out of my way to be proper all of the time.”

    Oh well….after all the Transformers’ movies are done with what next? Playboy?!

  20. Defcon

    Last pic, she looks downright SCARY.

    @#19 …what else?! X-men 4 ? :D

  21. _me

    HAHAHA #13, you used “Shia Lebouf” and “talented” in the same sentence!

    That’s hilarious!!!

  22. La Bella Vita

    why does she have to copy every angelina thing she can see on tv
    canne dress showing leg – done
    lesbian shit- done
    crappy tattoo- checked
    get a life biaaaatch

  23. #17 – …whereas YOU are so NOT lame… I get it now…

  24. Disgruntlord

    Over it

  25. dirk

    The glare off of her Seven Head is blinding my view of her b cups.

  26. Parker

    If Megan Fox came to me, begging for anal sex, I’d agree only if she says she’ll clean my dick off with her tongue when I’m done. I say it’s 50-50 she shows up some day begging for a butt slam and then I’d say 90-10 she agrees to the a2m. From the way she talks about herself you’ve got te believe she thinks her crap tastes like candy so I doubt she’d object. Unless she doesn’t like Junior Mints. That the candy she probably thinks her poop tastes like since she lives mostly on breath mints and Coke Zero.

  27. jt

    nice stems

  28. 3 thyng$

    nose, tattoos, trash.

  29. Kelsey

    Ugh, that fucking Marilyn Monroe tattoo looks dumber everytime I see it.

  30. mario

    I don’t have a clue as to who this person is, just that she seems to be everywhere these days, and it’s so transparently obvious that she believes she is the embodiment of Angelina Jolie. Such a poser, just like Octomom.

  31. id hit it, im the assman

  32. ladeeda

    she is WAY hotter than angelina jolie!!

  33. Tom K

    Gorgeous girl but the tattoos are fucking stupid and trashy as fuck.

  34. anon

    shia lebouf dont look to shabby either.

    i forgot, do we hate him or not?

  35. anon

    shia lebouf dont look too shabby either.

    i forgot, do we hate him or not?

  36. anon

    shia lebouf dont look too shabby either.

    i forgot, do we hate him or not?

  37. friendlyfires

    somebody viciously scrub that marilyn monroew tatoo off her right arm -NOT FUCKING WORTHY – NOT FUCKING WORTHY – right , stand back I’ve got the sandblaster, this may sting, actually it may be fucking awesome – for me – nyah, ah, ah!

  38. 2

    Geez…this twat is always copying Angelina. How unoriginal can you be?! Get your own style.

  39. Nic

    She’s beautiful… But then she opened her mouth :(

  40. Czad

    Get over the trashy tats. She is still smoking hot and more banging then any chick any of you or I will ever bang.

  41. titsonsnack

    She’s pretty but that fucking Marilyn tattoo is the worst.

  42. debutante

    hahah I love what #12 said about Megan Fox not knowing what Angelina Jolie looks like ! What a Dope !
    . Also, I have to agree with everyone else – that Marilyn Monroe tattoo is so F*****G stupid. It looks totally ridiculous !
    It’s the equivalent of wearing a BIG SIGN saying, “I’m a stupid bimbo like all of the other young Hollywood whores”.

  43. Initial_G

    Megan, you know you are getting way too thin when you can see your ribcage through your clevage.


    Tattoos = trashy? So Angelina, Posh Spice, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson….the list goes on and on.

    Besides…she can’t be Angelina until she steals someone’s husband, lies about it, and then admits to it after adopting 30 kids from third world countries.

    Females that says “fuck you” to you haters and does what she likes without worrying about what others say is a plus in my book.

  45. sexyyyy legsss. Forever megan fox

  46. mmd

    lame, boring, whore, fake,
    what else is new
    another angelina, and an ugly one sorry! not everyone thinks shes good looking

  47. Will

    ok, the tats are ugly as hell but what really bothers me about this girl is that she always looks fucking orange. Look at the picture of her and Shia together. He has human looking skin and she looks like she came out of a fuckin easy bake oven. What is UP with that???

  48. JT

    I don’t know, from some angles she looks good , but from others she looks like the transvestite from The Rocky Horror picture show, anyone agree with me on that?

  49. Marcos Gonzalez

    The owner of the disco she stolen the curtain may be angry with her..In comparation with Angelina she is a shitty dwarf with the ass dirty..please little girl go home and study because you are a clown with no brain and no personality..

  50. Marcos Gonzalez

    The owner of the disco she stolen the curtain may be angry with her..In comparation with Angelina she is a shitty dwarf with the ass dirty..please little girl go home and study because you are a clown with no brain and no personality..

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