Megan Fox has, um, firm breasts

February 27th, 2009 // 120 Comments

Megan Fox left Brian Austin Green’s house yesterday and showed up to a lunch meeting at the Smoke House restaurant in Burbank wearing bright red flip flops. And, honestly, the only reason I’m posting these is because of how impressed I am by Megan Fox’s breasts. Are they filling implants with helium these days? It’s like she and Victoria Beckham are having some sort of unspoken battle to see who can have the firmest breasts. And I think it’s safe to say the real winner here is society. Well that, and penises.


  1. Epiphany

    Nice. Lost some weight since those awards photos!

  2. Kak

    Yay big boobs

  3. Pos

    Too bad men!!! Something tells me shes still with Brian Austin Green

  4. Weed

    I wanna squeez them boobies
    I wanna lick them boobies
    I wanna suck them boobies
    I wanna punch them boobies
    I wanna eat them boobies

  5. Crawl

    Botox & silicone. Nice couple

  6. vanessa

    perfect figure

  7. Balack Oboombox the socialist pig

    Boobs :0 Hope she isn’t a nigger lover.

  8. alish

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  9. Someone is praying transformer 2 turn out to be a failure, so having all limbs tide up with ass up in the air in the basement for a week, there wont be any objections…Good luck B.A.G.

  10. If theres anyone that needs a sex tape its this chic…get to work B.A.G.

  11. nastyjay

    Jesus, that BODY! I just wanna latch my mouth in between her legs and never let go

  12. JestersDead

    Meh, I cant decide. I think she has some talent, but too fng skinny, bad Tats thats for sure.

  13. bransin

    she’s obviously wearing a bra

  14. Jess

    I think the superficial writer has never been around a real woman… It’s called a BRA, just wear a fucking push up bra, it’s not that hard.

  15. Erica

    Those pilot glasses look seriously good on her. But she’s so skinny now. It makes her look all bow-legged.

  16. meee

    yeah dude that’s called a padded push up bra. her boobs are the same size they have always been

  17. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Why is she smelling her finger?

  18. lisa

    agree with #13

  19. CockyGuy

    The guy in the back has a nice ass!

  20. Darth

    Since i’ve my legal status in multiple of three;boo!

  21. Lowlands

    #20 ahem,these were my words Darth.How about you getting me a drink?

  22. johnny

    Fantastic !

  23. RichPort's Ghost

    You fucking crackers and your white bitches. I’d smoke the black brother’s pipe any day of the month.

  24. AirMail

    Such a pretty girl. Shame about the prison tats…

  25. Lowlands

    She has,ummm,firm breasts.

  26. Fati

    She doesn’t have implants, her boobies are real. And allthemore fantastic!

  27. Lowlands

    What is she holding in her hand there? A slice of Gouda cheese?

  28. Darth

    *sniff* Mmm Gouda cheese!

  29. Blah

    More like; Megan Fox has, um, Fake breasts!

  30. The Bun

    Does her finger smell like butt cheese or is she wiping coke off her nose?

  31. Lowlands

    You can tell from the expression on her face it’s not an old French cheese.

  32. MLou

    My god she has a great body! The tattoos are horrible. Doesn’t work on her. Make those arm tattoos into sleeves then maybe…

  33. oliver45

    Needless to say, she has very cute looking!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the ta ll da ting site: ___T a ll M in gl e Co m___. Maybe she can join to attend the sexy session to attract ta ll guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  34. kmv

    it’s funny how ever jealous girl posts a comment about her wearing a push up bra….SO WHAT….that’s what girls with smaller boobs do….you guys are probably fat chicks who flaunt your fat boobs because thats all they are HAAAAA…


    Megan Fox

    There once was a beauty named Megan
    Who’s boyfriend was gay as Clay Aiken
    She yanked and she yanked
    Trying to plump up his frank
    But, alas, it just hung there like bacon



    and i hate her feet. they are ugly.



    and i hate her feet. they are ugly.

  38. BAG

    Agree with #11; my face would look like a glazed donut after I was done with her.

  39. Michelle

    I think she’s gorgeous, but 1) She looks waaaay different than when she first started out acting (she did a lot of shit to her face)… 2) She’s way too skinny right now and 3) I love Marilyn Monroe, too, but that tattoo is just wrong in every way.

  40. Tinner

    She doesn´t have a pushup bra: it´s called silicone

  41. OhMyJeezy

    she doesnt look skinny; she looks a like mess. who wears jeans a flip-flops to a lunch meeting? cute top-half of the outfit, though.

    i think most girls can you tell that her boobs are fake. did you guys see the post of her earlier, leaving the school? screams boob job.

    pretty, but on her way to being over-rated, like ms. alba.

  42. Sauron

    This girl looks quite humpable.Unfortunally she’s way too short for me.

  43. .

    34 I don’t think they’re jealous, they’re just pointing out that thats what a push up bra does for a girl. because being females they, you know, know about bras.

  44. sexo completo

    Oh come on this girl is really not that hot. Maybe in the US, in argentina i can bang a girl like this in the can for 50 USD, all night long.

    I left the fat ass US girls long ago.


  45. laurente

    She used to be flat as a board
    she either bought little fun bags or has a push up bra on
    hard to tell
    sometimes they look fake
    wouldn’t be surprised
    fake lips nose job
    who knows what else?
    she is attractive but not that interesting

  46. Sauron

    Oh well,don’t understand me wrong,she looks hot! But i’m afraid i would crush with my arms thick like full-grown oak trees against my massive,muscular torso.Passionated guy i am.

  47. vito

    First of all…and let’s get this straight…those aren’t “boobies” — those are TITS!!! Nubile twelve-year-olds have boobies.

    Secondly, Megan Fox looks too thin (at least for my taste) and her tits do look as though they’ve had a little help.

    That being said, she is still excruciatingly beautiful and I’d go down on her like an elevator and suck on her clit till her knees gave out.

  48. Sauron

    If she likes to be crushed and climbe a tree then she can contact me.

  49. blackout

    Explanation for the firm perky tits:

    She’s 22.

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