Megan Fox has, um, firm breasts

February 27th, 2009 // 120 Comments

Megan Fox left Brian Austin Green’s house yesterday and showed up to a lunch meeting at the Smoke House restaurant in Burbank wearing bright red flip flops. And, honestly, the only reason I’m posting these is because of how impressed I am by Megan Fox’s breasts. Are they filling implants with helium these days? It’s like she and Victoria Beckham are having some sort of unspoken battle to see who can have the firmest breasts. And I think it’s safe to say the real winner here is society. Well that, and penises.


  1. Diamond

    Megan is really pretty. I have faith she is going to have a promosing acting career.

  2. Tina

    She doesn’t have implants. There were pics of her naked in a lake for a movie. She’s not too skinny either.. looks fine to me. Kinda reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s body before she became a crack whore.

  3. Andy

    can i be first to say that if you brighten up pics 2 and 7 she is also sporting a camel toe !!

  4. Andy

    can i be first to say that if you brighten up pics 2 and 7 she is also sporting a camel toe !!

  5. I am in favor of these breasts. More eyegoogly smut like this, please.

  6. titsonsnack

    Those are in fact boobies. “Tits” are saggy, like a cow’s teats. Like old stripper tits.

  7. kingofbeer

    I’d like to see those RIGHT after she takes off the bra.

    bet you could cut glass :)

  8. timmy the dying boy

    #57: Either that, or crack some walnuts.

  9. Loola

    Wow apperently shes a cokehead now tooo

  10. Loola

    only people who do coke touch there nose that oftenn…. such a shame :( hope she doesnt end up like some of the other young stars…

  11. myopinion

    poor girl doesn’t eat :(

  12. myopinion

    poor girl doesn’t eat :(

  13. tanya

    I’m surprised she can walk and carry magazines at the same time.

  14. The F'n Jem'Hadar

    I love how her hand is near her nose in a good amount those pics. It is easy to stay skinny, especially with coke.

    Can anyone say Lohan-ed?

  15. Nadeen

    She’s Pretty .. Forget abt Those Boobs – Tits .. i Think She’s Got a nice Body

  16. arroyo

    those low cut jeans, that mid-driff … wow
    that rack is a nice addition

  17. What will they give us:
    …………………………………”HONESTY”, folks?

  18. Tom Cruise

    it’s called a push-up bra. she has small breasts but she lifts them all the way to her chin and you fell for it. WTF???
    you used to be cool fish.

  19. I love her that’s ALL i gotta say..

    XOXO !!

  20. indeed it looks like she wears pushup bra, nevertheless she’s gorgeous!

  21. Sauron

    The one and only,with the fulltime allowance; *Timpani* boo!

  22. Lowlands

    #71 These are my words Sauron! But you only have my allowance this time because i’m glad you’re back!:)

  23. Darth

    #71+72 Why am i always the fifth wheel on a carriage?? Be sure i am not going to get any of you both lunch next week!

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  25. scoo

    wierd ass thumbs.

  26. TRTEL13

    es una belleza natural de mujer, ella sin querer es preciosa……. hacele huevos……….lo que yo daria por solo verla un dia es otro rollo.


  27. mimi

    soooooooooo not impressed with this woman

  28. elena

    She is so sexy, and I saw her profile on
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  29. Julie Ann

    Eh….pretty but crazy.

  30. mikeock

    I wonder how her nice flat stomach would look loaded with a big gob of my spooge.

  31. labia lover

    I would eat her shit if she asked me to.

  32. tit-tastic

    can you say cocaine?

  33. TJ

    Agree with #7. Hope she stays away from HIV-infested thug penises.

  34. S

    why does she keep covering her mouth like she just snorted something?

  35. Yall sure know how to turn every single subject into talking about black people don’t cha?

  36. sophiee

    Anyone who thinks this girl does NOT have implants, is in denial. She’s HOT but she’s got fake tits. Look at the other earlier post, it’s obvious there but not so much here.

  37. anon

    why are people making her out to be somebody special.. she is the new tania roberts, or sherylinn finn, beautiful, but makes bad choices has no class and is down right deft.

  38. azalea

    Nothing says class like those arm tattoos. Case in point: Amy Winehouse.

  39. owenlove

    yes! she’s awesome, I mean, at her age, she’s still attractive to many people! you don’t know how h ot models and sex y folks on ___Tallmingle Co m___ go cr azy about her act!! she’s like kinda role model to many people there!! :-)

  40. Melanie

    guys, she is not that skinny..jeez….and she looks fine! leave her alone. you want skinnny?? look at lohan.

  41. Tom K

    Very pretty girl she has just nasty white trash tats!

  42. JL

    Stop sniifing your fingers ya greasy skank.

  43. JL

    Stop sniifing your fingers ya greasy skank.

  44. azalea

    Hey, #92, it’s pretty hard to argue with that kind of evidence. At least she had them done by an expert, more than I can say for a lot of those disposable celebrities.

  45. lola

    What is she smelling?

  46. I don’t think those are fake…And comparing her with the Beckham broad…no. That woman could cut glass with her nipples and probably use the round, rock-like ta-ta’s to knock walls down. At least Megan’s don’t look too bad. And no I am not a fat chick, nor do I wear a push-up bra.

  47. KC

    Coke Nose. #100!

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